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This Week in Cats: October 16, 2016

Socks Clinton
Hillary Clinton: “We have a job to do. It'll be good for people and for cats.”

At a campaign rally in San Francisco this week, Hillary Clinton described what many of us are surely feeling about the current political situation in the US: “It makes you want to turn off the news. It makes you want to unplug the Internet or just look at cat GIFs. Believe me, I get it. In the last few weeks I've watched a lot of cats do a lot of weird and interesting things.”

Riding the wave of cat-induced happiness, Hillary’s communications director Jess McIntosh solicited more cat gifs from the kindly folks who live in the Twitterverse. The result has been delightful: there are now even more cat gifs and videos on the internet! (The sentient AI from “Cat Pictures Please” must be so happy.)

CNN used cat gifs to explain the election cycle in all of its madness.

Vox.com highlighted some of the best of Twitter’s response to McIntosh, including this adorable one:

…and this one, which made me laugh so loudly I scared Sam T. Cat:

Somewhere in the myriad links that my search for cat gifs resulted in, I also came across this fun compilation. Some of the cats stumble, some of them fall, but in the end they are victorious despite adverse odds and some tricky humans. We can only hope that America will be as lucky:

This Week in Cats is a weekly (more or less) post about all things cat-related. The nature of what “related” means in this context will be determined by Sam T. Cat and his plucky sidekick, Josie Kafka. The nature of what “cat” means is unknowable to human brains; all we can do is read, hope for enlightenment, and provide more boxes for them to play with.


  1. I shouldn't laugh that hard before my first cup of coffee.

  2. I can be beat that! How about laughing that hard during my cup of coffee!!! That cat with the flower was priceless!!! Hysterical!!!


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