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Farscape: Green Eyed Monster

And now, on Farscape...

We begin on Talyn where John is not having a very good time.

He’s being harassed by DRDs, his showers are cold, and someone or something keeps stealing his stuff. Meanwhile, Aeryn is listening to some cringe-worthy flattery from Crais, as he hovers over her in Command.

There is a very large and hungry Budong that gives this episode its drama, but the best part of this story is how hard Aeryn and John are trying to understand and connect with each other. They are not having an easy time of it, as Crais really seems to want Aeryn to have a neural link implanted in the back of her neck so that she can help control Talyn who is really being a brat in this episode. Crichton, of course, is not a fan of this idea; he thinks that Crais and Aeryn are trying to form a creepy little Peacekeeper family. It is sad to watch John feel like the odd man out, and get everything wrong, so that even when Aeryn tries to be patient with him, it ends up with them still misunderstanding what the other was really trying to say. There are a couple of melancholy shots of John walking down long corridors alone, hanging his head.

To make things more awkward, Talyn created a fake vid of Aeryn and Crais discussing “take what you want, I won’t stop you,” while unzipping their spacesuits because the air-conditioning is off and they were getting a little sweaty. Add some blurry naked shots, and John is also steamed, though not in a good way.

The scenes of Stark and Rygel on the shuttle pod involve a lot of vomit and fighting with each other, which may have been amusing, if you like that sort of thing. I did like Stark coming up with the solution to the Budong problem while examining some stray spewage.

There are quite a few lovely scenes throughout, and one of the good ones is when Aeryn had to show Talyn “what it means to need somebody,” so that Talyn wouldn’t leave John behind. The best scene, though, is at the end when John tells Aeryn that he always names the biggest star in the sky after her, that it is always in the center of his chart, that she is his one constant. John is really quite smooth with the ladies, I must say.

My favorite part of all is what Aeryn says to John before the stargazing: Aeryn: “I had this life and I liked it, it had rules, I followed the rules and that made everything right. Then you came along and you frell everything up… You are like a plague, John Crichton, and you have ruined my life, and yet I keep coming back.” Pause for tears, Aeryn’s and mine, “You could talk now.”

Space Oddities:

This episode was written by Ben Browder (Crichton) and I think he did a very good job.

Paraphrasing Supernatural: Take a sub-step back there, Creepy Crais. He was macking on Aeryn the whole time.

During the first part of this adventure, I kept feeling seasick as the camera kept tilting and waving.

Aeryn and John have nice new form fitting space suits.

I wonder if Aeryn thought about the other John back on Moya. I guess that she is choosing this John as her Crichton, now. I’m sure the other one won’t have a problem with that at all. Yeah, right.

I know I’m picking on Crais a lot, and I’m sorry, but he did scream like a girl when Talyn was torturing him for not doing what Talyn wanted.

There was a very funny scene where John and Aeryn discussed “Drannets,” which John was definitely being. I assume they are the green eyed monster of the title.

Fun Farscape Fact: A Budong is the largest space creature in their universe. When a Budong has died, they can be mined for their bones. Crichton and crew visited such a mining operation in season two.

Cosmic Quotes:

John: “I must be smarter than I look.”
Aeryn: “That would be easy.”

John: “It’s new, it’s improved! It’s the Finger of Friendship, $19.95! But wait, kids, there’s more!”

John: “I think weather changes and we just keep making the same mistakes.”

Aeryn: “Talyn just spaced John.”

John: “I’m not your boyfriend, I’m not your husband, you do what you want.”

This was a wonderful episode, if you watch this show for the developing relationship between John and Aeryn, like I do. I think that the point of this episode was to show that Aeryn still does feel the pull of the Peacekeeper life, but her connection to John is getting stronger now.

Four out of five Fingers of Friendships.

Mallena loves her DVR, almost anything in the sci-fi, fantasy, and supernatural genres, and her family. Well, maybe not in that exact order.

1 comment:

  1. I cant believe no one else has commented on this episode. It is one of my favourites and so fitting that the episode that see Aeryn finally chooses to be with John was written by Ben Browder.

    Direction was also great in this one, we still cant trust Crais but Talyn takes on his own sinister persona, such a different feel to the loving feeling of Moya.

    The green eyed monster is of course a Shakespeare reference to the jealousy felt by the triangle of Crichton, Crais and Talyn.

    Im not really a fan of Stark but he did come up with the idea that saved the day.

    Poor Crichton doesnt have a room of his just a bunk in a hallway where DRDs work over him constantly, cold showers, restricted access etc. You can see his heart break at the albeit fake vid revelation that Aeryn has been recreating with Crais and at the end when he says he is not her boyfriend or husband (you know he wants to be both).

    Mallena your favourite lines are also mine.

    This episode sees Aeryn sort through her inner conflicts and acknowledge that although leaving peacekeeper life was not her choice and John has infiltrated her life and her heart like a plague she now indeed doesnt want to be without him.

    John's recovery from rejected lover to telling Aeryn she is the centre of his universe was very smooth.

    Only bit i didnt like was final kiss being obscured by relfection of the galaxy in the window.


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