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Lucifer: My Little Monkey

“Never fear, Luci-Dan is here!”

After so many good episodes in a row, this one felt somewhat filler-ish.

The first of the highlights of this episode for me was the team-up between Lucifer and Dan. After the debacle that was Lucifer revealing his true self to Linda, he needed to get back to being normal and boring. And in Lucifer’s eyes, that meant following and imitating Dan. This was obviously meant to be the lighthearted aspect to the episode against the seriousness and sadness of Maze and Linda and Chloe’s backstory, and I think it honestly helped to keep the episode together. Kevin Alejandro and Tom Ellis have wonderful chemistry and comedic timing together, and we finally got some respect coming from both sides by the end of the episode. More Luci-Dan in the future, please! That Improv scene...

Is it bad of me to not really care at all about the case of the week this week, even if it gives more insight into Chloe’s background and history? The Lucifer and Dan scenes, the Maze and Linda scenes sort of overtook the episode for me to the point where I was really tempted to just skip through all of the other scenes. While it is good to get a bit more information about why Chloe became a cop and just who her father was, I didn’t feel as if we needed an entire episode centred around it. An episode centred around Maze being a bounty hunter on the other hand…

Okay, I take that back. The case was interesting enough primarily for the development in the relationships between all of the characters and the flashbacks into Chloe and Dan's relationship at the beginning. For the most part, a lot of the actual case felt like a whole can of red herrings up to the last minute. The hug between Lucifer and Chloe in that final scene was emotional, and I am still really here for more platonic moments between these two. It's going to take me a while to even think about shipping them as a romantic couple.

While we had the comedy of Luci-Dan and some much needed closure for Chloe when it came to her father, the most important part of this episode came down to Mazikeen and Dr Martin. Lucifer's reveal to Linda also dramatically affected Linda's relationship with Maze, causing the doctor to reject Maze, despite really knowing better. Maze being a demon had no effect on her personality, and she had not drastically changed since meeting Linda. I think Linda's reaction also came down to the fact that Lucifer had been honest about who he was from the start, but she had only seen it as a metaphor, and the reality of it all was what scared her. Maze looked genuinely hurt when Linda rejected her. That moment between them through the door at the end of the episode was sweet, and I am glad that Maze got her friend back, even if it is going to be a slow recovery process. I don't think finding out the Devil is real, that you'd been banging the Devil and that your new friend was a torturer from Hell is easy on the mental health.

Bits and pieces

Lucifer's American accent. That's all I have to say.

Also, pwhoar at Dan. Thank you, Lucifer. He pretty much made Lucifer look rather average.

No Charlotte or Amenadiel. The writers seem to have worked out that not every character needs to be seen in every episode.

Chloe’s dad looked really familiar and it’s going to frustrate the hell out of me for ages. I thought he was Dean Winters for a moment.

Only a little bit of Ella this week.

Apologies for the shortness and lateness for this review. My wifi in Gdansk is a bit erratic and jet lag conquered me for two days.


Dr. Martin: You're a demon. Lucifer is the devil. How am I supposed to get over that?
Maze: He's still the same old Lucifer. You're still Dr. Linda Martin. And, I'm still Maze. What's changed?

Lucifer: Order off menu for once. Maze and I certainly won't judge.

Chloe: If I'm going to take this guy down, I need my partner, and that's you. Lucifer Morningstar.

Trixie: Do you like little kids?
Maze: I've dealt with filthy, screaming humans before. At least these are smaller.

Lucifer: People like you. They find you helpful like duct tape or a trusted socket wrench.

Chloe: There's no way you can help me right now. You're just... you're too you.
Lucifer: Yes, you're right, detective. Being me seems to be a problem, doesn't it?

Five out of five Improv classes.

Morgan India, who really wants a taco.


  1. Russian report: I don't think anybody said anything in (fake) Russian, but the plaque behind that Russian mobster in the sauna reads like a quote from the Bible: "I will refresh the weary" (Jeremiah 31:25). In Russian: "Я напою утомлённую душу".

    I haven't noticed the absense of Charlotte, but Amenadiel missing got me thinking: if he has no powers now — who's watching over Hell?

    I thought at first the bad guy stupidly tried to take out Chloe and broke into her apartment. Maze tracking him down out of boredom seems to be even better.

  2. BTW, I looked at the map and it seems like you're exactly north from me.

  3. Chris Payne Gilbert played John Decker. He used to be known just as Chris Payne. He's also married to Lesley-Ann Brandt. :-)


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