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iZombie: The Hurt Stalker

“Crazier than an outhouse rat.”

At this point in the game, iZombie has mastered the art of using its weekly personalities to drive home its more prominent themes. This week, Liv's suspicions about Major are amplified as a paranoid stalker does most of the talking. The writers cleverly tie these delusions into some legitimate concerns about Major's lack of honesty, and how it's affecting his relationship with Liv. The results are quite interesting, and lead to a few painful moments for both of them.

A lot of Liv's erratic behavior this week is driven by Clive's ex Regina and her stalker-ish tendencies, but there's no denying that the realities of what's happening between Liv and Major only made it easier for Liv's insanity to tear them further apart. Since they can't be intimate anymore, there's already something missing. Not to mention the massive secret Major's been hiding from Liv about what he's been doing for Max Rager and what happened between him and Gilda/Rita.

The writers cleverly craft the hour around these personal grievances between them, ultimately leading to some irreparable damage to their relationship. Maybe Liv crossed a line by rifling through her Major's belongings, but he's probably the one with the most to explain, now that she's learned about his secret fling.

It's the Liv/Major drama that drives the majority of 'The Hurt Stalker', but Clive's ties to Regina give us a brief, but cute glimpse at the typically stoic detective. I'm always up for learning a lot more about Clive's past, since he's the most reserved of the cast. There isn't a whole lot of substance revealed here, though we do find out about his love for Game of Thrones and his cooking abilities.


Ravi should probably have a brain smoothie ready to go for whenever Liv ends up on a brain that gets her into tight spots.

Speaking of tight spots, Liv's jail time was a highlight. The show should dive into some more dark scenarios like this in the future. It's surprising she hasn't gotten into a situation like this before.

He Said, She Said

Rita: “What are you doing?”
Liv: “Making a list of all the women who comment or post on Major's Facebook entries.”

Rita: “What? Who is this? Where's Dr. Erving?”
Vaughn: “Oh, lab accident. Dr. Lockett's getting his big break. “
Rita: “They're like drummers for Spinal Tap.”

There’s a lot to be said for how easily iZombie uses these weekly brains as a lightning rod for personal drama amongst the regular cast. It's indicative of a show that's being produced by individuals who have incredible knowledge and passion for both the characters they've created and the intricacies of this elaborate sci-fi world that they've built.

4 out of 5 stalker brain smoothies.

Originally posted at PandaTV.

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