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Midnight, Texas: Bad Moon Rising

Review by An Honest Fangirl

With a name like "Bad Moon Rising" and a show based around supernatural creatures, you can pretty much guess which creature is going to feature prominently. There's only so many out there.

Having the Reverend be a weretiger as opposed to a werewolf was a cool twist, though. (Even if it was completely spoiled by the previews for this episode.) You don't really see those a lot in fiction, and I would argue that they're much scarier than a werewolf. Tigers are freaking terrifying. Do you know how many people a year they kill? It's a disturbing amount.

We got a little bit more about Olivia this episode. She was perfectly willing to kill the Reverend once things went wrong, and he trusted her to. Despite their friendship, he knew that she would be able to do what needed to be done. It was Lem that found another way, who acknowledged that the Reverend and the weretiger are two separate entities, but still saved the life of his friend. It set up an interesting dichotomy in their relationship that I'm curious to see explored further as the series continues.

Probably the biggest shock coming out of this episode was that we lost both of the cops that we were introduced to last episode. And both characters seemed like they would be major players going forward, especially Sheriff Livingston. I was not expecting that bomb. The writing was on the wall for Deputy Gomez the moment she investigated the Reverend's bunker, so that wasn't so much of a surprise.

I'm not sure how I feel about losing both characters so quickly. Theoretically, someone's going to investigate the disappearance/murder of two law enforcement officials, right? They're not just going to ignore the consequences, especially with Olivia saying that they really need to get Midnight off of the police radar? I don't know. It certainly added to the menace of the Sons of Lucifer.

And to the surprise of essentially no one, it looks like at least one of them is Aubrey's murderer. Is it really that simple? Yes, they're the type of people that kill cops, and everyone in Midnight seems to be wary of them. But I really wouldn't be surprised if someone was just using them to pin the blame on someone. But if they were, then they would have had to know that Manfred would use his psychic powers to find the gun and the jacket and... Yeah, that plan starts to fall apart.

Honestly, I'm more expecting them to be tied up in whatever Joe's prophecy is and whatever demon was living under Manfred's house. If only because the name "Sons of Lucifer" feels far too deliberate to be anything but a clue to their true allegiance. I'm more excited about the demon than I am about the prophecy. So far, it just seems to be your standard apocalyptic fare. It's kinda boring.

The demon is more interesting if only because it directly involves my favorite character on this show, Fiji. I'm very attached to her already. It's bad. I was actually tense when she got locked in the house by herself. Fiji told Manfred that she can't be possessed, but the demon is definitely haunting her. He/It wants her for some reason. As long as it doesn't end in her death, I'm excited to see what that reason is.  

Overall, I think this is a step up from last week. Maybe I'm just more centered in this world and I know what to expect, but the pacing and the tone felt a lot better. They still need to do more to develop the characters, some more so than others, but it's early still. I'm willing to give them a little more time.

Random Thoughts  

Bobo kicks ass.

Weres are born, not made. And even being scratched by silver can kill them.

Lem mentioned being useless in sunlight, and silver makes vampires sick.

Please, please, please develop Creek further. Don't just make her a love interest. Please? Pretty please?

Joe the angel has a male love interest, Chuy. I like that.

Was... Xylda smoking weed?

Definitely better.

An Honest Fangirl loves superheroes, science fiction, fantasy, and really bad horror movies. 


  1. One of Sookie Stackhouse's boyfriends in the book series was a weretiger. :)

  2. Well so I watched these two eps and yeah, I'm on board. It's an entertaining show. The casting is really nice. Now if we only could get Lexie and Cesare Borgia making out...


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