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Lucifer: Sin-Eater

“Do not touch the charred crotch.”

Lucifer and Chloe hunt down the Punisher, and sadly I’m not talking about Shane from The Walking Dead.

Intentionally, or simply coincidentally depending on which character you’d ask, Lucifer’s CotW centres around an unsub who wants to punish his victims, which naturally annoys Lucifer as that is his jam. We already dealt with what happened when someone pretended to be the human form of Lucifer in the first season, with the guy who I realised I had seen on The Secret Life of the American Teenager once or twice, took on the identity of the party-throwing, club-owning lothario version of Lucifer. This week’s unsub is taking on the identity of Lucifer’s real form, whether he knew it or not.

There were so many red herrings thrown at us this week that for once, it was nice to not realise who the killer was from the get go. I wasn't expecting it to be who it was, but once it was revealed, it immediately became clear. I would crack after seeing so many awful things day in and day out, but I don't think I would have gone to the same extent as Ray the HR guy. The conversation between Lucifer and Ray, with Lucifer curious as to why someone would punish people (other than himself), and not believing Ray's sob story about not being able to handle it, followed by the twist at the end was one of the highlights of the episode, and I can't believe I'm saying this, but I really liked this week's case? Huh.

The other thing I really liked about the CotW was that I’m really liking the scenes between Lucifer and Chloe. Lucifer appears to have toned down his need to get in Chloe’s knickers, which has allowed for the both of them to have conversations that progress their relationship on both a professional and personal level. These are the scenes that I like.

One of the things that I really enjoy and is making the CotW format bearable are the scenes with Ella. It only took three episodes, but she’s easily becoming one of my favourite characters, especially in her interactions with Lucifer. He clearly has no idea what to think of her, but they obviously bonded over coming up with names for the first victim. I still think there is something about Ella that is going to become important over the remainder of the season, but as long as we get to keep her, she can be the next Big Bad and I’ll still be a fan.

Speaking of other characters who are becoming some of my favourites, for the foreseeable future, I’m going to call Lucifer’s mother “Charlotte,” mostly for my own sanity and also to make these reviews a little clearer and easier to understand. (Jumping around between calling Helfer’s character “Mum,” and “Charlotte,” was giving me a bit of a headache.) Charlotte seems to be giving Lucifer a bit of a headache as she tries to understand and adjust to human life here on Earth (and a slight case of blue balls, considering she interrupted Lucifer pouring candle wax on the girl with the enviable bra-and-knickers set). She also wants to go see Amenadiel, which Lucifer thinks is a Bad Idea. Amenadiel is having his own bad time, but we will touch on that later.

I was glad that they mentioned the fact that the actual Charlotte still had a husband and kids who had no idea what had happened to her. Considering how Charlotte was acting this week, I don’t doubt that this will have ramifications later in the season. Lucifer still wants to send Charlotte back to Hell, while Charlotte just wants to reconcile with her sons and understand why Lucifer is so attached to this life and his day job as a civilian consultant for the LAPD. Lucifer having to continually explain with various amounts of horror that Charlotte is not the latest in a line of flings, but only once mentioning that she’s in fact his mother is amusing, but will most likely get somewhat tiresome episode after episode. The show really doesn’t seem to mind putting Helfer in skimpy clothing, do they?

I haven’t hidden my love for the character of Dan, especially when it comes to his relationships with Chloe and Trixie; however, I would really like to see more of him being less of the straight man in most scenes, while Lucifer and even Chloe are relatively loose in comparison when it comes to the rules. I was really pleased to see that it was Dan that initiated the talk regarding getting a divorce, rather than it being Chloe. Having Chloe bring it up would have felt like the writers were just kicking Dan while he was down, considering everything they put him through in the first season. One thing I ask for is that even if the Chloe/Dan ship is currently sinking in the harbour, we can still get some co-parenting scenes between the two of them as they deal with Trixie inevitably acting out for the remainder of the season. The Dan and Trixie scenes were adorable as usual this week, so I have that as a consolation to my ship sinking.

Thank you, Lucifer writers, for allowing Dr Martin to leave the confines of her office and into Lux for a girl’s night with Mazikeen. Even if she is still working while downing martinis with the reforming torturer from Hell, it’s nice to see a different side to her. She’s continuing to help Maze accept and understand that she’ll be here on Earth indefinitely, and I think all Maze really needs is a good friend to talk to who isn’t her boss, a divine being or someone from her past.

Poor Amenadiel; he’s continuing to molt like my cat after winter, and drinking bottle after bottle of red wine while his powers slowly diminish even further. I really wish he had told Maze about what was going on, rather than go along with Maze’s belief that he’s simply rebounding after they broke up. Out of all the supernatural beings on this show, I honestly think that Maze would be the most understanding. Or perhaps Charlotte would; that scene when he realises that Charlotte is his mother and she tells him that he can take her back to Hell actually hurt my heart a bit. Woodside and Helfer were brilliant together, and I am really hoping for more scenes between the two of them. Would Amenadiel go against his father and help his mother?

And finally, Lucifer sentenced his mother to spend the rest of her life in the body of Charlotte Richards as punishment for everything she's done. Even if she made a bit of a scene after the sentencing, I don't think it's going to bother her all too much in the end. Charlotte's powers kicked in the moment that mugger assaulted her, and her whispered "Finally," only makes me think that she's got a long con in play and it's going to involve both Lucifer and Amenadiel for it to come to fruition. Is Charlotte going to wind up trying to kill God? Or perhaps I'm just overthinking things and Charlotte had no idea that she would get her powers back and they only kicked in because she was under attack. Questions, questions.

Bits and pieces

If Trixie is in the habit of mutilating her dolls in order to have Chloe or Dan buy her a new and improved doll, how is she going to react when she finds out they’re getting a divorce?

Shout-out to whoever chooses the music for Lucifer really needs an award. The music is possibly one of my favourite parts of each episode.

Candle wax foreplay :\

Have they changed Chloe’s make up or just toned down her eyebrows?


Charlotte: Remember, I'm still getting used to this earthly skin sack.
Lucifer: Yes. Yes. You used to be a goddess, I know, but things are different now.

Lucifer: I've heard of hot pants, but this really brings new meaning to fire crotch.

Lucifer: Have you ever considered I might enjoy exploring humanity?
Charlotte: They eat, darling. All they do is eat. And, then afterward the food comes out changed. And, not for the better.

Dan: We're no good for Trixie if we're no good for each other.

Charlotte: [Amenadiel and I] may have had our differences-
Lucifer: He literally carried you to Hell.

Four out of five charred crotches.

Morgan India, who no longer wishes she could be Trixie and instead wishes she could be Tricia Helfer.


  1. I knew it would be Ray, the HR guy as soon as he didn't have that much to do. I mean... this was Lester--from Jeffster "fame"! It had to be him because his presence was downplayed

  2. Heather1, Ray was Lester!? I feel so silly for not recognising him now. Damn, Lester.

  3. He did look a little different but yeah that was him

  4. I knew it was Ray simply because, well, there was no other reason to introduce him. At all. Lila could just showed the videos herself, she is certainly more tech-savvy than some PR guy. I didn't recognize the "ster" from "Jeffster", though.

    Back to important parts. I'm really annoyed with Helfer. Charlotte is the single character in this show that I don't enjoy; in fact, her every appearence makes me cringe. I don't know, maybe it's partially because of all this skimpy dresses and her being really, REALLY not my type, but every time I see her there I wish I haven't.


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