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Supernatural: Plush

"What's up, Doc?"

Not that their funny episodes are standard, but this was a fairly standard Supernatural funny episode.

It was so nice to see Donna again. She's become a bit like Jody Mills, a female continuing character that I enjoying seeing and hope will stay alive somehow until the end of the series, whenever that may be. (Although of course, I have a bit more invested in Jody Mills because she's been with us much longer.) Donna has become a good hunter, and she even has a new Doug who doesn't seem like quite as much of a jerk as the old Doug. Here's hoping she tells him the truth about the supernatural before she scares him away.

The masks and costumes walked the line between funny and creepy, and there was that extra touch of comic ookiness that the victims couldn't take the masks off. The deer costume that Chester died in was even funnier than the incredibly ugly and rather filthy bunny. But the best scene in the episode, no contest, was the clown in the elevator with Sam. Jared Padalecki's expression was pretty much perfect. Sam was so freaked that at first he didn't even notice the bloody scalpel in the clown's hand.

The thing is, though, Dean and Sam actually discussed Sam's time in the Cage with Lucifer, which would make being in an elevator with a murderous clown seem like a walk in the park. The episode began with Sam praying (he has to remember to close the door; didn't he know Dean would drop by for some ridicule?) and ended with Sam telling Dean that God might be telling Sam to go back to the Cage. To which I say, Noooooooo! And Dean also said no. The thing is, it's not up to Dean.

Castiel got Sam out of the Cage, but without his soul. Will Castiel be the one to put Sam back in the Cage? It's inevitable, isn't it?

These funny episodes always get sad, don't they? Poor Chester. Was he really a pedophile or just an oddball? I think he was just an oddball, since his nephew didn't seem to be a victim. Even as a ghost, Chester was wearing that absurd deer costume; the visual of him held upside down off the bridge was pretty funny. The pyres of burning animal costumes were hilarious, too. For a moment, I thought the bunny mask would refuse to burn. What would they have done if it hadn't?


— No news on Amara, which makes sense if she's pre-creation.

— A funny elevator scene isn't complete without Muzak. I was hoping for The Girl from Ipanema, but no.

— As usual, the Supernatural powers that be did an excellent job with the masks and costumes. Like I said, funny as well as creepy.

— This week: Cottage Grove, Minnesota. Sam and Dean were agents Elliott and Savage; an internet search got me Def Leopard, Joe Elliott and Rick Savage.

— The next episode is December 2. Two weeks, because they tend to skip Thanksgiving week.


Dean: "I'm saying don't count on God, okay? Count on us."

Donna: "For the most part it's been tater tots and lemon drops except for this doozy. I mean, when you get a call about a killer Easter bunny, you don't know what to think."

Dean: "But if you got a wild hare... see what I did there?"

Donna: "Won't be once bitten, twice Douged."

Dean: "What do you bench?"
Idiotic quarterback: "Four plates. On each side."

Doug: "I was on my way to Woodbury to pick up a woodpecker costume when I heard about the coach."

Donna: "Here's hoping something less murderous brings you back to Minnesota. Like Prince. Or Cheese Curd Fest."
Dean: "You had me at curd."

Donna: "Your life's one big poop storm, isn't it?"
Dean: "Spoken like a true hunter."

Bring Donna back any time, guys,

Billie Doux has been reviewing Supernatural for so long that Dean and Sam Winchester feel like old friends. Courageous, adventurous, gorgeous old friends.


  1. While I enjoyed it, it didn't quite work as well as I was hoping.
    The episode wasn't as crazy and the deaths weren't as creative as Supernatural can manage when its at it best. The side-characters weren't particularly interesting nor the dialogue they were given particularly engrossing. The ghost's motivation wasn't really anything we haven't seen before, even in the show itself. The last act was pretty by-the-numbers Supernatural (ghost attacks before they can burn the object its connected to, fight ensues, the boys eventually manage to destroy it).

    Having said that, I did enjoy the comedy, the conversations between Sam and Dean and Donna was pretty fun. Although seeing her in the episode made me realise how much I want them to bring Jody back, and NOT KILL HER.

    They should bring Ben Edlund back for an episode. With the exception of Fan Fiction, we haven't had a really great comedy episode in a while.

  2. How has Donna become a good hunter? The first "hunt" she was involved in, she had no clue what was going on. She was also clueless for about half the second one. And she spent most of the time in this one looking for costumes. Looks like they'd make anyone a hunter these days.

  3. While I agree it was pretty by the book for a standard Supernatural, I also enjoyed it. It was kind of nice to watch an episode that harkened back to the early formula. It reminded me of the days before even Bobby. Except Donna, who is an interesting addition to the line up, this was mainly a standard ghost hunt with Sam and Dean.

  4. Ah, that familiar feeling when yu see a guest character you like on Supernatural - hey cool, it's so-and-so! Man, I hope they don't die...

    By the numbers but fun.
    ard I don't think God is telling Sam to go back in the cage, I think He's telling them to get Michael (and ADAM!) and maybe even Lucifer out, to fight the Darkness. Also, I didn't spot the Def Leppard reference, but I do know it was Def Leppard's Rock of Ages that Dean played when he went to stop Sammifer at Stull Cemetary in Swan Song...

  5. I'm with you on that Juliette. But what worries me is that Micahel is in Adam, but Lucifer doesn't have a host. So if they let Lucifer out of the cage to fight the Darkness, does that mean he'll have to possess Sam again?


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