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Supernatural: Our Little World

"I'm sorry, my dear. You're grounded."

Did this seem like a step up to you guys?

They did it! I am finally interested in Amara, and what they're going to do with her this season. It's sort of an insane writing choice that she is... God's sister? Seriously? If God and Amara are siblings, who are their parents?

I'm of course less happy with God being referred to as male and his ultimate evil opponent, his sister, as female. But actually, God doesn't come out well in this scenario. He betrayed and sacrificed his sister (to whom?) in order to create the world. Is she evil? Or just super powerful and hopping mad? After all, we saw two angels acting pretty badly just in this episode. And she made mincemeat out of Crowley, which was fun.

What did Crowley think he was doing with Amara, anyway? Was he just worried about keeping her confined so he wouldn't have to fight her sometime in the future? Was he planning to use her to bring down God, possibly? Amara thought Crowley was doing a crappy job of protecting her, and she was right. Dean walked right in, didn't he?

One thing Amara finds very interesting is Dean Winchester. Girl, you'll be a woman soon, you'll need a man? And Dean lied to Sam and Castiel about why he didn't kill her, too. We haven't had anything close to a sexy subplot for either of the boys for awhile. Will Dean have a fling with the Darkness, hopefully when she's moved on to a more adult body? I think that might be fun. Does that make me weird?

I'm also really pleased at that glimpse of the Cage. We've never actually seen it before, have we? Why is Sam getting visions of his time there? Are we going to see Lucifer and Michael again? Are we going to return to the Winchester brothers as archangel vessels? Could they please finally get back to Adam Winchester? I'm sure I asked some of these questions last week, but they bear repeating.

We also got more of the kinder and gentler Winchesters when they would have exorcised the demon who came to assassinate the delightfully named Goldie Schmidtlapp if he hadn't been dead already, and Sam tried his best not to kill the demons he took down during their raid on Crowley's quarters in Hell. Well, two out of three isn't bad.

Castiel has something of a no-kill policy now, too. In fact, he just wants to stay in the bunker and watch television, and I know how he feels. But Castiel did manage to track down the now pathetic Metatron and put him in traction, or the boys wouldn't know what Amara is. Why the demon tablet, though? Will there be information on the demon tablet about Amara? Wouldn't it be more likely that she'd have a tablet of her very own?

I'm glad that red eye look is gone. I prefer Castiel yummy, like this.

Bits and pieces:

— I liked the young actress who played Amara this time. She was a much stronger actress than the last Amara. I wonder if they'll bring back the Amara from the first episode of the season when she finishes growing up?

— Poor Len from "Thin Lizzie" is now dead. Crowley referred to him and people like him as Amara's "candy wrappers."

— Loved the OWW2 News newscaster, and the way she went from fake all smiles to faux serious.

— Note the white neon cross in the background when Castiel saved and healed the poor guy who'd been mugged from Metatron. Do you think maybe the recording still exists?

— Crowley says he can kill Dean now. I wonder.

— I loved Amara looking at lolcats. What did we do before lolcats? I'm going to ignore that mention of the murder of a family cat in Fall River.

— This week: Fall River, Omaha, and Hell. The wonderful motel room where the boys killed the demon assassin looked like the dingy version of the room in "Changing Channels." Loved the acid green pictures on the walls. Also loved "Needham Asylum." Where do they find buildings that look like that?


Sam: "Seems insane to leave our one and only angel friend on the bench."
And so say all of us.

Dean: "Are you watching Jenny Jones?"
Castiel: "It's a rerun. She's just about to announce the paternity results. (To the screen) Jenny, he is not ready to be a father!"
Dean: "Okay, I thought you were going with socially acceptable binge-watching. You know, The Wire, Game of Thrones."
Castiel: "Yeah, well, man can't live on caviar alone, Dean."

Sam: "I keep forgetting about you and Crowley's summer of love."

