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Supergirl: Worlds Finest

"This is going to be fun."

What a delightful episode, and the beginning of a beautiful friendship (or a series of cross network crossovers). While I do have a few very minor quibbles, this was about as good as I hoped it would be.

Starting off, it was probably a good idea to devote the first ten minutes or so setting up the villain, even though Siobhan's transition into the Silver Banshee was a bit quick. I also wonder if she will eventually look like her slapped together costume in the future as the curse consumes her soul. Either way, she was a pretty effective villain, using sound as a way to weaken Kara. Although it was a stretch when she punched Kara back ten feet or so. Livewire was also fairly effective, and the special effects work was well done. Got to wonder what Barry was thinking though, using energy on an energy based meta-human.

For me, though, the villains were mostly set dressing for the crossover. They gave us some plot, even though it was very routine superhero fare. The main appeal, and the really positive message, was the fact that there was no tension between our heroes. The Flash showed up, saved Kara, and after a bit of inevitably awkward introductions, they were fast friends.

Kara and Barry's relationship was so easy and unforced, it felt almost as if they had been friends for years. Perhaps it's because the actors have history (they were both on Glee), or a natural chemistry, or maybe it was the writing choices, which were solid. Whatever it was, I loved it. While most crossovers like this one involve some kind of conflict, this was the opposite. Even better, their initial reactions to one another were both appropriately curious and enthusiastic. From the fire moment, to Barry's reaction when he found out she was an alien, it all just worked.

Then there was the way Winn just clicked with Barry on a geek level. It was almost like Cisco was there. It seemed Barry was just as needed in Supergirl's world as he was in his own. Of course Kara is kind of amazing, but she can only be in one place at a time. Going solo, even with the DEO behind her, is a lonely place to be. He offered advice and friendship when she desperately needed it.


While I loved the ice cream moment, especially Kara's face when she realized what Barry had done, why did he just grab vanilla? Was it because he didn't know them, or is vanilla his favorite flavor?

Supergirl had two issues she had to overcome. The first was her image being ruined because of the Red Kyrptonite she was exposed to, and her subsequent actions. While the answer made sense, and the actions of the people in that square worked, she literally just sacrificed herself for them, I'm not sure the rest of the city would fall in line so quickly.

I liked the fact that Silver Banshee and Livewire were both disgruntled ex-minions of Cat. I wonder how many of Supergirl's rogues gallery will end up being in this very specific group?

So what was the device Barry had on his chest?

So in this universe there is no Catlin, Wells, or Cisco. Even worse there is no S.T.A.R. Labs, at least in Central City. I bet there's one in Metropolis at least, because that would be kind of weird if there wasn't.

I liked the contrasting methodology -- Kara tends to rush in, Barry likes to make a plan first.

So I didn't mention Kara's other major issue she had to resolve, her relationship with James. Cat's advice was both kind and somewhat accurate, and although I don't really ship them, the Kara and James relationship had to start at some point. Unfortunately their timing sucks, because Alara and Non's device was finally activated. I guess Myriad is some form of mind control.

Being rescued by regular people and ultimately by firefighters was a very nice moment.

They gave us the preferred Twitter hashtag: #SupergirlXTheFlash


Winn: "I saw that winning the people back wasn't going so well."
Supergirl: "I have tried everything I could think of. Last night, I helped a family assemble their IKEA table. It's still not enough."

Cat: "Kira, call Security. I haven't seen eyes that crazy since I had fondue with Ramona Singer."
Kara: "What happened to Siobhan?"
Winn: "Well, after she went all Mariah Carey on you, she just split."
Barry: "So we both have Mariah Carey. That's... something."

Cat: "All four of you standing there doing nothing? You look like the attractive but non-threatening racially diverse cast of a CW show."

Cat: "The Flash? Sounds like someone whose only superpower is jumping out of an alley in a trench coat."

Flash: "Hey, Sparky. Shrieky. Hi. What do you say we step away from the nice lady and settle this like women? (Supergirl looks at him) What? There's more of you guys here than me."

