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The Originals: When the Levee Breaks

"Under normal circumstances, the annihilation of our father would be quite commendable, Niklaus. Unfortunately, we have a greater threat to contend with."

Just another manic Monday for the Mikaelson clan. How have they not all suffered catastrophic mental breakdowns by now? I guess Elijah sort of did after the red door opened, but that almost doesn't even count.

There is something to be said for a show that can continue to surprise you. Daggering Klaus is something I never thought would happen. Partly because he's the main face of the show and self-proclaimed head of the family, but also because he has proven over and over again that he can outsmart and overpower just about anyone. We've seen him do it. So how was he so easily bested? And not even by Dahlia, but the same group of people that have been trying to take him down for years. Okay, okay. It was all set in motion by Dahlia, but it isn't like she made the dagger or gave them tips. If it was this easy, you would think that someone would've figured it out during the last century of his life. Katherine had been looking forever.

Dahlia continues living up to her reputation. Listening to her trying to console Hayley by saying that Hope wouldn't remember her mother was intense, to say the least. Wow. She's evil with a side of delusional. I was impressed with both of the actresses in that scene. Phoebe Tonkin did so much acting with just the tone of her voice and body language that I could feel everything one might feel in that situation. Equal parts rage and terror. Kudos. It occurred to me that Dahlia is all the worst parts of Esther and Mikael rolled into one.

As we all feared the Romeo and Juliet love affair that I was thoroughly enjoying came to a bloody end. At least he got to make his peace with Jackson and tell Josh how he felt. RIP Aiden.

Did I like it? I honestly don't know.
1 out of 4 golden daggers of betrayal?
4 out of 4 golden daggers of justice?

Bites and pieces

Poor Josephine, losing her head two episodes in a row.

Why does it bother me so much when Marcel refers to himself as part of the fam like he did with that 'We've been through worse' comment?

Freya made some kind of shrine for Mikael and I thought it was kind of strange. Is that a witch thing or was it just all she had to work with?

Klaus is painting again. At least this time he seems to have bought his paint at the local craft store and not used blood taken from people he recently slaughtered. I take notes while I watch the episode and this is something I literally wrote down in the beginning. Later I found out the truth. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

I think Hayley and Jackson's stupidity last week was only there so them running this week wasn't so out of the blue. At least they had time to come up with that bracelet thing I guess.

What's up with Dahlia's creepy jingle?

How likely is it that Klaus was right all along and Dahlia and Freya are in fact working together?

Klaus: "This may come as a surprise to you, Camille, but I'm not a terribly good person."

Aiden: "Josh, I love you."
Well if that's not the kiss of death I don't know what is.

Dahlia: "You are what is known as a tipping point. To set Mikaelson against Mikaelson. It is true, you are a minor player, but it only takes one match to take down an entire forest. You are the perfect kindling."
Oddly reminiscent of Freya's plan to turn Rebekah and Elijah against Klaus.

1 comment:

  1. I really liked this episode. I loved the sense I got of rising paranoia from Klaus, I liked the domino effect of Aiden's death and I liked the ending which was equal parts emotional and ominous. I'd give it 3,5 golden daggers myself.
    I think the main reason why he was so easy to take down this episode is because he never expected Elijah to do it or knew that Elijah had the dagger. He was just completely caught off guard. When someone inevitably wakes him up though, there's gonna be hell to pay.
    As for Marcel, I don't know why it bothers you. I like it. He is essentially Klaus' adopted son and Klaus certainly considers him part of their family. Maybe him saying that bothers you because he's only been with them for about 1/5th of their total existence?


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