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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Deals with Our Devils

“Do we look that stupid on comms?”

This was a fun little episode. Which sounds a little cruel since it was all about death closing in on Coulson, Fitz, and Robbie.

The way it was set up was really interesting, seeing everything twice through different perspectives may not have been the absolutely most creative thing ever but the way it was done really added something to what otherwise would have been a standard episode. Not to mention the skill with which it was done. The blocking alone must have been a nightmare. Well done, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

So Coulson, Fitz, and Robbie got whammied by the particle generator and turned into ghosts sort of like Lucy Bauer and her buddies, only worse. They weren’t able to be sensed by our human characters at all. Just three individuals were able to take direction from them: Robbie’s car (...), Aida (?), and Ghost Rider (!). I’m sure there’s some sciencey explanation Fitz and Robbie were able to communicate with machines, but are we ever going to get it and does it really matter? As for Robbie being able to talk to Ghost Rider while he was possessing Mack, that just makes sense, at least sense as far as this universe goes with its crazy rules.

One of the highlights of the episode for me was being able to see Ghost Rider, for Robbie to have a conversation with... him... it? As the Rider said, he’d been a voice in Robbie’s head for years but a face to face conversation presented us with an interesting dynamic. I loved seeing Mack as the Rider, even though it hurt learning that he was in so much pain. Ghost Rider finally got his motorcycle! Who is Hope? I mean, I’m assuming it’s a person, probably a daughter, maybe a significant other, who died at some point prior to Mack joining the team. I’m intrigued.

As Robbie and Daisy pursued Mack, that left Fitz and Coulson on the plane trying to communicate with the rest of the team. May’s first inclination was to try to use the Darkhold to save them but Radcliffe suddenly grew some responsibility and decided that humans shouldn’t read the Darkhold. Fortunately, he happened to have an android on hand. Now. Okay. If Radcliffe was smart enough not to pursue the knowledge in the Darkhold, how could he be so stupid as to not wipe Aida’s memory afterwards??? Now an android has all the secrets of the universe or whatever AND IT CAN’T BE HEADED ANYWHERE GOOD.

What else happened this week? There was tons of Philinda (be still my heart). I mean, I think we all know what “Open that bottle of Haig” means, am I right? Am I right?? 😏 😏

Also there was Jemma and her adventure with Senator Nadeer’s brother. So, okay, recap. Senator Ellen Nadeer, Inhuman-hating Senator, struck a deal with Jeffrey Mace. This deal, we learn here, is for help investigating and/or fixing what is happening with her brother, who was stuck mid-Terrigenesis for months. In exchange, she’s keeping some of Mace’s secrets from the press. I was more than a little annoyed that Nadeer’s brother just needed... what? Some warm words of comfort from Jemma Simmons? Doesn’t it seem insanely convenient that she shows up and suddenly poof he starts shedding his shell? I am curious about what’s going to happen with the brother. I’m guessing the Senator has plans for him.

Intel and Assets

--They were talking about the lights being darker and I didn’t even notice I’m so used to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s craptastic lighting. Like honestly, LET US SEE!

Daisy: “I know it’s crazy, but Coulson came back from the dead, Fitz pulled Simmons through space through a rock, and Robbie’s head lights on fire.”

Mace: “So, first we sharpen the ax, and then we chop the tree.”
Mack: “My ax is plenty sharp. And a shotgun.”

Fitz: “They’re gonna tell her I’m dead. I have to phone her, let her know I’m in another dimension... that’s not gonna work.”

Mace: “Driving off against orders? With no helmet?!”

Radcliffe: "Shush, you're developing a catchphrase.”

Coulson: “You know when this is over, you and I have a bottle of Haig to open.”

three and a half out of four bottles of Haig


  1. I've noticed. Dimmer lights, I mean.

    What I expected from this episode is for Robbie's evil uncle to feed the others in S.H.I.E.L.D. some crappy story and pretend to be their friend for a while. Luckily, it didn't happen. He just announced himself as, well, evil, and left. Good.

    Radcliff was right not wiping Aida's memory. First of all, Aida is his child. And you don't brainwash your children. Secondly, at some point she would remember. I don't know, how, but she would. And you don't want an android posessing all secrets of the universe to know that you wrong her. Because the next brain she decides to play origami with might be yours.

    Robbie went from protecting his uncle to hating him pretty quickly. Given that he is the one who sometimes doesn't call the shots, I'd expect him to spend some time in denial, arguing that something is probably possessing his uncle.

    I'm disappointed that senator did not appear on screen.

  2. Made a fantastic episode from a very simple premise.

    Loved Daisy scratching Robbie's car..

    ''with no helmet'' okay i like Mace despite everything else.

    Pretty good Doctor Strange nods..Hopefully they don't go the Ultron route with AIDA..Even if she becomes 'evil' im hoping they find an interesting twist to it.

  3. An enjoyable episode. Wasn't Mack much scarier as Ghost Rider than Robbie? I mean, pre-burning-skull, just talking with red eyes. And I was also getting shipping vibes from that bottle of Haig.


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