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The Flash: Untouchable

“It’s just heartwarming. Truly heartwarming.”

Much to love and some to hate in this episode, so let’s start with the good: Joe West, you’re the best father ever.

Joe is protective without being domineering. He provides advice and will do anything for his kids. He looks great in hats and without hats. And he takes even the worst news ever—that his daughter will die—in stride so that he can focus on doing what needs to be done. I hope he and Cecile manage to stay happy, since Joe deserves it.

The best part about Joe…well, the hats are the best part. The second-best part about Joe is what a great job he did raising his kids. In “Dead or Alive,” Cisco explained the importance of all of the Wellses who had mentored him, and how their lessons taught him how to pay it forward. We could say the same about the men who have mentored Barry.

Although the Wellses influenced Barry’s ability, I think Joe influenced his heart. In this episode, Joe told Barry that sometimes we need to take risks. That’s exactly what Barry did to save the train, and what he convinced Wally to do in order to successfully phase so that he could save his sister.

Everyone mentors differently. Joe is the classic, low-key guide on the side who provides just enough push to let people find their own way. Previous Wellses have been more of a sage-on-the-stage type. HR likes to shout. Barry is still finding his footing (speedster pun!), but he seems to like Joe’s sink-or-swim encouragement approach, which was mentioned explicitly just a few episodes ago.

Caitlin’s approach is a bit more touchy-feely. She and Julian have a lot in common: fear of their powers, guilt over past actions (intentional or not). But Caitlin mentors through empathy. And, if the elevator scene is any indicator, through a drinks date. Caitlin’s quest to make Julian more friendly might just turn them into something more than friends. I totally called it.

And now for the hate: Let’s talk about time travel.

Although the character-based conflict and progress is delightful, I am utterly annoyed by the way that Team Flash is treating the items from the future news report. As JRS said in his review of "Borrowing Problems from the Future," [t]heir logic is now that changing each of these items in the future will prevent Iris from dying...And I'm still not convinced that the random events reported on a news story being changed, will have any effect on Savitar killing Iris."

Yes! Yes to JRS, that is, and a whooping big “no” to Team Flash: there is no reason to think that just because Luigi’s Restaurant is going to have to open under another name that Savitar will kill Iris. The events in the news report are not causal, they’re correlative. Heck, they’re just parallel. And Wally already proved he can change the future by capturing Plunder. Team Flash, many of you have advanced degrees. Put on your mortarboards—I’m sure you kept them—and think a bit more!


• To be honest, I wouldn’t visit a restaurant that had a recent necrotizing fasciitis outbreak. Just think of how low their Yelp rating must be!

• In profile, Yorkin looked a bit like Milo Ventimiglia. Although he is not Milo V., he is Jewel Staite’s ex-husband. Thanks, IMDb, for a random fact I didn't realize I wanted to know!

• Luigi’s Restaurant needs a new name? I suggest Mario’s Trattoria.

• Like JRS, I thought Cecile’s daughter would be a meta. I guess we were wrong.

• Is Flash doubling down on Iris as a damsel in distress as a trick? I’m wondering now if someone else will wind up dying at the end of this season.

Two and a half out of four Holy Kardashians

Josie Kafka is a full-time cat servant and part-time rogue demon hunter. (What's a rogue demon?)

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