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The Originals: The Feast of All Sinners

"Maybe this will finally earn us redemption."

Considering how stellarly I hide my true feelings to deliver completely unbiased reviews each week, it might surprise some of you to know that this season and these last few episodes in particular have left me as cold as one of Klaus' drained victims. Sarcasm is hard to effectively write.

I did relish in Klaus, Elijah, Marcel and Sofya working together to get Hope back and take out the Hollow's acolytes. It's the badassery we had come to expect from the brothers Mikaelson and it was really a joy to watch them sticking it to the crazies that thought they had bested the oldest family to ever hold a grudge for one last time. I liked the nod to the fearlessness the Mikaelsons have always exuded when taking their enemies out in the past four seasons. Their ego didn't come from nowhere and we got to see them outsmart and out-quip with such ease one more time before having to swallow their greatest defeat. It was their mayhem farewell tour.

Am I being too dramatic? Oh well.

Hayley trusted Klaus with the big secret. I loved this. He has changed. Whether it was the five years imprisonment or meeting his daughter we may never know, but he didn't fight what had to be done. He even went so far as to make Elijah pinky promise not to come to his rescue. Plus Marcel finally got an apology. He deserved it. I liked the caveat that even though Klaus was not a good father to him, he still considered himself Marcel's father and Marcel to be a part of the Mikaelson family. I don't know if it really matters but it seemed kinder than any other derivation that he could've made.

Haylijah finally talked and it was very mature. Very insightful. Very annoying. Ugh. And Hayley did not tell Elijah the big secret. Remember back in season one when she immediately trusted him with Tyler's revelation? I remember reveling in the trust they had in each other and here she couldn't even talk to him until she knew she would never have to see him again. It didn't leave me with a good taste in my mouth. On the brightish side, they did exchange I love yous and the parting was pretty amicable. And hey, maybe season five Hayley will dig the piano playing Elijah and make a move on him. And if not, I have a little while to live in denial before we get the new episodes.

The undercurrents of the episode ran deep, too. Freya offering to give up everything that she has ever cared about after fighting for it for so long was almost shocking. I didn't love having to watch the realization playing out that asking Klaus to stay away from his family meant probably damning his soul and maybe even his life should he end up pissing off someone strong enough to take him out. Not to mention the lives of his countless victims. Or that Elijah would be physically unable to stay away from his family and so the only choice was to forget them. Ouch. All of these things fall succinctly in line with who we know these characters to be. Freya's entire life was built on the fact that she was raised by Dahlia and never had her family there to love her so of course she wouldn't want that happen to Hope if there were an alternative. And while Klaus has made impressive strides on the road to finding a softer side to him, I can see why there would be concern that he might relapse into a bitter and lonely place without his daughter to be better for.

Which brings us to Elijah's big sacrifice. He literally remembers nothing? Not even the recognition of his brother registers. Weird. If anyone can pull off this kind of character about-face, I trust Daniel Gillies to do it. Seeing Elijah out of a suit is jarring, no matter how good his acting though.

As much as I think this finale (and season) has lacked I cried through the Mikaelsons going their separate ways. What is that worth?

2.5 out of 4 broken 'always and forever' promises.

Bites and pieces

Keelin didn't die. I'm shocked.

I remember there being so much build up to Hope specifically needing a witch from her family to guide her. Turns out all she really needed was a good school district? Feels a little cheap.

If Klaus is able to visit Elijah without their Hollow powers combining and taking over or whatever, then can they all visit each other in small doses?

How lucky that Vincent's plan forced all of the Mikaelsons apart. Surely this wasn't some kind of master plan to divide them, right? I'm probably reaching.

Klaus put a US hundred dollar bill in Elijah's tip jar in France. Wouldn't that be super inconvenient for his brother. Like he can't even spend it until it gets converted. I doubt this means anything but didn't Klaus tip Cami with a hundred dollar bill in the pilot all of those years ago?

So Rebekah and Kol found love on opposite US coasts. Elijah ditched his suits and started jamming for tips on the piano. Hayley and Hope found their ways to Mystic Falls at Alaric and Caroline's school for gifted youngsters. Freya stayed behind and inherited the NOLA Mikaelson compound with her girlfriend (not to mention New Orleans being up for grabs with Marcel in NYC). And Klaus doesn't seem nearly as maniacal or murdery as everyone assumed he would be. He really has grown.

I swear this is the last time. IF THIS IS HOW IT ALL ENDED I WOULD BE PISSED.

Okay, okay. In retrospect, the characters didn't end this season in terrible places. But I am still glad that we will get something more in season 5.

Freya: "You want to put the Hollow into one of my siblings?"
Vincent: "One ain't gonna cut it. I'm going to need four of 'em."
Klaus: "So the evil is separated for all time?"
Vincent: "You can never see each other again. That is the only way we're going to beat the Hollow."
Klaus: "Well, if it will save my little girl, then we will make it so."

Keelin: "I am not going anywhere. Julie and Juliette all the way."

Rebekah: "The savage Mikaelsons heroically defeating an evil. Maybe this will finally earn us redemption."

Rebekah: "I hope you didn’t come all this way because your mercenary girlfriend dumped you. I don’t care to be someone’s second best."


  1. The family splitting up that way got to me. I didn't think it would, but it did. And I'm really ticked that the Hollow made it, even though she's in four pieces.

    I heard that Julie Plec is taking over now. I wonder if it will improve the series, or ruin it?

  2. And hey, congratulations on completing another season of reviews, Laure!

  3. I assume Freya is still going to be in contact with Hope...Her journey is not compete so im sure her powers are going to go out of control at some point...She still has the werewolf curse AND the possibility of becoming a Hybrid on top of her magical power..Plenty of places this can still go..If this was the series finale i could understand the complaints.

  4. Anonymous, maybe that was my hangup. That I couldn't stop seeking this as the series finale that might have been?? Who knows. I'm just glad we're getting more.

    Also, the werewolf curse!... did Inadu not kill anyone while she was Hope? Maybe that wouldn't even count, though.

  5. I liked the finale, especially that they got the fighting part out of the way pretty fast. I guess they don't have much special effects budget anyways for big fights so the less time spent on them the less potential for underwhelming confrontations.

    They wrote is as a finale, but I'm sure Freya will undo everything in 2 episodes tops next year just like the season 3 cliffhanger so no need to worry about the end of always and forever.

    Fingers crossed for Alaric and Caroline to agree to come back next season. :)


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