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The X-Files: 4-D

Case: While pursuing a suspect, Doggett crosses into a parallel universe, where he needs help from Reyes to bring him back.

Destination: D.C. and D.C. adjacent.

Doggett and Reyes get their 'Folie a Deux' in '4-D'.

With a stable of writers newer to The X-Files DNA, Season Nine had some fresh and modern contours that allowed some of Chris Carter's rules to get twisted — rightly. '4-D' is a good example of that. Here are our two new leads allowed to share natural moments of intimacy without a lot of spectacle. And it really works. Both Patrick and Gish are excellent at conveying a relaxed affection for the other's character. It's literally so unselfconscious, it's not even a question of if it's platonic or not.

A lot of this needs to be credited, particularly, to Gish's portrayal of Agent Reyes. She takes what's black and white on the page and fills in many variants of emotion, charm and disposition. The creation of the character was an inspired one but just as Anderson took Scully to the next level, and then to about 160 levels above that, Gish really shines in this role, as she's an evolution of female characters that came before. Her Reyes is an asset to the series, this universe, tv characters and beyond.

As for the story, it's just okay. But, at least it doesn't get in the way of serving as a vehicle to understand the nuances of Doggett and Reyes better. The serial killer who does unspeakable things to women has been done so many times, (and even in this very series!) so there's nothing remotely impressive here, but you feel it laboring for something greater along the way. Simply said, the story needed to plot out ways for these two to have an unpredictable and otherworldly experience together, and a parallel universe fulfilled that to a T. What we got in the end was a situation that changed them both forever.

A few words about the scenes with Scully and Reyes: I freaking love them. Both actresses are supremely facile apart, but together, they have a wonderful chemistry almost based solely on their ability to embrace femininity as they do. Their combined emotional quotient is off the charts, I'm sure. It's taken my own maturity to be able to savor these two on screen together, as the first time this aired, I was frustrated by the lack of Mulder this season.

Other Thoughts

* Loved the military men (Doggett and Skinner) communicating through Morse code. Nice touch.

* Cary Elwes. That is all.

* Some nice plot twists with the discovery of the bullet and the FBI's realizing whose gun it came from.

* Doggett's dick joke.

* The misogynist plus the Psycho reference. UGH.

* Skinner!


Reyes: "I haven't understood one single word I've heard since I got here. Whoever you're talking about, it's not John Doggett."

Reyes: "Do you kiss your mom with that mouth?"

Final Analysis: Not the best story but a nice character piece for Doggett and Reyes.


  1. Love this one! The story is fun and trippy, Reyes and Doggett are adorable together, and the episode brought some much needed drama and complexity to the new season.

  2. I thought this was a good episode and the dimension stuff was a good vehicle but was I the only one who mourned other dimension Reyes and Doggett?


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