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Orphan Black: The Redesign of Natural Objects

“Sweet baby Jesus.”

The squeeze is on.

This episode didn’t thrill me. There was tons of set up for season-end antics but it felt drier than usual. The only part of the episode I really enjoyed was the Hendrixes.

Turns out, Duko had Donnie arrested to try and blackmail Alison into giving him Sarah’s location. That seems like a really stupid idea to me. Like, couldn’t he have just followed Alison around for a few days until she inevitably met up with one of her sisters? But instead he was going to get Donnie arrested and stuck in jail for a weekend, positioned near a Neolutionist thug armed with a shiv and a cell phone. That just seems like so much extra work.

The whole thing leads up to a tense action sequence set to “Superstar” from Jesus Christ Superstar with Alison cast as Judas to Sarah Stubbs’ Jesus. Fortunately for our Sarah, Alison proves to be a more reliable ally than her biblical counterpart. I’m not entirely sure when Alison, Felix, and the rest had time to set up their double cross on Duko but it was satisfying. Of course Alison wouldn’t betray Sarah and of course she wouldn’t leave Donnie to be murdered in prison. Still, it wasn’t a relaxing few minutes. I loved Alison’s face after Felix told her Donnie was safe.

The other big thing that happened this week: Siobhan got her revenge. Orphan Black’s never shied away from allowing their characters to have flaws but is making the mother hen of the group a cold blooded murderer going too far? The other people she’s killed she’s killed to protect Sarah and Kira but was Duko really still a threat?

Keeping Up With Clone Club

Adele is acting as Donnie’s lawyer and has been told that Alison is Sarah’s twin sister. I’m sure this is setting up some fun wackiness for the next two weeks. Or at least I hope. Cosima and Susan are working together to fertilize Sarah’s eggs with her brother’s sperm for science reasons. Biology wasn’t my best subject. The show says there are reasons I believe them. MK has reentered the scene because she is now showing symptoms of Clone-itis. No word on Helena. Still.

Neolutionist Bits and Prolethean Pieces

I can’t believe Alison chose now to put on a musical revue. Really? REALLY?

The swan in Rachel’s eye now has an old man friend. What a weird sentence. Also, it had its head cut off. What the heck is going on?

Clone Quotes

Cosima: “We both made it back from the dark side.”

MK: “How’s your illness?”
Cosima: “Um, you know, incurable. So, that sucks.”

Adele: “You look just like her except with less anger and more hygiene.”

Rachel: “Perhaps I should take up carpentry. I can build us all coffins.”

Cosima: “Yo, Rachel.”
Rachel: “Yo.”

three out of four Jesus Christ Superstars
sunbunny is probably not played by Tatiana Maslany


  1. Besides the fun of Alison plus community theatre, it feels like this season took a wrong turn somewhere from it's promising beginning. Hope things get more interesting after Helena shows up again. I don't enjoy prison story arcs, "Justified" ruined it's 5th season by keeping Ava in jail too long. Having the characters detained by law enforcement isn't as fun as the plots with Dr. Leeky or the Casters. Even the weird cult leader, Gracie's father, was more interesting.

  2. I seem to have enjoyed this one a bit more than everybody else. Yes, it seems like it shouldn't be that hard to locate Sarah. It seems as if an uber-powerful corporation that can infiltrate police forces at will ought to have known where Sarah's hideout was for years, but I'll let it pass as a story element like MK's magical hacking. Besides having leverage on the Hendrix's could potentially be used for more than just finding Sarah.

    I thought the episode was tense throughout, and while no normal person would be performing in a musical at a time like that, it struck me as perfectly in character for Alison. As to Siobhan, well, everybody has their breaking point. I remember thinking that the end of episode 6 left the clone club with so little hope for and so much to want payback for that no truce with Cho/Duko could ever hold. The surprise for me was Art as a willing accessory but I guess he wanted payback for Beth.


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