Demon: "Turn to the graph at the bottom of 27 and you'll see a nearly forty percent decrease in soul collections in the Pacific Northwest over the past three years. An unexpected consequence of legalized marijuana? Some analysts think so. Others are not quite so sure."

Metatron: "Reality is the great literature of our era!"
God forbid.

Castiel: "What do you know about The Darkness?"
Metatron: "The band?"

Demon: (to Sam) "You of all people should know pacifism doesn't pay."

Metatron: "I can't take it anymore. Not a single human day. The indignities, they just don't stop. Making my rent, and keeping my phone charged, hemorrhoids..."

I enjoyed this one. Three out of four unexpected consequences of legalized marijuana,

Billie Doux has been reviewing Supernatural for so long that Dean and Sam Winchester feel like old friends. Courageous, adventurous, gorgeous old friends.


  1. Such a great episode. Favorite part was Sam's demon fight, and Dean with Amara. They are going to try to cast out the demons from the handcuffed ones, right? I do wish there was a scene after Sam and Dean being knocked out, instead of jumping right to the bunker, but I guess they only have 40 minutes because of the darn commercials. Cut a few minutes out of Metatron scenes. His character is losing it's appeal for me. Love Sam's cage visions!! Also, wildly flying hair during Sam's fight scenes. (Sam girl, can you tell?). On a side note, great website design, Billie!! It is so easy to navigate and find just the review for the show and episode that I want to read. A lot of other sites are done blog style and are hard to find anything. I'm going to read through all the reviews for the shows that I enjoy, even if it's been awhile since I've actually watched the show. The reviews are fun all by themselves. Excellent job.

  2. Mallena, I'm such a Dean girl, but I love Sam, too. And thanks so much for the website design praise! I'm a librarian and my first impulse is always to organize things to the nth degree so that people can find what they want as quickly as possible. :) I'll look forward to reading your comments.

  3. The wall Death put up in Sam's brain is breaking down now that Death is dead. Maybe that is the reason for the visions.

  4. Actually Castiel took down the wall in Sam's brain in the season 6 finale. Hence why Sam started seeing Lucifer hallucinations in season 7, until Castiel transferred it onto himself.

    I'm pretty sure it's God giving Sam the visions, to free Lucifer and Michael out of the cage to help defeat the Darkness since they helped the first time. Since Sam started getting visions of the cage right after he prayed to God for help.

    [sorry if this is a double post, first time posting]

  5. Really liked this episode. This whole God/bible/apocalypse theme really works with this show and I've been waiting for years for this kind of plot to come back.
    I'd go as far as saying this has been the best season since season 5.
    I'm still hoping for more info about Amaras motives and what she wants and I bet we're gonna learn more that in the future.

    Greetings from Finland, I really like the reviews on this page!

  6. Hello. Did you realise Ep 1 Amara was Emily Swallow from Season 6 of The Mentalist? Small detail, just know you watch/ed both shows.

  7. I'm really enjoying the character stuff this season, especially on Sam (even though I'm a Dean girl!). I love his determination to save demon hosts and his visions - which I think are from God in answer to his prayer, though I could be wrong. For some reason the male=good/female=evil dichotomy bugged me more this week with the 'sister' reveal, but I'm generally finding that a bit odd anyway and will reserve judgement until we see where they're going with it. I do like the implication that the answer is to open up the cage (and maybe inadvertently save Adam!).

    Billie I'm so glad it wasn't just me who immediately thought of Changing Channels on seeing the wallpaper! Was it deliberate do you think? Maybe it's just a visual pun cause Cas was watching so much TV. I would love it if this was an indication Gabriel might be out there somewhere though... (And Carver did write Changing Channels after all).

  8. This episode was really good. I have been interested in seeing how the Amara plot develops. She doesn't seem "evil" as she said to dean she wants to settle the oldest score. Her beef seems to be with God for his actions od betraying her and locking her up.
    She doesn't seem evil in the sense I want to destroy humanity. The hotel wallpaper did remind me of changing channels episode ( one of my top 10). Crowley reading a book on how to handle teens in a court meeting was funny.


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