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The Flash: Attack on Central City

“I don’t ever need to see a super-smart telepathic gorilla again.”

This very special Friend’s Valentine’s Day episode featured doubt, coffee, lust, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles...and, thank goodness, not too many gorillas.

Although Caitlin’s personal Lord Friend Zone was visiting family in London (perhaps to return his great-grandfather’s colonial cosplay costume), both literal and figurative sparks were a-flying this week. Joe had a date. Barry made Iris breakfast. He also proposed. Cisco and Gypsy kissed.

And Wally and Jesse disclosed their relationship to Wells. He took it surprisingly well, but of course had a secret plan: to make Wally think that he, Wells, was dying. He isn’t dying, and the trick was quickly discovered (we are dealing with speedsters here), but Tom Cavanagh did a wonderful job of looking just shady enough that I knew he was up to something.

Grodd was also up to something. He wanted to steal nukes to destroy humanity. This puts Barry in a bind: how will he defeat Grodd, who is always one step ahead, without killing him and losing his soul. In a shocking turn of events, Barry learns that a morally-sound victory only requires three ingredients: running really fast, teamwork, and talking things out.

Does that mean Team Flash has changed the future? Maybe yes, maybe no. Barry didn't want to peak. I don’t know what happens in the next episode, but I’m more excited about whether or not Iris said yes than what Savitar has to offer Wally.


• Cisco: “The Friend Zone. I know it well. Pretty sure I have a permanent residence there. You know, maybe I should just swallow the pill. Maybe my game just ain’t strong.” Wow! Either the PUA/Red Pill community is getting more famous, or that was a fairly deep, and dark, pop culture reference.

• I wonder what happens if your consciousness doesn’t “stay above the temporal flow” and gets “sucked under.” We’ll have to keep wondering, since that fate did not befall Cisco this week.

• Wally and I own the same pair of Vans.

• I do like the idea of a Grodd/King Shark cagematch.

• Violett Beane, who plays Jesse Quick: her name is like that of a Willy Wonka character. I love it.

Two out of four Friend’s Days, and I'm really glad the gorilla episodes are over!

Josie Kafka is a full-time cat servant and part-time rogue demon hunter. (What's a rogue demon?)


  1. My memory of this episode is only spotty, but I remember loving Tom Cavanagh in it. :)

  2. Maybe if both are detained by ARGUS you'll get your cage match. :)


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