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The Originals: They All Asked For You

With so many players on the board all the time, teamwork is the only way make the dream work and keep up with as many players as possible. And this week everyone that needed something needed help.

Freya is continuing to surprise and win me over. Who knew she would turn out to be such a 'daddy's girl'. Is it possible that she will be able to wane Mikael's hatred of Klaus and company or is that just as much a lost cause as ever? Or is it all a trick to keep her brothers/enemies close enough to try and kill? Either way it's about time the writers did something to humanize Mikael a bit. Sure he's still a threat to our favorite vamps and wolves, but that reunion with his daughter was really too precious for words. He didn't seem to hesitate to help gather Freya's magical ingredients to take Dahlia out or leave Aiden alive at her request. Freya is smart and powerful and independent, but she obviously craves a connection with her family. She helped Elijah expel Finn from Vincent's body and gave Klaus hope in the quest to save Hope. She helped Finn not die. Although he is stuck in the blue necklace.

The body Rebekah is inhabiting is getting her into trouble. Apparently the creepy witch asylum wasn't just for sibling pranks and those broken by Esther. Bex needs Marcel's help to figure out what body she got dumped into and why people have started attacking her with magic maracas. Eva Sinclair is evil, child killing, power hungry bad news (which explains the maraca and poisoned tea). This brings us to Elijah's turn to help by facilitating a deal with the head witch to get her to call off the tea party enthusiasts and handheld percussion instrument lovers.

Also, Elijah unbuttoned his top button before he and Gia started making out. Was this him adapting to his audience (like drinking the beer) to get Gia into bed? Going after Gia to help himself get over Hayley? Or was it something else entirely? It seemed like such an important moment. Plus we were reminded that he likes to stay ten steps ahead of everyone else. Just as he did by using Gia's rebellious nature against the head witch.

**Note to Jackson: Unless your name is Caroline Forbes it's maybe not the best idea to talk down to the reigning sociopath in his own house.

Even though it was purely for selfish reasons Klaus helped Jackson out, not to mention all the werewolves that weren't slaughtered as a result, by giving Aiden better advice. Good thing Aiden listened to Klaus. Too bad continuing to listen to Klaus will get Jackson killed, piss Hayley off and probably break up the new super pack in a truly dramatic fashion.

It was a strong episode.

3 out of 4 Blue Necklace Prisons.

Bites and pieces

The three-way sibling phone chat was great. The three of them are so dysfunctional, but they are still the most interesting relationships to watch.

Was it just me or was Hayley's outfit horrible? It distracted me every time she had a scene. Rebekah had a perfectly tailored wedding dress lying around, but not a decent fitting shirt or skirt to loan the poor hybrid??

Have we met a Sinclair witch before? The name sounds familiar.

Even new Rebekah doesn't have tons of chemistry with Marcel. Why are we still clinging to this train?

New Rebekah has impressed me. She has. So why do I still feel like the part belongs to Claire Holt?

The shaky camera special effect that happens when witches do spells entertains me. I'm pretty sure we can all tell it's witchy business from the chanting and what not.

No Davina this week. Mourning Kol probably.

Finn: "He's a monster."
Freya: "Well, he wasn't a monster to me."
Finn: "I suppose you'll want to speak to Mother as well."
Freya: "Esther gave me away. She's nothing to me. Let her rot."

Gia: "I suppose you'll want me to wear a dress."
Elijah: "We should adapt to our audience, yes."
Gia: "And you? Dark suit on the left side of your closet or identical dark suit on the right?"
Elijah: "I prefer the one in the middle, thank you so much."
Another left-field-love-interest.

Gia: "We may not be in the same boat, but it's the same ocean."

Hayley: "We're both adults. Let's just put on some Marvin Gaye, light some candles and just..." *Hope starts crying*

Hayley: "You do what you need to do to keep her safe. I'll do the same, but if you ever try to use her to manipulate me again, it'll be the last time you see either of us."
**Note to Hayley: See earlier warning to Jackson.

Klaus: "In every moment a choice exists. We can cling to the past or embrace the inevitability of change, and allow a brighter future to unfold before us."


  1. Magic maracas. lol. :)

    I'm not warming to Freya yet, although I did like the fact that Mikael seems to care about something other than killing. I also like Gia, and thought it was interesting that Elijah picked her out of the crowd. I shouldn't have been surprised. He's very old, so it's unlikely that he'd sit around brooding about Hayley while she's rolling around in bed with her new husband.

    Too bad about Eva Sinclair. Never a dull moment, huh?

  2. I think Elijah unbuttoning his shirt might have to do with the idea of him getting messy (in relation to the red door in his mind).
    Also, I would say that Klaus absolutely did not help Jackson. He's plotting to supplant him as leader, so you know I'd say the net result is not helpful even if it did save the lives of some wolves.
    Finally, personally I've found Mikael a sympathetic character ever since "The Vampire Diaries" when he tearfully reunited with Rebekah after 1000 years. The fact that all he wanted was to protect his family but doing that turned his family against him and caused him to wander the earth for 1000 years completely alone earns some sympathy from me. Also, after being alone for 1000 years reuniting with Freya must have been emotional for him indeed.

  3. "tea party enthusiasts and handheld percussion instrument lovers" This almost made me spray my very hot tea over my keyboard.

    When did I end up loving Originals so much and almost dreading watching Vampire diaries?

  4. Great review, Laure. I completely agree about Rebekah. I like Maisie Richardson-Sellers but it feels like she's just holding a place for Claire Holt. It might be due to the illogical reasoning behind her remaining in the body.

    She says that she won't leave the body until she finds a way to bring Kol back. Ummm, just get Davina to do it. The faulty logic just serves as a reminder that Claire wanted out of the part. Why was Rebekah putting herself in harms way to boost her magical chutzpah? I'm hoping that Rebekah's not going to be the constant damsel in distress since she doesn't really have any power at this point.

    However, that's pretty nit-picky. Overall, this show constantly surprises me. I love the dynamics between the characters and the quick pace of the show (something I miss from Vampire Diaries). I read a review somewhere recently that compared Originals to the Godfather. With the shifting alliances, complicated motivations, and lust for power with family always remaining at the core, I get the comparison and it's led to me recommending the show more often to people who aren't fans of the genre.


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