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Orphan Black: Human Raw Material

“You know, you can be a victim, or you can totally get to the bottom of it, you know?”

An episode of Orphan Black that had everything and somehow didn’t feel overstuffed. Maybe because they only focused on two clones instead of the usual three?

I am glad that the show fixed two problems I noted in my last review: an overly narrow focus on Sarah’s implant and a disregard of Cosima and her illness. Although I have to say, the fact that Sarah’s cheek worm was only mentioned once made a bit of an awkward transition from the last two episodes which were implant-heavy.

Cosima emerges from her weed and science cave to do some good old fashioned investigating at Bright Born. Things…well, they don’t exactly go as planned. Firstly, I can’t believe Cosima pushed on with their plan despite knowing Evie Cho could recognize her. Still, this is the same woman who stole Aldous Leekie’s wine. And of course, she couldn’t have known that Susan Duncan was there too, or that Krystal would show up.

Oh, Krystal. How much do I love Krystal? I love that she, alone and totally ignorant of her cloneage managed to figure out Bright Born and their connection to Dyad. I love that she is so proactive in dealing with all this shit despite her not knowing what the heck is going on. But, let’s be honest, is her theory about experimenting on people through cosmetics really crazier than HUMAN CLONES? (Answer: no, no it is not.) She is learning self defense and is smart enough to use a fake name with Bright Born but still utterly unable to keep her mouth shut to anyone and everyone, including supposed Bright Born employees like Ronnie.

I am really disappointed in Felix. He’s mad at Sarah and he has the right to be mad at Sarah. What he doesn’t have the right to do is bring Adele to Mrs. S’s safe house, operative word: safe. What was he thinking? Scratch that, it’s obvious he wasn’t. Even Mrs. S balked at this one. And I can understand how he would feel violated by Sarah performing a DNA test on him and Adele but it was a logical action to take, especially after seeing that the company Felix used to find Adele was related to Bright Born. I am glad, for Felix’s sake, that Adele is his real sister and not a Neolutionist plant, but oh god, Sarah’s face when she found out.

Keeping Up with Clone Club

Art is being questioned about the Hendrixes drug operation. Oops. Helena has indeed left, stealing Alison and Donnie’s camping equipment as she went. I am reassured by her text to Sarah and the fact that she has taken care of herself. Are we ever going to find out what happened to Mark and Gracie?

Neolutionist Bits and Proleathean Pieces

Kira is some sort of clone empath? What??

Something tells me Gene Connexion (“everyone’s doing it”) is going to be important.

Did Ira intentionally position himself in Krystal’s field of vision?

Ira and Susan might be the grossest relationship ever.

Clone Quotes

Kira: “Is this like Uncle Felix’s mural?”
Sarah: “Don’t tell Felix, but I like this much better.”

Donnie: “You can’t come in and just change my character!”
 I’d say all of those years living with Alison is finally getting to him.

Donnie: “I’m gay, but I’m not, like, super gay, so maybe don’t play the lesbian angle too much?”
Cosima: “I just gonna let that one slide.”

Kira: “What’s a Republican?”
Adele: “Oh, sweetheart, let’s not give you nightmares.”

three and a half out of four scary babies

sunbunny, who is probably not played by Tatiana Maslany


  1. Just because Adele is Felix' s real half-sister doesn't mean that she isn't a weasel. She may have been recruited to spy on the clones. She has a drug habit and that can get expensive. I don't trust her and she is pulling Felix away from our heroines. I miss supportive, unflappable Felix. Krystal is pretty interesting. There is a brain underneath all that blonde hair, she just needs to use it a little more. Those poor moms and babies. So sad.

  2. I'll just point out that we never actually hear what Scott says to Sarah on the phone about that DNA test, and I, at least, can interpret her reaction in two different ways.


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