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iZombie: Abra Cadaver

“Did you eat Edgar Allan Poe?”

While the previous two episodes focused on two major cases that tied intimately with this season’s major arcs, ‘Abra Cadaver’ takes a step back from that, and has a little more fun with something a little less serious.

There are nerdy magic tricks galore here, as Liv and Clive investigate a murder at Prestofest, a magic conference where this week’s victim wasn’t very well liked. There isn’t a whole lot of story where this murder mystery is concerned, with the better parts of the episode focusing on how well these characters interact in such hyper realistic circumstances. I loved how much Ravi was into the entire situation; “This is the best brain ever.” Also worth noting, he’s a member of the Prestofest mailing list. Not surprising. Clive on the other hand, not so much.

While most of the episode’s runtime is spent running around a hotel chasing after weekend wizards and magical wannabes, there’re still more serious matters taking place elsewhere, with Blaine coming to Liv for an assist in stopping the recent string of zombie murders.

I really like how these two play off each other, each with their own ideas of how to go about stopping these killings. Blaine wants to go for the rash option, killing whoever it is. Even his solutions to the smaller things, like finding the lab report showing the brain at Meat Cute is a human one at Bozzio’s home, is the quicker, easier option; just brush it under the rug. Thankfully Liv is a little more careful. Doctoring the document to say it was a cow brain will hopefully slow down Bozzio’s investigation for a while. She must have serious patience to complete said doctoring on MS word, too.

As for Liv and Major, differing views of Liv’s situation are starting to affect them more than they hoped it would. Liv may assume his aversion to her weird zombie ways is the one thing that’s making him back off, but she’s still not aware of his role in the zombie slayings. Well, maybe he was a little weirded out after walking in on her Ouija session. How long more will these two be star crossed for?


Ravi pulled the plug on his one sided relationship with Stephanie. I’m guessing the sparks flying between him and Peyton mean that there’s a decent chance they may rekindle their romance.

Who was that woman dropping a package through Clive’s door?

He Said, She Said

Blaine: “I’m acquired taste, like gazpacho or that free U2 album.”

Liv: “You killed the fourth man who walked on the moon?”
Blaine: “Please, nobody cares about the fourth person to do something. “

Liv: “It's like, I'm always Britney, but sometimes I'm 'Hit Me Baby One More Time' Britney, and sometimes I'm... shaved head, smashing car windows Britney.”

‘Abra Cadaver’ wasn’t as intricately plotted as the last few weeks, but iZombie always manages to have fun with the more downbeat mystery episodes and still make an impact, with the major arcs still moving forward in the background.

3.5 out of 5 sharpened playing cards

Originally posted at PandaTV.

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  1. Just finished rewatching the second season and ugh Major is just the worst. He is just incapable of accepting Liv for who she is and who she eats. She had zombieism forced upon her and she's trying her darnedest to make the best of the situation and Major just does not get it at all. The sooner these two break up, the better.


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