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iZombie: Love & Basketball

“I’m gonna remind you of something, son. Something you already know.”

After ingesting the brain of a man who always knew the right words to say to get people motivated, Liv was able to dish out some hard but galvanizing truths to Major in order to help him get out of his rut. Although, one might argue that she might not have been so gung ho about helping the man if she knew what he was involved with elsewhere.

The brain of Mike Hayden, a security guard slash basketball coach who was the victim of a wrong place wrong time attempt to clean up another crime, was the catalyst Liv needed in order to help a down and out Major. After showing up at her door last week for help, the secret zombie hunter was still unable to divulge to Liv just what was going on to bring him to such a low. Normally it would have been difficult to pull him back up, but Mike helped Liv to remind Major, and herself, exactly why he’s such a good guy. He isn’t a self pitying victim; he gets back up at every hurdle and does whatever he can to help those around him.

Hopefully the rousing speech was enough to convince Major to start fighting back. He already made strides in the right direction after showing Gilda the door. Although ending things with the undercover roommate doesn’t exactly excuse him for getting with her in the first place. Baby steps though, right?

Elsewhere, Ravi had a violent but hilarious encounter with Blaine, who was desperate to get his hands on the tainted utopium. Sadly, their morgue brawl ended with Ravi doing the only thing he could to stop the tainted utopium from falling into Blaine's hands; he destroyed it and along with it, any hope of making another potential cure. The current batch wasn’t exactly fit for purpose, something newly turned Gabriel found out the hard way after he injected himself and met his end pretty quickly.


I almost felt sorry for Gilda when Liv was talking about getting back together with Major... almost.

Blaine’s The Cure rendition. I have no words.

Clive’s Meatcute investigation is leading him closer to the truth about zombies. Suzuki’s widow showed him the brains her husband had been storing in their fridge.

He Said, She Said

Liv: “You’re Major mother flipping Lilywhite, and you don’t quit.”

Gilda: “There are statistical probabilities attached to each of the potential zombies we've given you, and the likelihood of these eight names all coming back negative is... low.”
Major: “Never tell me the odds.”

Though Major himself is starting to become more like the guy we used to know, he’s still heading down a pretty dark path. Max Rager’s manipulation is proving to be extremely powerful, and it’s looking like things will get a lot worse for Major if he doesn’t find a way out from under their thumb, and fast. Either way, the series is making the most of this tense situation, and I'm really enjoying how it's been unfolding so far.

4 out of 5 rousing speeches

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