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Lucifer: Et Tu, Doctor?

Review by An Honest Fangirl

When we last left Lucifer, he had just burned his wings in a rather spectacular fashion. Where is the Devil supposed to go from there? What does the Devil do once he finally renounces his throne once and for all? Besides solve murders, of course.

Apparently, he gets very jealous. Unfortunately, this means that Lucifer is far less charming and endearing this time around. His focus on "fixing" Chloe and on trying to get someone to agree with him that he's not jealous was exhausting, and a little annoying. Which is a shame, because we saw flickers of an enjoyable Lucifer. You know, the one who sends flowers, chocolates, and himself as an apology for punching a hole in your wall.

This was a very good episode for Dr. Linda. She quickly became one of my favorite characters. She's just so much more interesting now that they got her out of her office and interacting with other people. The confrontation between her and Maze was especially electric. I loved how Linda assessed the situation and decided to simply insult Maze right back. It was fun, and showed a strength in Linda that we haven't really seen before. More scenes with Maze and Linda, please!

Maze certainly needs a friend, especially after Lucifer found out that she told Amenadiel about Linda. It was hard to see them on a bad terms, especially after the last episode. They were such a team, and Maze had just reaffirmed that she'll always be there for him. Not anymore. I do give a lot of props to Maze, though, for owning what she had done. I just can't help but wonder what the consequences of this broken relationship will be, especially with Malcolm up and about.

I'm very torn about Malcolm. On one hand, it looks like he's going to bring every character on the show together onto a single plot line. But on the other, he's just a little too crazy, a little too evil. I never doubted for a moment that Chloe was right about him. That conversation between them at her house should have at least made me question Chloe's suspicions. A little more subtlety would have made the end reveal much more impactful.

Dan was the one who shot Malcolm. They were heavily hinting at it throughout the episode, so it wasn't really a surprise. That really doesn't bode well for his and Chloe's relationship. You knew that something had to happen after they kissed. Lucifer wasn't about to spend an entire episode on Lucifer's jealousy over Dan only to cement Chloe and Dan's happy ending. I'm actually rather upset that Lucifer chose to take this route. I want Lucifer and Chloe to get together, yes, but not because Dan turned out to be an awful guy.

Random Thoughts

"Well, speak of the me." Cute.

I loved that one crime scene tech who just kinda stood there awkwardly eavesdropping on Chloe and Lucifer's bantering. You have to wonder if that happens a lot. Maybe there's an office pool going around on how long it'll take Chloe to finally murder him, or on how long it'll be until they hook up.

What was the police birthday tradition? Whiskey and pickle juice? Or something? I'd try that.

Sadly, not as good as the last two episodes.

7.7 out of 10

~An Honest Fangirl

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  1. That's a really good explanation of Dr. Linda here.

    Also, Jim Rash aka Dean Pelton!


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