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The Originals: Out of the Easy

"We will kill many someones."

I love it when Mikaelsons throw parties. Even their small Thanksgiving gatherings would make Martha Stewart jealous. And they probably compel people to set up for these things, but just once I'd like to see Klaus setting the table and Elijah fussing with twinkle lights.

With the looming threat of the prophecy and everything seemingly falling into place against them, I'm finally feeling the danger. And, you guys, I'm worried. I think the table looking the way it did in Alexis' vision is telling us that Klaus made the wrong decision in letting Aurora go and holding Tristan for leverage.

I hate that Rebekah is looking like the default sacrifice, because I just love the character and miss her and wish it weren't so. But I think that ship has sailed so I'm making my peace with it. I really hated seeing Marcel and Vincent manipulate Davina. I don't think she made a very good regent and I'm hopeful that being shunned by the witches will bring her more into the story lines that I care about, but it was still sneaky and underhanded and manipulative. It was gross. Minus ten points for both of them.

Klaus and Elijah will probably be fine. They can't kill off every original. The title would make no sense, but it is possible that one of them might get daggered in some way for a while, right? Ugh. I can't imagine either one of them carrying this show. Not that I don't think they can. Both are tremendous actors, but they so much balance each other out that to lose either one would completely change the show.

Sweet Christmas on a cracker!! What did Aurora do to Cami? Is she dead, because she can't be dead. Are we going to meet Cami as a vampire, because that might be awesome. Or will our favorite therapist-in-training be riding shotgun to whatever crazy spree Aurora is about to go on? Used as a bargaining chip to trade for Tristan? Aurora's personal never ending snack pack? I NEED TO KNOW! Not that it matters since she was so quickly renapped, but getting the daylight ring off of her babysitter and her subsequent escape was amazing. Loved, loved, loved it.

Hayley and Jackson's wedded bliss has faded fast. Sure, being cursed and the missus' extended family drama is bound to take its toll, but he knew what he was getting himself into. In fact, I'm pretty sure he even acknowledged it at one point. His understanding was one of the only reasons I liked him. I guess no one likes being second choice for long but like Davina, I just want Hayley to have to spend less obligatory time at home with her husband and more time mixing it up. She and Freya made one hell of a team.

3 out of 4 Turkey dinners with a side of blood and torture.

Bites and pieces

Once again the brothers Mikaelson threw a dinner party where no one ate.

Cami hanging out in that ridiculous hand-me-down dress of Alexis' made me laugh more than once. The girl liked cleavage.

Aurora's dress was very 80s and truly hideous. What were the wardrobe people smoking??

When Lucien was handing over the medallion was anyone else thinking Klaus, don't touch it you idiot?? I get it, a witch needs to activate the thing, but sociopaths are crafty.

Tristan credits the Strix with infamous Jack the Ripper and Son of Sam serial killings. Sounds about right.

No detective Kinney this week. Bummer. He's probably knee deep in some therapy right now.

We haven't seen Hope in a while. I wonder if she is still casting spells? I wonder if that is why Jackson walked out all of a sudden. Little Hope wants mommy to be with Uncle Elijah and she put the whammy on him.

Hayley: "In the meantime, please tell me we're gonna kill someone."
Elijah: "Oh we will kill many someones."

Elijah: "Am I to assume that you've gone completely mad?"
Klaus: "You see madness. I see method."
Elijah: "And that method is what, Niklaus, to fornicate with the she devil that took our sister?"

Elijah: "It's Thanksgiving. Let's invite them for a friendly meal. Systematically turn them against one another and devastate their pitiful alliance. I can feel the holiday spirit already."

Happy Early Thanksgiving!


  1. Enjoyed your review as always, Laure. :)

    What are they doing with Cami? She was undeniably cool in this episode and I've always liked her, but I just realized that I've been waiting forever for something major to happen with her. Will she become Klaus's human lover? Will he turn her into a vampire?

    I finally realized something else, too -- that this locking away your unkillable sire thing has been done before. It was the plot of Anne Rice's Queen of the Damned. And of course, the bottom of the ocean thing happened in Angel.

    Not that I'm trashing The Originals. I always enjoy this show and it's smart to borrow from the best. :)

  2. Billie, if I'm not mistaken (and it has been a while so it's possible) when we first met Elijah he thought that Klaus daggered Rebekah, Kol and Finn and scattered them around various oceans. That's why he wanted in on the plan to kill Klaus. And the reason he backed out at the last minute was Klaus admitted that their siblings were actually not on the ocean floor.

    So TO didn't borrow from Angel. They borrowed from TVD who borrowed from Angel. This is 3rd generation recycling. The Originals have gone green!

    I think...


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