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Lucifer: Sin-Eater

Review by An Honest Fangirl

Mom continues to adjust to being human while Chloe and Lucifer explore one of the worst places in the world: the Internet.

This episode was all about punishment, specifically the people who enact it. This story feels especially relevant considering the recent conversations around Facebook and Twitter about how they moderate their content. Or don't moderate, I suppose is more accurate to say. A video posting company is a great place to set a serial killer who thinks that he's punishing the guilty.

Was Lelia guilty? Lucifer and Lucifer itself seemed to take the position that she was the most innocent of the three victims, that she didn't actually do anything wrong. I'm just asking because I'm searching for a point of clarification here. Obviously, what Ray did was horrible; it doesn't matter what people have done, you can't brutally torture them to death. But Lucifer had an epiphany while talking to Ray. Ray had become part of the problem in his pursuit of punishment, while Lucifer himself stays above it. But they both punish people because they're good at it, because they like it, because it makes them happy. When did Ray cross that line into becoming part of the problem? When he started to enjoy it just a little too much?

Don't get me wrong, I love Lucifer as a character and I don't see him in the "crazed serial killer" light at all. But he is the Devil, and while he's a very lovable Devil, there is still a side of him that takes pleasure from watching people rightfully suffer. He said so himself that he agreed that the first two victims got exactly what they deserved. So what is the line that makes what Lucifer does okay, but what Ray does not okay? Is it because of how we view each character? Lucifer is the protagonist of the show. We're supposed to side with him. I guess this is the first time that I'm really questioning whether or not we should in this instance.

Mom also questioned Lucifer's desire to punish people. Well, she technically ended up questioning every part of Lucifer's life. She could not understand why Lucifer would willingly chose to work in a field that punishes people. She thought that it was a way for Lucifer to win his father's approval, something that Lucifer denied in the end. She had much better luck getting through to Amenadiel.

I'm not sure if I buy Amenadiel's sudden change of heart in regards to siding with Mom over God. It just felt very sudden, and it makes me wonder if Amenadiel didn't return his mom to Hell because he physically couldn't. He is losing a lot of feathers very, very quickly. It was actually rather cute how he scrambled to hide the evidence of his troubles from Maze. Oh, wait! Maybe he's siding with Mom because he feels like God's abandoning him or punishing him for something? That could actually explain the change in heart. That would make a lot of sense.

I know that I said it in the last episode, but Mom is talking a very good game. I believed her when she told Amenadiel that she was ready to return to Hell. She seems to genuinely want to be with her sons. Enough so that she accepts her punishment of becoming Charlotte Richards. I'm just wondering how that would ever work logistically. Charlotte is a high-powered defense attorney. I'm pretty sure that Mom has very little knowledge of or patience for the human legal system. Not to mention the husband, and the kids, and this is just going to turn into a mess, isn't it?

At least Dan is trying to fix his mess. I gained a lot of respect for him when he told Chloe that he wanted a divorce. He recognized the situation that he was in, and made the best choice for him and his family. That is very hard to do. And I'm glad that Dan was the one who initiated the divorce proceedings. It gave some agency back to the character, who has honestly just been a punching bag for the past handful of episodes.

Random Thoughts

Trixie and her chocolate cake again. At some point, Dan is going to have to stop buying her off with food.

I'm really glad that Maze and Linda are continuing to spend time together. I just wish that we could see Linda when she's not in therapist mode.

"Do not touch the charred crotch." Chloe had to say it twice.

I'm probably going to start referring to Mom as Charlotte from now on.

Wait, did I actually talk about the Case of the Week? Huh.

Another very, very good episode, despite my worries and wonderings about Lucifer's character.

9.1 out of 10

~An Honest Fangirl

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  1. "We're supposed to side with him. I guess this is the first time that I'm really questioning whether or not we should in this instance."

    Yes, I agree. Luciferc is definitely lawful, perhaps lawful neutral. But in this show his presence (and concomitant disregard of due process) also lends a sense of divine mandate to police work, which is a tricky proposition these days, especially considering how many of the bad guys are people of color.


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