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iZombie: Grumpy Old Liv

“Harden yourself, Liv. You’re a monster, act like one.”

Given how dramatically last season ended, iZombie was going to face a challenge heading into this season. The show’s default kooky tone doesn’t necessarily mesh well with the dark conflicts that faced Liv when the credits rolled in ‘Blaine’s World’, at least not on paper. Back then it wasn’t a problem, because we were caught up in the build up to the blow out between Liv and Blaine, and the drama fit in with everything else that was going on. Now, as we go back to the familiarity of the standalone cases, I was a little worried the series would struggle with settling back into a more subdued routine in the face of all the ramifications of Liv’s big decision. Thankfully, ‘Grumpy Old Liv’ continued to highlight how well iZombie can jump between different extremes without distorting the show’s overall narrative.

The premiere jumps forward three months following the events of ‘Blaine’s World’, with Liv’s family turned against her after her refusal to donate blood to save her brother. We all know her reasons for not helping Evan, but since her family don’t know about Liv’s “situation”, they don’t understand her reasons for saying no. Evan may have survived anyway thanks to good luck, but that doesn’t change the fact that Liv left him high and dry when he needed her most.

Naturally Liv blames herself, and is hosting a major pity party because of it. Cue this week’s meal; a grumpy, cynical and slightly racist old man, who does nothing but hate the world and everyone in it. As always, Liv gleams a lot from spending some time in someone else’s shoes, and remembers that she’s better than old Wendell was. She’s going to fight to regain her family’s trust and repair the damage her so called betrayal has wreaked on her personal life if it kills her...again.

Considering her new roommate is one of the masterminds behind Max Rager and a complete extermination of the expanding zombie population, it’s starting to look like things are going to get pretty intense. Scheming red-head Gilda turning out to be Liv’s new bunkmate is a twist I really liked. With Max Rager being such a “big” enemy, throwing a spy right into Liv’s home is the right way to make sure the war between these two sides stays personal. I’m holding out hope for an Alias-inspired kick fight when Liv finds out who she is.

It doesn’t look like Blaine will be a lot of help in the fight against Max Rager. Though he’s lost a lot of his power, he’s still up to no good by the looks of things. Will he come through for Liv and help her find the tainted utopia so Ravi can re-commence the search for the cure?


The cure has a side effect that Ravi didn’t count on: zombie detection. The could be fun if it’s used right.

Peyton is still MIA. Surely she must have come back at some point to collect her stuff?

Veronica Mars alum alert: Adam Rose.

110% of Liv’s Wendell-inspired lines were hilarious.

He Said, She Said

Liv: “Thanks Clive, you’re one of the good ones.”
Clive: “I’m gonna go get myself a coffee and try very hard to forget you said that.”
This scene, amongst many others, made me realise how much I’ve missed iZombie over the hiatus.

‘Grumpy Old Liv’ was very much a classic iZombie instalment, with the case of the week taking up most of the episode’s run, but it also marked the beginning of another exciting chapter in Liv’s story. The consequences of the events of last season have given the series a lot to work with, and it seems as though we’ll get to see all of them used in the best way possible; All in all, a very positive start.

4 out of 5 kidnapped dogs

Originally posted at PandaTV.


  1. I've mentioned this a few times, but it remains true: iZombie manages to make EVERYTHING right. They even make racist remarks cutely disgusting — I didn't think there was such a thing before.

    One thought, though, following Josie's law: what was in the bag? Or — another possibility — was it a headshot?

    Yes, I do want good characters to remain good.

  2. I'm sorry but this review feels unfinished. No discussion of Major... which was... Major!?

  3. Thanks so much for your feedback Heather. I'll be sure to discuss it next week when the plot has developed a bit more.

  4. I don't know how Rose, Rahul & Malcom managed to get through any takes on this episode without cracking up. She must've had them in stitches with all the crazy things Wendell-Liv was saying, because I sure was. I would kill to see a blooper reel from this one.


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