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Game of Thrones: Home

Tyrion: "Next time I have an idea like that, punch me in the face."

Continuing in the same way as the season premiere, this episode was disjointed but at least it was wildly satisfying. Starting with Bran and his visions of a young Ned Stark practicing swordplay with a very young Benjin. It was a bittersweet moment, capturing what is truly the beating heart of the series, family.

The Greyjoys

Beaten back by the rest of the North, Balon Greyjoy doesn't believe he has lost his play for the North. So he complains, and he yells at Yara, and pretends that Theon is dead, unwilling, or maybe unable to admit he has lost. Then he runs into his brother (I think it's his brother), and ends up dead. I know we haven't meet Euron Greyjoy before in the series, but it's clear he is going to be a player later on.

I'm not as sure about Yara's fate. It seems the Iron Islands have their own set of laws regarding succession, and it probably doesn't help that there has never been a woman on their throne. Also, it looks like Theon is finally re-emerging as at least a fragment of his former self, and is heading home. I'm very curious to find out how well he will be received. The last Yara saw him, he was locked in a cage and very lost in the persona of Reek.

The Lannisters

I'm not sure if I'm actually feeling sorry for Cersei, but damn, she's kind of pathetic right now. Sure Tommen was try to keep her safe, not that she needs protection with Mr. undead Mountain at her side, but being barred from her own daughter's funeral is pretty rough. Is it just me, or is Tommen wearing his crown like a security blanket, as if no one would respect his place under it otherwise?One thing is for sure, the Faith Militant are very scary.

Tyrion on the other hand is both incredibly brave, and very stupid... or very very smart. Unchaining the dragons was perhaps one of the coolest things he's done in a while, and that is saying something. Will he tame them? I don't know, but it would be a neat plot line. It does also prove his loyalty to Dany, because I doubt the dragons would have let him live otherwise.

The Boltons

While shocking, it was totally unsurprising that Ramsay turned on his father after learning his new wife gave birth to a son. What was even less surprising but even more shocking was how Ramsay followed up that monstrous act of patricide by killing his stepmother and little brother... by feeding them to his dogs. Yuck. Ramsay continues to be the biggest evil bastard in the seven kingdoms, and again, that is saying something.

The Starks

Watching Bran's vision was like witnessing a sad dream of a better time. Seeing Lyanna and learning Hodor's real name, I'm really curious what happened to him now. The Stark family has been shattered and scattered throughout the world. Decimated by betrayal and war, the few remaining are the strongest survivors, but are all just children in a lot of ways.

Arya's beggar situation seems to be wrapped up a bit too quickly, as if the remaining season is going to be so packed that leaving her wallowing as a beggar for more than one episode was too long. Sansa's plot didn't really move forward either, although her farewell to Theon was kind of touching. I hope her story comes full circle by the end of the series and she ends up the queen in the North.

Oh yeah, I should probably mention how the Wildlings stormed Castle Black and now Thorne has been ousted. I should mention how Davos convinced Melisandre to try and resurrect Jon, despite having lost her faith. I could talk about how the wolf looked almost dead, sleeping under Jon's body like that, maybe the great wolf would've died from heartbreak. Except he doesn't have to anymore, because Jon Snow is back.

Anyone have any opinions about that?

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Samantha M. Quinn spends most of her time in front of a computer typing away at one thing or another; when she has free time, she enjoys pretty much anything science fiction or fantasy-related.


  1. Good episode. I know some people are complaining that Jon Snow's resurrection wasn't more elaborate, but book readers have been expecting Melisandre to bring Jon back since 2011. To be frank, I'm glad it wasn't dragged out even further. Let's get on to the repercussions.

  2. Just when you think you've seen it all, just when you think watching a sweet innocent little girl burn alive is as awful as things can get, we get to watch a helpless mother and her newborn get devoured by feral dogs. Fun times! Damn, I'm surprised we didn't see a little baby hand fly at the camera. Seriously though, the writers are really digging the nail in the coffin with the whole 'How Despicable Can We Make Ramsay', at this point, I can't even look at the actor's face without cringing. JUST KILL HIM OFF ALREADY. At this point, even good ol' Joff would be like, "Bro, too much!"

    Seriously though, my boyfriend and i keep arguing over whose worse, Jofferey or Ramsay and I'm just like, Joff was an idiotic coward, a petulant child who abused all the power he had, Ramsay's just batshit crazy, and he's not afraid to get his hands dirty. I don't understand how he's gonna be able to get away with offing his entire family in the span of 20 minutes though. gAH.

    I loved everything with the dragons! They're the best! Tyrion really has faith in his own ability to charm, and I guess it's never failed him before.

    I can't believe how much time has passed since we last saw Bran! He's so much older now! His arc looks exciting. And of course, Jon Snow is alive! DuN dUn dUN!! thank god tbh, i don't think i have it in me to watch another Stark hit the bucket.

  3. I liked this episode, but I did feel like for the first time the show was getting really predictable - we all knew Jon Snow was coming back, and had guessed how, of course Ramsey was going to murder Walda and the baby (Roose was more of a surprise, but not a huge one), and everything else is just sort of plodding along. Hopefully we get to the good stuff next week!

  4. Ramsay thinks he's taking his army to overrun a few Night's Watch, and instead he's going to be facing thousands of wildlings whose leader came back from the dead (so we can expect them to be crazy fanatics). Also, "Red" foresaw doom for the Boltons, and she was batting a thousand this week with Jon Snow's resurrection and the final leech curse taking effect. Overall I would say Ramsay is a dead man. The only question is who will strike the final blow (my guess is Theon).

  5. J.D.,
    This is a really fun read. I finally caught up on the season over the weekend... I agree with your assessment about Tyrion. I liked Jon's coming back to life. I thought it was understated and powerful.


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