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Supernatural: Lotus

"I didn't know he was dating."

Supernatural usually does a heartbreakingly good job with mid-season finales. This one was sort of meh and oddly dissonant. Also disappointing.

Maybe after a superlative channeling by Misha Collins last spring, I expected more from a fall season chock full of Lucifer. As I noted in last week's review, Rick Springfield wasn't evil enough for me, and while the reversing crosses at the Archdiocese were somewhat cool, all of those dead bodies had no real impact. Lucifer possessing the President of the United States could have brought the world to Armageddon in no time, which I assume was the point. Instead, he got distracted and knocked up the president's secret girlfriend before the Scooby Gang managed to exorcise him and send him back to Hell.

(Lucifer did go back to Hell, didn't he? I was confused by the magical golden egg that Sam was aiming at him and the way the smoke went down the heating vent in the floor.)

Did President Jefferson Rooney know to whom he said yes? Given that Rooney seemed to have a genuine religious calling and that he thought saying yes would increase goodness and public service, I doubt it.

If this is the end of the Lucifer plot, which I doubt, we now have a nephilim plot. Could be interesting. I do like Courtney Ford (Kelly), who did an exceptional job with a continuing role on Dexter, and I assume we're going to see more of her since she's run off literally carrying the devil's spawn. (I was disappointed in Castiel, falling for the bathroom trick. Didn't someone else fool Castiel with the bathroom trick before?)

At least, we finally got back to the British Men of Letters, and I like Ketch a lot, even though he was big with the snide remarks and the dog metaphors. Hey, he has a ton of supernatural weaponry and a grenade launcher, and as Joss Whedon has said, you have to have a grenade launcher, or something to that effect. Plus, gotta love the entrance with "Take Five." I am assuming Ketch will be the one to rescue the boys before they (1) become incredibly famous attempted assassins, or (2) are quietly killed and dumped in a ditch.

Let's see. What else?

I loved that Crowley has a contact in the White House. And that Castiel just stood there while Ketch was shooting grenades into the Secret Service SUVs, almost as if it wasn't worth gettin' all riled up about. I also thought it was really funny that the Secret Service agents outside thought the president was just destroying a motel room having sex while the exorcism was going on, although if Rooney was that religious, wouldn't it have been out of character? I also thought it was appropriate that Sam led the charge against Lucifer, considering their past relationship. Lucifer even seemed a bit hurt by that.

And at least Crowley is being kind to his mother now.


— The Archdiocese of St. Louis looked very familiar. They must have filmed there before. Actually, by this time, they've probably filmed in pretty much every cool location in Vancouver.

— Guest star Stephen Lobo, who played Rick, the head of the president's Secret Service team, was a key actor in one of my favorite series, Continuum. I hope we see him again when the boys get out of their current situation. In fact, he would have made an outstanding Lucifer. For a moment, I thought that's where they were going.

— Rowena's fiance was played by a different actor this time, although I'm pretty sure he was meant to be the same character.

— Crowley is now such an insider that he can drop into the bunker. That can't be good.

— Note how they kept shooting LOTUS scenes in front of the fireplace. There was also a strange, huge, angel-shaped lamp in the corner of a room in the president's compound. Was that deliberate?

— Since it was an obvious joke to make, Misha Collins made it.

— This week: St. Louis, a mansion outside Indianapolis, the Plains Motel, and the MoL bunker. All four of the cast were FBI agents, although the only name we got was "Agent Zappa."

— The next episode will air on Thursday, January 26, 2017, at a new time: 8 p.m. instead of 9.


Crowley: "He just got a lot more dangerous."
Castiel: "I agree with Agent Zappa."
Dean: "Oh, will you stop?"

Sam: "Crowley, can we just get the damn news without the drama?"
Crowley: "Can I get you without the flannel? No. Still I endure."

Rowena: "That is the sweetest thing you've ever done for me."

Dean: "Lucifer? I didn't know he was dating."

Sam: "Do we have a plan?"
Dean: "Impeach LOTUS and find Rosemary's Baby."

Sam: "Do you know who you're talking to?"
Ketch: "Winchesters. You make those toy badges in craft class on the psych ward? Nice car, by the way. Really stands out."

President Lucifer: "I grant a full pardon... to Charles Manson..."

Kelly: "Who are you people?"
Rowena: "Well, dear, I'm a witch, he's an angel."
Crowley: "And I'm the King of Hell."
Kelly: "Oh, God."
Castiel: "No, actually, he left."

Sigh. Two out of four toy badges in craft class on the psych ward,

Billie Doux has been reviewing Supernatural for so long that Dean and Sam Winchester feel like old friends. Courageous, adventurous, gorgeous old friends.


  1. Claire gave Castiel the slip too. What a mess of an episode.

  2. This episode felt really half-assed. Were the writers all wrung out and just said screw it? So many things didn't make logical sense.

  3. Supernatural renewed for season 13. YAY!

  4. I love this show. I truly, truly do. I am, however, hoping that the writers will step up their game to close out season twelve. The stellar cast and crew deserve better treatment that what they've been served lately. I was delighted (and a little scared) to learn that the show was renewed for a 13th season because I don't want to see it go down in quality. And also, thanks for all of your efforts to make this such a terrific site.

  5. Since I don't know where to put this exactly, I just wanted to share the joy and happiness of getting a season 13!

  6. Huh. I enjoyed this one more than the rest of you, it seems, despite Lucifer being disappointing this season. Neither Rick Springfield nor David Chisum were able to summon the particular blend of casual sadism and dark humor that Mark Pellegrino perfected and Misha Collins recreated. It really felt like the directors couldn't even be bothered to try to get them to affect any Lucifer mannerisms. They didn't seem much like each other, either. It probably isn't the end of the Lucifer plot (they haven't explicitly said that Rowena succeeded in getting him back in the cage), but if they do bring him back, I hope they coach an actor to do him right.

  7. I agree it's somewhat of a mess episode. You were spot on in your points of interest, and honestly, I felt this guy played a better Lucifer then Rick Springfield or anyone else since Misha collins. Kelly was an interesting little character, how fast of a pregnancy is she going to have, do you think? I also believe that the diner used, was the Sam one where that Angel blew himself up in the name of Castial. Overall doable but tired, like you pointed out.

  8. After all these years, Crowley's line, "Can I get you without the flannel? Still, I endure." is still one of my favorites. Mark Shepard is great.


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