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iZombie: Conspiracy Weary

“Whose brain have you eaten?”
“Who wants to know?!”

At a time when tensions are running at an all time high, and the gang are facing a multitude of zombie problems and threats, Liv’s paranoid brain may have felt like a bit of an inconvenience to those around her. Thankfully, it also provided her with some vital clues in helping to solve some of the many mysteries she’s surrounded by at the moment. Having such an “excitable” approach to these mysteries may help Liv to stay one step ahead of everyone else in the face of so many obstacles, which range from annoying to potentially catastrophic.

The ending of ‘Return of the Dead Guy’ is followed up on immediately with Liv and Blaine (and later Chase Graves and the Fillmore Graves zombie army) storming the zombie truthers' hideout to save Ravi and Don E and stop the live stream. Though Harley managed to escape, his brother didn’t fare quite as well and his brain allowed Liv to get one step closer to unearthing the truth about who killed Wally and his family, with her final vision of the episode showing Harley and Bob witnessing gunshots outside of the Tuttle/Reed home and speeding off in terror.

While it was obvious to most viewers that Harley Johns was never the real culprit behind the murders, the fact that we’ve finally ruled him out is exciting. As we’re getting closer and closer to the end of the season it’s about time that we start getting more answers, and Liv’s vision showing the Johns brothers as simple onlookers sets the stage for a more interesting reveal in the coming episodes. Plus, there’s also the fact that Harley is now a zombie himself to complicate matters. Was he turned during the commotion at the beginning of the episode, or was he turned before then?

Harley was just the second survivor of the fight at the start of the episode, with the only sane member of the zombie truthers, Ravi’s friend Rachel, making it out past Liv before she starting to do some serious damage to the others. Of course, there’s a reason why Rachel seemed the most together out of the bunch; she’s an undercover journalist. Being a witness to everything that happened gave her the biggest scoop of her writing career, and also plastered Liv’s face in full zombie mode all over Seattle. It’s a fun twist, but I do feel like it may have been slightly superfluous given how many risks of exposure that Liv already faces right now.

Elsewhere, Peyton’s work on the James Weckler/Dominatrix case paid off when she finally tracked down the missing memory card Weckler stole. She didn’t get through enough to see anything other than Weckler committing the murder, but brainstorming the details with Liv did help her to connect the dots back to Baracus, who potentially used Weckler’s daughter to blackmail him into doing his dirty work. Unfortunately his mayoral campaign was successful, meaning he’s now in a position of power and will be a lot harder to take down. Like the murder reveal, none of these details are all that surprising but it’s wonderful to see seemingly small plot details blowing up so spectacularly this far down the road.

There are also Baracus’s ties to FG and the shooting two episodes back to think about. One of the many theories is that this was staged by FG; a theory that seemed more credible after Chase Graves personally handed Liv the guns he “found” in the Johns’ van. Did he force Clive and Liv into making the connection between Johns and the shooting by planting the evidence?


Shawna was apparently trying to “help” Major by posting their private photos online and changing the public opinion on him. He broke up with her after that, but not before t-shirts featuring said photos started doing the rounds. I’m not sure where this is heading just yet.

It’s odd that Weckler’s daughter Tatum had a vision when she was with Peyton when she was last seen munching on the brain tubes from FG, which are supposedly vision free. Was it just a writing oversight or a clue?

He Said, She Said

Liv: “Biggie Small’s brother killed Tupac, and it’s that twin that got shot in LA. Biggie, at this moment, is sipping Mojitos in Havana.”

I was a little apprehensive coming into this episode that the ambitious scope of this season was also going to be its downfall. ‘Conspiracy Weary’ helped to alleviate those concerns by continuing the previous episode’s efforts to bring things full circle with significantly less hand wringing, while also giving us some of the series most exciting sequences. All in all, it was an entertaining precursor to the final two chapters of the season.

3.5 out of 5 fake outhouses.

Originally posted at PandaTV.


  1. Shouldn't the planting of the guns tell us tha FG is responsible for everything including the Tuttle-Reid murders? It's late enough in the seasons to avoid another red herring.

  2. This show has infinite ability to surprise me. I was certain that D-day would be a cliffhanger at the end of the season. But it looks like it already came.

    I don't like Baracus for masterminding the dominatrix murder. I think it was FG. But for the same reason: they wanted Baracus in the mayor's office, probably even more than he wanted to be there himself.

    And yes, I agree with Patryk, Tuttle-Reid murders are definitely on them. Maybe not on FG as a whole, just on Logan, but Justin was definitely involved — it was him who brought those guns to Liv, he should've known where they really come from.

  3. Patryk, it's starting to look that way, isn't it? I hope that FG aren't responsible for everything though. Maybe there'll be a couple of surprises along the way?

    You guys are always so on the ball with this show, by the way :)


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