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Farscape: Into the Lion's Den, Part 1: Lambs to the Slaughter

And now, on Farscape...

John and the gang are aboard Scorpy’s command carrier to “help” him with his wormhole project.

John had decided to stop Scorpy from making progress with wormholes, so he made a deal with Scorp; but he was really not planning on keeping it, of course. The problem is, John doesn’t seem to have much of a plan. He tells Aeryn that he will try to steer the project in the wrong direction, or erase the data somehow. That’s the plan? Wile E. Coyote could come up with a better plan than that.

Anyways, this episode and the next one do give a fascinating look into life on a Peacekeeper command carrier. The Peacekeepers sure do love a black and red color scheme, and they are a bunch of busy bees, all scurrying around doing important things for the Empire. Speaking of Star Wars, there is a scene that is based on that award ceremony scene at the end of "A New Hope." I probably wouldn’t have even noticed, but I did think that the sets and special effects were very well done.

Poor Aeryn. She looked so wistful to be back in her home environment, but she was only met with hostility from her former mates. She had to walk into their mess hall, which must be just as much fun as walking into a high school cafeteria where everyone hates you. That was very rude of her former friend to throw a drink in Aeryn’s face, but Aeryn still told Chiana that growing up in a ship like that “wasn’t awful.” I guess if that is the only life you know and you are tough enough to survive without family, many belongings, or close relationships, then it’s fine. I don’t think it sounds appealing, though.

D’Argo at least gets those rings removed from his chest (ouch), and also gets information on who really killed his wife. Crais and Talyn are aboard as well, and Jool even joins in to fight when that Peacekeeper guy with the rotating saw arm gadget attacks D’Argo. Rude again, guys. John and Aeryn are also attacked by Peacekeepers that are swinging metal rods, but of course, Aeryn easily takes it away from the guy she is fighting and beats him to death with it. Just kidding, but she could do that; she’s awesome.

The best part is when Commandant Mele-On Grayza comes aboard. That Grayza lady is a character that is so fun to hate. She has a very melodious voice, too much cleavage, and an attitude that just exudes menace. She is not a person that is easy to double cross. John now has a lot more to worry about than just Scorpius — who isn’t as easy to fool as John might think.

Space Oddities:

The war sequences with Harvey and John were well done and amusing, as usual.

Scorpius has found Earth, and even if he doesn’t figure out wormholes, he can still get there in 60 cycles. Dun dun dun.

How many people in real life have actually thrown a drink in someone’s face? I certainly never have, but it sure seems to happen a lot onscreen.

Crais is hooking up with an old girlfriend, while Braca looks on and practically winks at her. That’s enough about that.

There was an ambassador Luxan guy with Grayza. He was so little and cute. I guess not all Luxans are as tall as D’Argo.

John and Scorpius wore the I-Yensch bracelets. That adds some “I stab myself, you get stabbed” fun.

John and another hostile Peacekeeper dude get to fly around on jetpacks for an exciting, action-packed battle sequence. Okay, I was looking for wires, but it was still pretty cool.

Cosmic Quotes:

Harvey: “Turn back, John.”
John: “Shut up, Private, we’re going in.”

John: “Fellas, open the bag or call me a cab, I cannot work blind.”

John: “Why are you bitching at me like we’re married, Scorpy Sue?”
Scorpius: “I suspect you’re stalling…”
John: “…I’m here, on a big stinking command carrier, Dick Tracy’s fricking neural bracelet linking me to Bram Stoker’s nightmare — what more do you want from me?”

This is a very nice part one, with bravo performances all around. I feel bad for Scorpius, almost. He so desperately wants that wormhole knowledge to beat the Scarrans, but John just won’t cooperate, and now Scorpy has to worry about Grayza, also.

Four out of five jet packs.

Mallena loves her DVR, her Pug, almost anything in the sci-fi, fantasy, or supernatural genres, and her family.  Well, maybe not in that exact order.

1 comment:

  1. Again surprised no one has cimmented on this one.

    Crichton decision to take the fight directly to Scorpius is a brave one considering he didnt seem to have much of an actual plan. We start to better understand the real magnitude of the risk Crichton and crew are aiming to avoid, personal decisions are going to have galatic implications.

    Really confused as to why Jool tagged along? She isnt an escaped prisoner and should be unknownn to the Peacekeepers. She has no real skin in the game.

    I do not like our latest villian Grayza, she is not nearly as interesting as Scorpius, gives off a tralk vibe.

    Aeryn again confronted with the life she left, and although she has grown so much you can see the lament at the camaraderie she left behind.

    Weird seeing Lenore Smith as a peacekeeper she will always be nurse Kate Wellings to me.


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