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Once Upon a Time: Her Handsome Hero

“Good old Belle. You always did have a soft spot for a monster."

Belle was put through so many damaging moments in ‘Her Handsome Hero.’ Most of those moments weren’t even her fault, but they insinuated that everything she stands for means absolutely nothing, and I honestly can’t figure out if that’s something that will be addressed in the future, or if we’re just supposed to accept that she’s an idiot for wanting to do things the right way.

Skipping over her return to Rumple yet again, because I’ve discussed that to death and I think it’s obvious I’m very much against it, what this episode made clear was that Belle is a woman who values moral integrity and believes that if you’re going to do something potentially lethal, then you better know for certain that it’s the right thing to do. She made that clear when her potential suitor Gaston was ready to rush in and send a captured baby Ogre to certain death. They had to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he meant them harm before they sent him to her father.

When Belle tries to stop Gaston and his men from killing the Ogre outright she doesn’t get the chance to prove the Ogre’s innocence either way. When she saw that Gaston meant to do harm himself she let the Ogre go. Are we now meant to believe that it was this act that caused the Ogre war to start? I find it hard to believe that this show would have us believe doing something good, or at least good intentioned, would be what caused a war that killed a lot of people. It’s insanely frustrating that she was forced into marrying Gaston just out of guilt over what she had done.

The same situation plays out in the present, as Rumple and Belle try desperately to free their baby from Hades’ contract. Rumple is arguing that it’s perfectly fine for him to use his dark magic for good purposes, and if it’s for small things like removing locks I think I agree. But when he tries to argue that it’s fine for him to send another man into a river of never ending torment to get what they want, he loses me. Belle tries to stop Rumple from throwing Gaston into the river, which was what Hades wanted in order to nullify the whole baby stealing contract, but she winds up doing it herself and voiding any agreement with Hades altogether. So yet again, good intentions don’t count for much and now, to add insult to injury, she’s back in Rumple’s arms.

I honestly liked watching Belle do her thing in this episode, before all of that weirdness happened. She had personality, she was firm in her beliefs, she was strong willed and she could take care of herself. This episode makes it seem like that’s not how she should live her life. Let the morally shady men take care of everything, Belle. Keep your logical thoughts to yourself! Ugh.

Meanwhile, Emma had a prophetic dream about what she assumed was her mother’s death, which instead turned out to be about something else entirely. Red/Ruby is now in the Underworld, for reasons we don’t yet know, and needs some help. I would have loved this surprising twist had I not known it was coming thanks to Meghan Ory’s credit at the start of the episode, but I’m still relatively happy about what this could potentially mean for Ruby’s forgotten story. ‘The Bear King’ hinted that there was more to tell, and hopefully this return means we’re going to see that untold story make its way back to the screen.


Robin is hiding out in the forest with the baby with no name. That can’t be safer than Zelena’s secluded house?

Hades wanted someone in the river to stop plants from growing around the Underworld. It worked and he gave one to Zelena, who seemed happy about being gifted a dead flower.

He Said, She Said

Belle: “So every time you try something nefarious, it's a smashing success, but when I ask you to channel that power for good, you fail.”
Rumple: “I don't care what Merlin said. To be able to turn darkness to light is a fool's errand. To use darkness for light, that may be possible.”

Emma: “What the hell was I thinking bringing everyone down here? Bringing Henry down here? This was a terrible plan. I should have done this alone. Now I'm always frightened. I'm frightened that someone will die, and it'll be my fault. And I'll never forgive myself.”
Snow: “Emma, you didn't force any of us down here. We all wanted to come with you. We knew it would be hard. These things always are, but some things are worth it. Love is worth it. Now, if you want to get home, let's do what works. Let's face this monster together.”

There were a few great moments in this episode, but they were marred almost entirely by the dreadful insinuations that it made. I feel like there’s more to come that could potentially nullify what I hated about what we were presented with here, but for now I’m frustrated.

2 out of 5 mirrors of souls

Originally posted at PandaTV.

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