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Arrow: Vigilante

Quentin: "Thanks, for everything."
Thea: "Thank me by getting better."

There was a lot to like in this episode, which dealt with the constant back and forth of relationships.

For me the highlight of the episode was Rene showing some genuine friendship and sympathy towards Diggle. Their bond was established when Diggle helped him deal with being tortured, and now it looks as though it is growing into a real friendship with trust and lasting ties. It's good for both characters: for Diggle it gives him a plotline that has some emotional relevance, and for Rene it humanizes him so he isn't just Wild Dog. It helps that they are giving Rene some of the best lines, too.

I'm not quite so sure about Oliver's burgeoning relationship with Susan. I don't know where her motivations lie, and that picture of Oliver in Russia she has squirreled away is either going to hurt Oliver or it's going to force them to break up down the line. I think they kind of do work as a couple, since there is some natural chemistry between them. But I hate the way Oliver and Felicity barely interact anymore. Why did the writers bring the most popular couple on the show together, only to break them up artificially and then ruin their core friendship that anchored the series?

The other big highlight was the stuff with Thea and Quentin, and at first I wasn't entirely sold on the idea that Quentin was a hapless pawn in Prometheus's plan. But with Artemis being a traitor, and the one who injured Prometheus in the first place, it makes sense Quentin is being set up. Speaking of Evelyn, she's always been a bit shifty and mistrustful of the group. That distrust has either led her to Prometheus, or she was always a plant. Either way, she's now a bad guy.

As far as the A plot goes, I feel we've seen someone like Vigilante before. He is a reflection of the person Oliver used to be, but at the same time Oliver was never that crazy. Also, I have a distinct feeling he is the District Attorney. There was some interesting actions scenes involving him, and seeing the group work together was fun. Actually, the addition of several new heroes hasn't been a bad thing at all. It fits the phase our main characters have moved into, seasoned mentors with experience and patience on their side. Having these new guys means there's a nice balance to the show.


More incremental movement in the Flashbacks, but like all the rest there was some meaningful interactions. We got to really meet Konstantin Kovar, and we realize he is just the same as the rest of the criminals Oliver usually fights, but his obvious intelligence means he does things in a slightly different way. Like using Tiana's mother as a way of trying to defuse Oliver's need for revenge. To top it all off Kovar is now partners with the Bratva, making everything all the more complicated.


It's such a strange little detail that Diggle's child is now a boy. I have no idea why this was done except to show some consequences for what the Flash did in Flashpoint ripple through the shows.

I didn't realize that Diggle is staying in the abandoned H.I.V.E. complex. It makes sense as a secret place for Diggle to hide, but it's also kind of creepy at the same time.

I'm not sure why everyone loved those face masks the robbers were using, but they were kind of cool looking.

I still haven't figured out who Prometheus is, but he has to be someone we've already seen or else hiding his identity makes no sense.

While a solid episode for both emotion and action, it does feel a bit like the show has tread this ground before.

3 out of 4 Traitors in the Arrow Cave

Samantha M. Quinn spends most of her time in front of a computer typing away at one thing or another; when she has free time, she enjoys pretty much anything science fiction or fantasy-related.


  1. I really like how season 5 is going. At this risk of being a contrarian, I'm glad the writers broke up Olicity. I like Felicity. I like Oliver (most of the time). I initially liked Olicity. But when the writers started treating the relationship like MOAR COWBELL, it got old quickly. I liked Felicity because she was strong, smart, and quippy, but as Olicity, she became a weepy, whiny damsel in distress. I hated it. Late season 4 Olicity had more manufactured drama than your average day time soap with amnesiac evil twins. I love that they've made them platonic and they aren't mooning over each other. If they can get them back together and have them act like early season 4 Olicity, I wouldn't mind.

    I also like what they're doing with Speedy and Lance even though I don't really know where Lance's arc is headed. I've always thought Paul Blackthorne does an amazing job with his part. He has great chemistry with whomever they pair him.

    In the comics Vigilante is the DA, but Arrow doesn't always stick with the comics. But much like the timing of the return of Oliver Queen and the appearance of the Hood, you'd have to question Adrian Chase's intro and the appearance of Vigilante if they aren't the same person.

    I'm loving the mystery of Prometheus. I genuinely don't know who it is and I love that Arrow is surprising me without holding the specter of someone's pending death over my head. I like the fandom theory of it being Tommy Merlin even if Collin McDonell is filming in Chicago. They recasted Laurel between seasons 1 and 2, why not a dead character come back to life (under than the fact that the fandom would have a baby cow, LOL!)

    I never cottoned to Evelyn and I thought I was just being bitchy towards a new female character (a la the Supernatural fandom), but now that she's been revealed as secretly evil I feel that my judgment was vindicated and proves I have good discernment. It actually makes me a little sad because I was >< this close to actually liking her. Not as much as Green Arrow, Spartan, Wild Dog, Rag Man or Mr. Terrific, but a close 6th. :) Now I'm curious if Prometheus is either one of her relatives or Rory's. Or maybe one of Damien Darkh's?

    Love your write up of the episode!

    1. They didn't recast Laurel - she just got plastic surgery and looks completely different. At first I thought they recast her as well. But as the seasons progress, she starts to look more like her season 1 self - probably due to the chin implants mellowing out and not having such a sharp jaw.

  2. Wow. That is a drastic difference. I knew Cassidy from Supernatural and I recognized her post-surgery easily, but I binge watched both Supernatural and the first 3 seasons of Arrow, so I didn't see the changes in real time. Even after you said it, checking imdb, and looking at pictures, it's hard to reconcile that as the same person. Wow.


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