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Witches of East End: Electric Avenue

Freya: "Are ghosts real?"
Wendy: "Of course.

Any show about the supernatural has to address the issue of ghosts eventually to make sure that the threat of death is real.

Adam is hanging out in Ingrid's room. All ghostly and haunting. This is the kind of thing that bothers me about Ingrid. She's supposed to be uber practical. Where's the practicality in using magic, that she vehemently swears she hates and doesn't want, to raise the dead AND trick him into never moving on??

Wendy's spell seems to have worked and Joanna is no longer on trial for murder, but then the phantom worms in the water pitcher happened and all hell broke lose. I get that Joanna is pissed. Exactly what she thought would happen is happening, and that sucks for Maura Thatcher, but if the rolls were reversed what would she have done? Let her sister go to prison? I doubt it. Besides I'm not sure that Jo could pull off an orange jumpsuit. Just say thanks to your sister and move on. If we want to be philosophical about it Maura Thatcher is a ghost of her former self. No longer able to participate in the real world and living completely in her own mind.

Dash's ex-fiance, Elyse, is hanging around the Bent Elbow trying to make trouble for Freya, but the real news is that Elyse is dead. Or is the real news that Elyse doesn't want Dash? She wants Killian. Possible foreshadowing for things that might come, anyone? This is also a prime example of a problem I had with Freya. She was so underutilized. In this episode she spent the entire time running around getting info from Wendy, Dash, Elyse and Killian. It's like she's only around to further everyone else's character. A snappy bartender with an affection for v-neck shirts does not a well-rounded character make.

I think I liked this one a lot more the first time I saw it.

2 out of 4 Piggy-back riding ghosts.

Spells and potions

What we learned about ghosts in the world of WoEE:
-They don't eat
-Non-witches can't see them
-They can control electricity
-They don't usually want to be in the world, because they don't belong.

Did Joanna seriously cash in her favor with Harrison for a roll in the sack? She might be more fun than we've seen so far.

Wendy: "Tell that bitch to back off, cuz I have claws and I'm not afraid to use them."

Joanna: "Does that mean..."
Harrison: "That your lawyer's a total total stud? It does indeed. You're free."

Ingrid: "I'm a witch."
Adam: "Come on Ingrid."
Ingrid: "You're a ghost. I don't really think you're in a position to judge."

Wendy: "No wonder you're not in mourning. You're too busy up here getting laid."

Wendy: "Everything you do is righteous and justified and everything that I do is wrong. Even when I'm trying to help."

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