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Teen Wolf: Creatures of the Night

"What happened to your friends?"

It was bookended by two exciting sequences, but ‘Creatures of the Night’ failed to kick start Teen Wolf’s fifth season in the way it should have.

Most of this episode revolved around standard new season exposition; what did the kids do for the summer, who’s still together, who left town and who’s new to the scene. It seems as though very little has happened in the interim, despite what the opening sequence suggested.

Scott and Kira are still hot and heavy, which is cool with me. I still feel like Kira hasn’t been able to do a whole lot. Every time she looks like she’s about to go full on badass, all she gets in are a few fancy sword flourishes, and now it seems as though she’s falling squarely into the love interest slot. I don’t mind that, she and Scott have a lot of cute chemistry, but can she maybe win something on her own merit?

Stiles and Malia are also going strong. Malia is one of my favourite characters on the show, and I like that she’s struggling to reintegrate into society, or, as close to society as the horror-filled Beacon Hills can get. Her journey this season could be an interesting one if it places more of a spotlight on her home life, which we saw very little of last season.

Then there’s Lydia, whose position during this premiere was twisted with the reveal of a flash forward at the close of the episode. It’s an interesting idea to tease the future direction of the season with a few short glimpses into the not so bright future of the pack, and it definitely worked in its own right, but it made all the stuff in between a little dull in comparison. Who cares about socially acceptable vandalism when we’ve seen Lydia going full on banshee on some orderlies?


Still no idea what Parrish is, but Melissa and good ol’ Sheriff Stilinski have been keeping an eye on him. Do they know more about him? Was that creature that went after Scott same type as Parrish?

It was nice to see Aiden again. Will he make more appearances as Lydia’s “treatment” heats up?

The Allison shoutout was cute.

He Said, She Said

Stiles: “Malia, if you were going away and I told you don’t worry, go have fun. What would you think I was talking about?”
Malia: “Fun like bowling, or sex with other guys?”

Nothing about a Teen Wolf arc makes sense this early on, so I have hope that things will only go up from here. There’s certainly a lot to look forward to, with Malia’s reunion with the Desert Wolf, Lydia’s capture and Stiles’ life up in the air (he’ll be fine). Though this premiere didn’t pack as much of a punch as the last few season openers did, it certainly promised a lot more fun on the horizon, and that’s enough to get me hooked on this show again.

2.5 out of 5 creepy doctors.

Originally posted at PandaTV.

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