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The 100: Demons

"Following the creepy music is a bad idea."

The 100's take on classic horror, ladies and gents. So, so good if you're into cheesy horror like I am.

Miller's Hook Man story had me cracking up. I guess not even spending your life in space changes urban legends. Between, the classic of opening with a ghost story, people being picked off one-by-one, flickering lights and that stellar creepy musical toy I half expected a Winchester to show up with an EMF reader. Alas, no. It was, once again, up to Clarke to sell her soul to save her friends.

I think those are the demons that Clarke lives with. She knows these things have to be done, and she would make the same decisions a hundred times over, but it haunts her. Bellamy and Octavia are both living with the loss of Lincoln for blaringly obvious different reasons. It's hard to tell if that look at the end meant that she has forgiven him or if she was restraining herself from adding a third body to that pyre. Bellamy, of course, will never forgive himself and I am oddly okay with that for now. His guilt is like the only evidence of his recent trip down Finn road. I am more than glad to have him back, but are we just accepting that he can turn his common sense on and off like that? I guess we're supposed to. For now.

Like Monty with the creepy music, I saw some things coming from a mile away. Like I knew that Clarke was going to shove ALIE 2 into someone as a defense tactic. And I knew that Emerson would want to watch her lose the people she love. Ordinarily, I like to pat myself on the back for my foresight, but in this case I'm thinking the setup was intentionally obvious. A la, 'the killer is right behind you, RUN!'

The funeral scene was lovely. It's always heartwarming when time is taken to pay respects. Octavia said that a true warrior doesn't grieve until the war is over, but I'm glad she allowed herself to say goodbye albeit very briefly. Raven was the only one to go with the traditional Arkadian 'may we meet again.' Everyone else recited the grounder goodbye 'your fight is over.' Hm.


Chipped Emori found her way back to Murphy. Poor Murphy. And poor Emori. She didn't want to take the key, right? Can't wait to see how he talks his way out of this one.

Jaha was pretty quick to worm his way right to Ontari's heart. All he had to do was tap into her insecurities. I'm starting to feel a little sad for her. Is it even possible for her to be happy and find peace at this point? Given the way she was groomed to only want power?

As far as we know, Kane and Indra are still separately making their ways to Polis. Taking their sweet time, or what?

3.5 musical carousels

Bits and pieces

I knew Sinclair wasn't long for this world when we got Raven back.

How many days have passed since Lincoln was killed? He looked fresh as a daisy. And how convenient lucky that he happened to draw a map to the person that no one is supposed to be able to find.

It's interesting to think that letting even one person from the mountain live was too dangerous.

ALIE sitting on Lexa's throne did not sit well with me.

Bellamy: "Eyes sharp, weapons hot. We're almost home."

Murphy: "She's taken a liking to me."
Ontari: "Who can blame her?"

Murphy: "Ontari's crazy, and that's coming from me."
I remember him saying something similar about Finn.

Bellamy: "You're out of your mind if you think I'm letting you do this alone."
Clarke: "This is my fault. I'm not letting anyone else die for my mistake. Okay, so just take it."
Bellamy: "You through? I don't know what happened between you and Emerson in Polis, but I do know letting him kill you here today is a stupid plan."
Hashtag friendship goals.

ALIE: "It's time to fill the City of Light."


  1. Another terrific review, Laure. :) I *loved* the horror cliches. When I realized they were doing The Hook Man but in space, I laughed and laughed. "Following the creepy music is a bad idea" was priceless.

    Sinclair's death made me sad. Alessandro Juliani was a cast member on Battlestar Galactica and was on Smallville for a long time, and I just have all this residual fondness for him as an actor.

  2. 100 does Supernatural is definately a welcome change of pace from the Game of Thrones feeling of this season especially that the result is Emerson being finally dead. On that note is banishment EVER a good idea for punishment. It's like begging for some suprise revenge along the line.

    What I'm not so happy to see is that Pike won't meet a death of 1000 cuts. With all of Polis now a following ALIE he will just be chipped and join the collective. I'm now worried about Kane and Indra who are taking the scenic route to the capital I guess. But they should have an aweosome teamup in the works soon against the AI-zombies.

    With Sinclair and Monty's mom dead I'm worried about all the other adult cast members. Are we heading into a major reduction of the cast in the finale? After all ALIE basically hijacked all the political storylines by neutering both Skaikru and the Grounders.

    Re: the funeral. Raven said the Ark goodbye to Sinclair, the rest were talking to Lincoln mostly so I guess that's why they all chose the other goodbye.


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