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Sense8: All I Want Right Now Is One More Bullet

“I didn’t think I could be any more confused by you, but congratulations, you found a way.”

I liked this one. The gang war in Berlin was pretty underdeveloped until this episode twisted it into a...


This is so cool. And very Wachowski, isn’t it? Sigh, why was this show cancelled right when the mythology was expanding into new and interesting directions?

Lila’s femme fatale-ness and obsession with Wolfgang weren’t doing much for me, but the reveal that she and her cluster have Magneto aspirations was great. Of course there would be evil sensates trying to rule over regular humans, and cluster versus cluster is a terrific idea.

The August 8 cluster is tighter than ever and you can tell that The Powers That Be have grown accustomed to the main concept of the series. There is an ease in the way they write the visitation scenes with variations to what we’ve seen before. Lito pops up during Sun and Nomi’s talk, the cluster discusses Wolfgang’s situation in multiple places, and so on. Visually, the results are great, like the group rising from behind Wolfgang.

So, Capheus is a political hit... Except that he only decided to enter politics two minutes ago. How is he such a hit already? I get it, he gave water to the people, his interview was good, he has that Van Damn fame, but still... It feels like the plot jumped from B to W. The emotional aspect of the story has worked so far, but when it comes to the plot itself, it’s so undercooked it hurts Capheus’ arc this season.

Dealing with Lito’s situation in a comedic way is the perfect thing to do because his exaggerated reaction would be too much otherwise. Still, there is enough of seriousness when Lito throws the DVD away and rebuts Hernando’s and Daniela’s points, a moment that shows that he does have genuine reasons to be upset about. Now, pairing Sun and Lito, the stoic and the drama queen, how fun was that? I liked that Sun explicitly told him that she was not lying on a bed even though she has much less emotional support in a more difficult situation than his. Can Sun be my life coach, please?

Sun is all of us.
Another visiting scene that was a lot of fun was Kala and Will’s. Kala could not stop talking and, even though the answer to her problems is right there – she should be with the person she really loves –, Will was careful enough to lay it out as a question rather than a cutthroat statement. Having a cluster is the best therapy possible.

Bits and Pieces

- Jonas made a deal with The Chairman to stay alive. The Chairman is the person with most power inside BPO, and he needs Whispers’ zombie project and Jonas to keep an eye on Whispers.

- Whispers has gone into hiding in what is becoming an endless cat and mouse situation. Whispers’ wife and daughter are not happy with it. Honestly, I’m not either.

- I enjoy Daniela’s positive thinking, the way she can see the bigger picture and know that Lito’s career is far from over.

- Kala can make anything explode, can’t she?

- Did we miss a scene of Felix having trouble at the club? His change of heart came out of nowhere.

- This episode’s name would’ve been a perfect head quote.


Wolfgang: “In every fight...”
Sun: “... mistakes are made.”

Jela: “This is bullshit.”
Justice Abdu: “This is politics.”

Will: “Yeah, [Lila] seemed...”
Kala: “Exactly, yeah, I feel the same.”

Amanita: “Security is so performative.”

I didn’t write a lot about this episode. Aside from the fifteen final minutes, not much happened. I did like it, though. Three out of four stars.


  1. Thank God for Sun in this episode. Lito was starting to get on my nerves.

  2. Yes, that was a very interesting gun battle in the restaurant. It felt a lot like one of Lito's movies, with the slomo shots and obvious blood balloons going off, but the best part was how Wolfgang's cluster kept appearing behind him, while Lila's kept appearing behind her.

    I agree that Capheus' political thing kinda happened too soon.

    It's not that I didn't feel sorry for him, but Lito just made me laugh over and over. I also loved Nomi falling off her heels. I despise wearing high heels.


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