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Teen Wolf: Ouroboros

“Something’s changed.”

I feel like we’ve hit the point where the various plot threads introduced early in a standard season of Teen Wolf should start to come together. That hasn’t happened yet, but maybe there are a few reasons for that.

This is the first time that Teen Wolf has tried to span an arc over a stretch of episodes greater than the usual 10-12 that we’re used to. Season three was 24 episodes but it had two very definitive arcs which were completely different from one another. This time we’re in for one of the biggest arcs in the show’s history, and as such we’ve been subjected to some pretty complicated and dense mythology. Now that’s usually fine with Teen Wolf because things always come together at some point, but it hasn’t happened yet this season and it’s looking like we’ll be heading into the hiatus with very few answers and a lot still up in the air.

To add to that, the bigger arc is being filled out with a lot of B plots, which are (mostly) interesting, but some of them are getting lost in the din of chimeras and gas masks. Most notably, the Desert Wolf, whose name has been thrown around a lot, has finally come into the fold but it just feels like too much all at once. I hate saying that because I was really excited to finally meet her, but there just isn’t a whole lot of room right now.

Kira’s (hopefully) temporary departure could potentially free up some space, though. I’m glad that her Kitsune heritage came into play this season, but it’s a shame Kira herself didn’t get to do more this season. I say that because she’s spent more time making puppy dog eyes at Scott than I would have liked, and less time kicking ass. And she should be kicking a lot more ass considering how skilled she supposedly is. I’m hoping for a bad ass return at some point in the future when she’s gotten her shit together. Is that expecting too much?


We seem to be getting more answers about where the Dread Doctors came from with Deaton’s investigations. That old lab was super creepy, and that snake symbol was even creepier.

Can we get more of Melissa slapping Sheriff Stilinski please, show?

The gang managed to rescue Liam and Hayden, unfortunately.

Scott using his claws on poor Corey was a very desperate move on the self-made Alpha’s part, and very uncharacteristic of him.

He Said, She Said

The Desert Wolf: “I heard that my daughter is still alive. You wouldn’t happen to know anything about that, would you?”
Deaton: “A daughter? I don’t know anything about a daughter.”
The Desert Wolf: “Well I hope you’re telling the truth, because if she is still alive, I’m just going to have to kill her again.”

There isn’t a whole lot of time left for things to take a turn for the better in the next two weeks, but maybe a few more answers and a little less slow mo could help things a bit.

2.5 out of 5 serpent symbols.

Originally posted at PandaTV.

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