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Farscape: Thanks For Sharing

And now, on Farscape...

We have an interesting take on that age old question.

Is two better than one?

There are now two humans that claim to be the real John Crichton. I’m not sure how you copy a soul, but that is another discussion. It’s now double the trouble for Aeryn, who is not amused, and neither is John One nor John Two, but I’m loving this new development.

That we now have two Crichtons is a fairly fun plot device. I’m pretty sure the writers came up with it as a way to have their cake and eat it too. We all know that John and Aeryn are destined to be in an epic love affair, because this show is not just a science fiction action show. It is Space Opera, in all the best possible ways. Besides, we can’t have those crazy kids get together and stay together for all time, that would be boring. So now we have a John and a spare which serves as an automatic redo button if things get too dicey. It won’t ever be that simple or easy, of course, because this is Farscape, and we need to see mayhem and tragedy.

Meanwhile, things are not going well for our little ship Talyn. He’s been damaged along with Comatose Crais, so most of the plot of this episode deals with our gang trying to buy medicine on a nearby planet to heal Talyn. There’s a weird ruling family with a power struggle going on, apparently, but this part of this show I found to be pretty dull. Just sell them the medicine, people, what’s your problem?

Of course there is a problem and hijincks ensue. There is also a lobster/squid thing in a tank that is a lie detector. Anyways, enough of that weirdness, they get the meds.

During the fun on the planet, Aeryn is with Coma Crais on Talyn. After Crais decides to wake up, there is a sweet scene with Aeryn regarding her dear old Mum, but also some weird hand fondling that Crais is inflicting on Aeryn. Crais as a character is amusing at times, but I wish he would stop touching Aeryn and looking at her that way, it’s creeping me out.

On Moya, Green shirt John graciously volunteers his blood to his twin who was hurt on the planet because he just can’t let the other him die, now can he? It is way too early in the twinsy plot, so of course not.

In the end, Talyn and Moya starburst away in different directions. We then have Rygel, Stark, Aeryn, Vest John, and Crais on Talyn, with D’Argo, Chiana, Green Shirt John, Jool, and of course, Pilot on Moya. Did I forget anybody? No matter. Also tagging along for the ride in hot pursuit, is Aeryn’s Mom. She is going to create some good havoc for our gang; it’s easy to tell that already.

This was a fairly good episode; it had some funny moments and some nice set up for the future. The Planet Wherever Family Bickering was a snooze and Fluffy and the rest of the gang had little to do, but still an intriguing hour. Having one of the members of the crew get hurt, that always adds some extra drama.

Space Oddities:

There is an amusing scene where Green Shirt John had Jool take a skin sample from him to test it to see if he was the “real” Crichton. She wanted skin from a solar shielded area, aka his backside, but John tried to get her to take it from his shoulder. Jool won that one.

Vest John and Green Shirt John were not happy with each other. I guess I can see why. I wouldn’t want a duplicate of me to suddenly move into my house, touch my things, and act like they were me.

Poor Green Shirt John; Vest John took his notebook, his gun Winona, and Aeryn away from him. That’s very sad.

Aeryn got all misty-eyed when she saw the holo of her Mum coming to visit her in her crèche as a child. I think I have something in my eye, too.

Here is today’s John and Aeryn Relationship Weather Report: Very foggy. Clearing possible, later.  (I know there is no weather in space, just go with it).

John is such a poet: “Cross my heart, smack me dead, stick a lobster on my head. Let’s get to the chase, stick this critter on my face.” Ha!

Aeryn’s Hair Style Report: It’s a good one, the Battle Pony.

Cosmic Quotes:

D’Argo: "At least he is out of your nose."
John: "Hair."
D’Argo: "That is what I meant; at least he is out of your nose hair."

Crais: "You don’t believe me, do you?"
John: "Only because I know you."

Jool: "Remove your lower garments and face away from me."
John: "What the hell for?"

John: "Twins don’t come out fully formed, sharing the same life, this sucks."

This episode was mostly set up for the fun ahead, but pretty good.

Three out of five Space Lobster Squids.

Mallena loves her DVR, her Pug, everything in the sci-fi, fantasy, and supernatural genre, and her family.  Well, maybe not in that exact order.


  1. Welcome to the crew and thanks for the review ;-) Happy to have you on the team!

  2. What Thomas said. Welcome to the site, Mallena!

  3. Thanks, guys. Farscape is one of those shows that really deserves it's cult status. I don't want it to be forgotten and I just had to do these reviews. I've been an avid reader since I picked up my first Dr. Seuss book, but I'm a new writer, so I hope I can give this show the reviews it deserves.

  4. Great review, and welcome on board. This season is probably the most fractured, but also the most dramatic. Looking forward to reading your reviews!

  5. This episode is all about the set up of what is to come with our two Crichton's having different journeys, with some great scenes to get us there, even though main plot wasnt super engaging.

    We finally get to see Jool do something other than scream, its been hard to like anything about her until now. Importantly she confirms there is no real Crichton.

    Green T-shirt Crichton's delivery of ‘Cross my heart, smack me dead, stick a lobster on my head.’ epitomizes Farscape humour and John's innate ability to inject humour into the most ridiculous alien situations.

    The surveillance video of Aeryn's mum visiting her as a child confirms what she had previously shared with John and also interesting insight into her childhood. Not liking Crais' creepy interest in Aeryn, and look on Crais' face when he realised Aeryn had brought Black T-shirt Crichton on board was priceless.

    In the end Green T-shirt Crichton saves Black T-Shirt with his blood and then loses out on the opportunity to be with Aeryn short term, but i do not feel he is the lesser Crichton he just got the raw end of the deal for now.


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