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Farscape: Infinite Possibilities, Part 1: Daedalus Demands

And now, on Farscape...

We’re off to see the Wizard... sorry, I meant Furlow, to stop her from selling wormhole technology to the highest bidder.

I really enjoyed Furlow as a character when we met her in season one, and it is good to have her back for a few more episodes. She is still on her home planet of Dam-Ba-Da, which is a great name for a planet, I think. Anyhow, she has been a bad girl; she has made her own module and is having dread-locked critters fly it through wormholes.

We know all that because Jack the Ancient pays John and Aeryn a visit on Talyn. While Jack is mind-melding with John, Harvey decides to pop in as well. It was pretty cool the way that Harvey kept having his conversations with John while they were riding bumper cars and a roller coaster. That must have been fun to film.

Crais and Stark are still around and spend most of their time dealing with Talyn, who is being his usually bratty self. I guess that is a little unfair since Talyn was trying to come back to help when he got himself and Crais blinded, but that little ship was just never my favorite storyline. It did make it convenient to separate our crew so that they could have more individual adventures, but I’m already tired of listening to Crais having to calm Talyn down all the time. I feel the same way about a bratty ship as I do about bratty teens on my TV shows… I just want them to pipe down and behave themselves.

On the planet: the dread-locked critters are storming the castle, I mean Furlow’s shop, and Aeryn is giving Rygel a lesson on cannon firing techniques, which is a pretty cool sequence. Rygel can be one scary puppet when he wants to be, and he has a good time killing the Charrids in this episode. I guess they besieged his home planet once, killed billions, and ate a million babies. They had it coming, then.

This episode is when we find out that Jack had downloaded information into John’s brain when they first met. Jack said that it was a “parting gift.” His gift was the equations to create wormholes. It wasn’t meant to be accessed consciously, just to act as a guide. That was nice of him, now John is really going to have to be worried about Harvey spying on him and that Scorpius is going to want to dissect his brain even more.

This is the first of a two-part tale, so a lot of this is set up for the next episode. The ending is dramatic as Jack tries to drive Harvey from John’s mind, ole Harvey doesn’t want to go and he fights for control. We are left in suspense as Harvey takes over John and we again see John as visually Scorpy-ized, which doesn’t make me very happy, nor Aeryn, either.

John and Aeryn are pretty cute in this one. Aeryn is learning English, because if she goes back to Earth with him, she is going to need it.  She and John might have translator microbes, but the rest of the earthlings don't.  I like the way that they are casually planning their possible future.

Space Oddities:

I love Furlow; she always cracks me up. It's funny when she kisses John and then she just casually saunters off.

John and Aeryn looked very fierce wearing their leather gear and holding giant guns over their shoulders.  They did ruin that image somewhat by sweetly gazing at each other.

Aeryn shouldn’t try to make jokes, she’s terrible at it.

There were a lot of laser gun fights, which means lots of sparking squibs going off on the Charrid's costumes. That would be fun to film for the people that are playing them; as long as no one catches on fire, I guess.

Did I mention that I love Furlow? She always says random things and then adds, “that’s my motto” at the end. I do that too, just ask my family.

The John and Aeryn Relationship Weather Report: The future’s so bright, they gotta wear shades. (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.)

Cosmic Quotes:

Furlow: (To John) “Well, if it isn’t my favorite flyboy? Just couldn’t stay away from me, huh?”

John: “Is it always about money?”
Furlow: “Well, what else is there? I mean, how much sex can ya have?”
John: “I dunno, I haven’t maxed out yet.”

Aeryn: “Can this structure withstand a mortar attack?”
Furlow: “Probably… let them come if they dare, that’s my motto.”

This is a pretty good one, especially since it leads into an excellent part two.  We get to spend a lot of time with our main duo, before the excrement hits the proverbial fan. John and Aeryn are so happy and everything is fine. Aeryn is finding out that being in love can be really nice.  Really, what could go wrong?

Three out of four bumper cars.

Mallena loves her DVR, her Pug, anything in the sci-fi, fantasy, and supernatural genres, and her family.  Well, maybe not in that exact order.

1 comment:

  1. Again im really surprised that no one has commented on this episode, it is great in its own right but also as the set up to its second part.

    Aeryn and John are just so in love in this one, he is teaching her English as they are planning their future together on Earth. Of course this being Farscape means it is only a matter of time until something will come along to change that.

    I did womder why Green Shirt Crichton wasnt also contacted, he is the one searching actively for worm holes. Imagine if all of Talyn's crew were on plant whilst Moya's assisted from space?

    The Charrids must be really bad shots for Rygel and Aeryn to be able to keep them at bay for so long, but always need to suspend disbelief a little.

    Furlow is cheeky stealing a kiss from John and going into league to sell to the Scarrans, surprised that Aeryn wasntmore distrustful from the start.

    Impressed with Ben and Wayne's ability to deliver their lines so skillfully whilst riding a rollercoaster at Luna Park (the one they were on was decomssioned shortly afterthe fliminv as posh residents made noise complaints even though the park had been there since the 30's). I wonder how many takes were needed? I am surprsied they didnt edit out the Sydney Hrbour Bridge so that viewers thought he was remembering Coney Island in NY instead.

    Cliffhanger has so much going on: a pending scarran dreadnaught attack, Harvey seemingly having won the battle for John's mind, Aeryn ready to kill John and Talyn and crew blinded.


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