Kara: "You knew he was the Flash?"
Cat: "Oh, please. Barry shows up, the Flash shows up, his insistence on that silly name, and he was so unfailingly charming and nice that he had to either be a superhero or a Mormon."

Bright, fun, and focused on the right things. This crossover was probably my favorite episode of the season so far.

4 out of 4 Ice cream cones

Note: This was our first Supergirl review, written during the initial run on CBS, which is why the comments are all about how we're not covering the show yet. We are now.

Samantha M. Quinn spends most of her time in front of a computer typing away at one thing or another; when she has free time, she enjoys pretty much anything science fiction or fantasy-related.


  1. I absolutely loved it. Especially the opening scenes with all of the incredibly fun exposition. I particularly liked Barry's and Kara's contrasting superhero styles. More crossovers, please.

    And BTW everyone, we're not covering Supergirl yet, although we wish we could. Too many shows, not enough writers! But we did want to cover the crossover.

  2. I'm so glad you reviewed this!! I ADORE Supergirl. It's so nice to have a happy superhero for a change. I literally cried during this episode because it was so cute. Literal tears of being overcome by cuteness. Seriously. Supergirl and the Flash worked so well because Kara and Barry are so alike. They're both adorable little geeks whose reason for becoming a superhero wasn't revenge or a desire for glory but wanting to help people. I just wish they could always be together.

  3. There seems to be no STAR Labs at all in Supergirl's world. I mean, Barry was basically googling the lab and everyone associated with it, wasn't he? If there was a STAR Labs, it would have come up in his search even if it wasn't in Central City.

    Plus, though in the comics other people founded the lab, in the TV universe STAR Labs is Harrison Wells' baby. His wife Tess even chose the name. If he doesn't exist, then it probably doesn't exist either.


  4. While I enjoyed the episode, it left me with two huge questions.

    1) Die-hard fans will no doubt jump on this... but I don't understand why there is no Flash in Supergirl's universe. There is a Flash in the movie, Batman v Superman. I thought DC shared the same universe?

    2) If Barry told them that the theory of infinite universes was, indeed, a reality, wouldn't there have been more discussion about how to get Barry back to his world? Sure, the super speed/super throw could pierce the dimensional barrier... but how could they know that it would be the barrier back to Barry's world... especially if there are infinite worlds? In my opinion, the whole problem of getting Barry back to his world was just done too quickly and sloppily.

    But that being said, I enjoyed it.

  5. My understanding is the the DC TV and movie universes are different, and further that the CWTV, CBSTV, and FoXTV networks are all in different universes.

    There is no way she is in the same universe as Batman v. Superman. Maybe the same as Superman: The Movie (but not the sequels)

  6. Great review! Seems this was filmed in sequence to be *after* Flash Back in the Flash series. I love the fact that no matter where Barry goes his power seems to bring a smile to people's faces :)

  7. That device was the Tachyon thingy the Reverse Flash used in season 1.

    My entire face hurts because I had a huge grin on my face for the entire episode. One could even say I watched the episode with glee. :P

    Lets hope this episode is the beginning of various cross network crossovers. Like for example Netflix Marvel and ABC Marvel.

  8. I don't like most crossover episodes. They often feel too forced and I usually don't care about the other series characters. This however was AWESOME. I've never watched The Flash TV show, but I may have to start if it is half as much fun as this was.

    The multiple Earths angle was great, so you don't have to wonder every week why Flash or Supergirl aren't assisting each other. I'm also very glad that they became quirky bffs and not romantic temptations. I'm also thankful that it didn't become The Flash v. Supergirl Civil War. We're getting enough of that elsewhere.

  9. This episode was everything I hoped it would be. Flash & Supergirl make a fantastic team, I hope they find a way to bring them together again in the future. And Supergirl's reaction to the ice cream was possibly the cutest thing I've seen on TV all season. Melissa Benoist is so freaking adorable :)

  10. OK, upon further examination, there's a moment that runs a VERY close second to the ice cream moment for cuteness. When Supergirl gets sassy with Banshee & Livewire after the noise-cancelling earbuds work. :)

  11. This episode was very good. It had some flaws but I just don´t care when it comes to Supergirl because this show is so damn cute that I end up smiling in the end.


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