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The Originals: Queen Death

"This is not happening."

Ouch. I have too many feelings.

Or not enough. It's a bit confusing. It goes like this.

If TVD's countless dramatic deaths taught me anything, it was that in Plecverse, no one is safe and everyone is replaceable. Last season we lost Davina and Cami, for crying out loud. And with the word 'death' in the title, I really should've been more on the edge of my seat. Especially with beloved Elijah on the chopping block.

The first time through, I could not take the threat of Elijah dying seriously. Like at all. I didn't even cry. Not once. I've been known to get teary-eyed at dog food commercials. This does not compute, but I sort of kept rolling my eyes and was just waiting around to hear about the plan to kick Hollow ass. I had images of happy Haylijah reunions and toasts to brotherly love dancing around in my brain. I mean, I was right. He isn't dead. But he is lost inside a broken family heirloom so I could've invested in it, at least a little.

On the second watch, I was really taken with how the actors did really lovely jobs conveying their despair. Hayley leaning on Elijah's side of the bed and her trying to prepare Hope for the possibility of losing her uncle were weighted in the most effortless way. Freya snapping at Vincent to stop using logic on the way her family's lives should be valued rang true too. And finally Klaus offering to be sacrificed (albeit not permanently) in Elijah's place. Then at the end the writers and actors really piled it on us with Klaus' outrage and disbelief, Freya's tormented and exhausted desperation and Hayley's single tear. Such layered and multidimensional acting all around here.

One more note: It doesn't feel like Vincent is long for this world. On a good day, talking about killing an Original is enough to send the Mikaelsons into a murderous frenzy. Throw in the facts that he keeps using Hope in attempts to manipulate them and the Hollow seems particularly annoyed with him and I just don't see things going very well for him. Marcel is really the only one in his corner and that didn't help Davina any, now did it?

Now that I'm thinking about it, Vincent's monologue could've very well been directed as the audience, too. We've come to know the Mikaelsons as monsters that we love. We watch them take innocent lives and sacrifice good people, but we still root for them to win. They take people's free will and we don't hold it against them. Maybe the writers are lashing out at our complacency. Or I'm projecting my own annoyance at my own lack of emotion onto them.

So here we are. How many birthing trees that someone maybe should've chopped down while they had the chance? Two? Three? Who can tell anymore?

Bites and pieces

Did Klaus take credit for beignets in New Orleans?

How cute is it that Hope play jacks and not video games?

I respect the fact that Vincent didn't go to the witches for help and instead insisted that they leave with their families until it's safe for them to come back.

Elijah is desiccated but not ash. That means he isn't dead, right? What about his sire line? I'm guessing the sacrifice of hundreds of vampires would be enough to bring the Hollow back as human.

In the vision that Hope and Freya got, we saw Elijah's red door, didn't we? That can't be good. Hayley and Vincent have both been on his case lately about embracing a more human side of himself. I'm wondering if that was foreshadowing now.

This is absolutely absurd but it occurred to me that Finn might have left notes inside the blue necklace while he was trapped there that Elijah might find. What else are you gonna do in a necklace, amiright? Dear Fellow Prisoner, I hope you enjoy your time here better than I did. P.S. If you happen upon one of my siblings please punch them in the face for me. Love, Finn

The Hollow: "Such a will to live. There must be a part of you that craves that peace."

Klaus: "This is no time to be sentimental. This is New Orleans. Toss a few beads and you'll find another girl."

The Hollow: "It's quite ludicrous, this dedication to one's own blood. After all, look where it got you."

Klaus: "And here we are finally reaping my just desserts."
Vincent: "No. I was gonna say, here you are, finally living up to the potential that Cami saw in you. She'd be proud."

Klaus: "This is not happening. For a thousand years my brother and I have walked this earth. Countless times death has come for us and countless times, we've denied her. He's not gone. He can't be."

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  1. I bet the Mikaelson's don't even know what a computer is. Come to think of it, did we ever see one on the show?


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