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Legends of Tomorrow: Land of the Lost

"I guess we're gonna have to kick our own asses."

This time on Legends, we journeyed into two diametrically different places: Ray's former digs in the Cretaceous period, and Rip Hunter's mind.

Who knew in advance that Rip's mindscape would turn out to be a dark version of the Waverider? It was sort of a gimme, given that it's their standing set, as well as Rip's home for a number of years. I did like that it was Sara and Jax, the new captain and the chief engineer, who were the ones to go, but having them simply fight evil versions of the Legends in their superhero costumes was disappointing. Instead of physical fights, couldn't the writers have gone for more of a psychological challenge, with Sara, Jax, and/or the mentally imprisoned, genuine Rip forced to outwit other versions of themselves, or something along those lines?

The best part of the Rip plot was the physical manifestation of Gideon, and the open acknowledgement of Rip and Gideon's love for each other. Yes, yes, Doctor Who, but I think Gideon's personality has been well established by now, and I especially liked that she expressed reluctance to follow evil Rip's orders when she knew he wasn't himself. It was also nice to see the actress behind Gideon's voice (and yes, that was her). Their closeness and their farewell kiss made me go, "awww." This whole Rip as film student taken by the Legion of Doom has definitely made him a more interesting and layered character, but I'm a romantic and I also hope at some point they go back to Rip and Gideon and their love for each other.

I was unhappy about the implication that Rip has returned to his position as captain. Can I lodge a complaint, please? Sara should be captain. She's earned it, and she's better at it.

Moving on to the B plot, has no one read Ray Bradbury? Ray killing an iguana for dinner just so Amaya and Nate could experience "Cretaceous cuisine" just bugged me. So did Ray's seventy omelets out of Gertrude's stolen egg. Honestly, this is something about Legends of Tomorrow that continually bothers me, but this is a fantasy series and I should probably shut up about it now.

The best thing about the Jurassic Park B plot, other than the spectacular CGI crash, was Amaya's "epic display of badassery" facing down Gertrude the dinosaur. It was the coolest use of her power so far, and it pretty much confirmed that she could tap into any animal she chooses, not just her usual go-to's. I'm still uninterested in Amaya's romance with Nate, but I do have to say that Ray Palmer is the last Legend who should be lecturing anyone about getting involved with a teammate after what happened with Hawkgirl. Although he does have a point about Amaya eventually having to go back to 1942. Is it possible that Nate will be the father of Amaya's daughter?

The remainder of the episode featured a "stop being so controlling and fatherly with Jax" message for Martin Stein. But honestly, one of the best things about Firestorm is how Martin and Jax interact, and I don't want Martin to stop being fatherly toward Jax. What's wrong with it? This seemed like a manufactured bit of pointless plot.

I also think we should have gotten more about the Time Masters and the "cognitive intrusion" they performed on Mick. Of course, I'm a Mick fan now and interested in anything about him. The suffering that changed him from original Mick into today's Mick is interesting. And so is his relationship with Snart.

By the way, when are we getting more Snart? That little bit of Snart hallucination earlier in the season wasn't enough for me.

Everybody remember where we parked:

-- This week: 69,997,983 BC, where Ray had a six month vacation back in "Out of Time."

-- Sara did the saga sell this week. And of course, Sara thought Gideon was hot, because we have to be constantly reminded that Sara is bi.

-- There was a little Indiana Jones homage, with Nate afraid of snakes.

-- Rip's override code is "spaniel broad tricycle." You'd think someone would have been monitoring his cell, but okay.

-- Much discussion of Nate's grandfather, Commander Steel, although we didn't see him. Coming attractions.

-- Speaking of which, there was a brief bit at the end with Eobard Thawne in 1970 about to screw up the Apollo 13 mission, which one could say truthfully was already screwed up. I'm looking forward to this one.


Sara: "We're gonna save your grandfather and, you know, the fabric of reality."

Mick: "Why don't I get to go to Jurassic Park?"
Sara: "Because I need you to threaten Rip."
Mick: "Easy money."

Sara: "You figure this cognitive intrusion thing out?"
Mick: "With the professor as my assistant, yeah."
Martin: "You cannot be serious."
Mick: "Very serious, yeah. Get me a beer."

Nate: (to Amaya) "So you commune with all animals. You're like an attractive Doctor Dolittle."

Sara: "God, I'm a bitch in Rip's mind."

Nate: "Here we are waiting for fresh iguana at Ray's Cast Away camp during dinosaur times. So this is our lives now."

Mick: (to Rip) "I liked you better when you were killing people."

A somewhat flawed but relatively enjoyable episode, but I missed the Legion of Doom. Two out of four fresh iguanas,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. All that technology and Rip can't make a hologram of Gideon? I find her disembodied voice kind of creepy, so having an actual person pop in and out when necessary, would be better. ST Voyager had the right idea, the Doctor was one of the best characters.

  2. Seeing Gideon made this episode for me, but I was a bit annoyed at the scouting expedition where they did two fake-outs without showing the dino before the ending scene, but I guess the budget does not allow for more CGI scenes.

    I would also prefer to see the real Firestorm (who is getting more and more sidelined and divided in every episode) then the evil version inside Rip's mind.

    But the next episode promises to be excellent. :)

  3. By the way, when are we getting more Snart? That little bit of Snart hallucination earlier in the season wasn't enough for me.

    From your mouth to the ears of the BerlantiGod.


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