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iZombie: Cape Town

“What are you?”
“Just a girl in a mask, doing her civic duty.”

‘Cape Town’ pushes the limits of iZombie’s genre hopping abilities, and the results are a lot of fun.

All of the victims we’ve seen so far provide a unique view of the world, and that view tends to let this show try out a lot of different themes and moulds as Liv explores each of their different personalities, and as they wreak havoc on Liv’s own personal life. This week’s superhero wannabe pushed those views to the extreme, with Liv goings o far as to attempting to stop an arms deal single-handedly.

It’s a testament to this show that it’s able to adopt such an extreme and distinctive genre, and shape it to fit so seamlessly, and so entertainingly, into the world of iZombie. It’s even more remarkable when it’s used to develop some pretty specific storylines and plots, like Liv’s need to do right by her new abilities, even if it means sacrificing her relationship with Major.

I haven’t really been all that into her reunion with Major, mostly because he’s been a sneaky, unreasonable dick for the last few weeks. Considering how much zombie business he’s been dealing with on the side, you’d think he’d be more understanding of Liv’s plight. I did like his bonding with Natalie though, a zombie hooker who showed him a side to zombie-ism he may not have seen before. I liked her a lot, too, and I’m holding out hope that she will be revived successfully at some point down the line.

It doesn’t look like it will be anytime soon, though. Ravi’s cure doesn’t seem to be permanent, something he realised when his test rat returned to zombie form. What does this mean for Major? Will he turn back into a zombie down the line? Will Blaine?


I loved Ravi’s reaction to Liv’s “They are the system” line. So cute.

Those rooftop shots were great.

He Said, She Said

Liv: “There are bad people in this world. We put them in cages, expect them to change, but they never do...”
Ravi: “So no spice rack then?”

Liv: “This isn’t a brain, Major. It’s me.”
Major: “I’m sorry, but how am I ever supposed to know which is which?”

‘Cape Town’ proved yet again how well iZombie can handle different genres and themes, and still progress its own plots in the meantime. With Mr Boss getting more sinister by the episode, it looks like Liv is developing quite a few enemies, which is bad for Liv, but good for us viewers. I’m looking forward to the next part of the season already.

4 out of 5 shitty, well intentioned superheroes

Originally posted at PandaTV.

1 comment:

  1. I wish Major would just talk to Liv about stuff more. Sigh.
    Loved the superhero stuff. Breakup and a poor zombie hooker for xmas..that was bleak.


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