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iZombie: Dead Air

“Bitch, get a clue!”

I was slightly less enamoured with this week’s case than I have been in the past, but the facts of a talk show host’s murder became almost irrelevant when the side effects Liv experiences after consuming Sasha Arconi’s brains wreak havoc on her personal life.

The iZombie set-up so far has worked on a number of different levels, but it’s been reliant on each piece itself working in its own right. In ‘Dead Air’ the case Liv and Clive were investigating was slightly less compelling than, say, last week’s kidnapped mother-to-be mystery; I had the real suspect in Sasha’s electrocution pegged straight away. In iZombie though, the case itself is never really the point. It’s more about the victim themselves and how they’re individualities affect Liv, and eating a busybody brain salad had some awkward social repercussions for Liv.

Ravi was the main person to suffer the way too intrusive Liv, who made her newfound relationship “advice” known at the first opportunity. Bolstered by her past experience of watching Peyton slam down every guy who’s asked her out, Liv got in the way of Ravi’s individual attempts to woo the ADA. This is the first time we’ve seen their friendship tested, and if anything it reinforces how great the two of them work together, and how much Ravi has helped Liv change from the stick in the mud she used to be and also lend a hand in her attempts at adapting to her ever changing present day zombie self.

Major didn’t let no-boundaries Liv get to him as much as Ravi did, but he’s got his own problems to deal with. His search into Jerome’s disappearance and the candy man has really taken over his life. He lost not only the cut cup stealing co-ed, but also his job as a counselor. I hope Liv finds a way to help him out; he’s really been through the ringer recently, and she hasn’t really been there to help him out, though she’s been understandably caught up elsewhere.

She’s been getting pretty close and personal with Lowell, which is great to see. Not only is he super hot, but he’s also the only positive thing to come out of this whole zombie mess that’s taken over Liv’s life. Sadly, it looks like there’s a chance he’s a little less innocent then he appears to be. What was Blaine doing in his apartment building? And did she just eat Jerome’s brains?


I’m not sure if I want to see Peyton and Ravi go any further than a once-off thing.

More half naked Lowell, please.

I loved the “ethereal Tinkerbell” line. I’m taking it as a Once Upon a Time shout out to Rose McIver’s run as the green fairy.

He Said, She Said

Peyton: “Broody musician; not your usual type. But you’re not the usual Liv, are you.”
Liv: “You’re looking at the new normal, sister.”

Liv: “You don’t need to know why you feel good, just enjoy the ride.”

The stand-alone nature of the first run of episodes has been fun, but this week started to hint at a greater need to focus on the longer running arcs that iZombie has cooking in the background. Judging by that elevator cliffhanger it looks like that’s about to start happening, with Blaine and Liv finally butting heads. Will we find out what his plan is for our favourite morgue attendant?

3.5 out of 5 zombie rats

Originally posted at PandaTV.


  1. Well, Blaine was certainly bringing food for Lowell. Am I the only one who was asking himself where does Lowell get brains and came up with the only reasonable answer that he was a client of Blaine's butcher shop?

    But I think that Blaine might not get into the elevator. If memory serves, we didn't get to see who it was. So it might be that Liv gets an upper hand here.

  2. A nice nod to Chekhov’s Gun: when Major put the gun in the drawer there was a copy of Uncle Vanya open on top.

    And thank you for bringing this show to my attention, it’s right up my street.


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