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Lucifer: My Little Monkey

Review by An Honest Fangirl

We continue to deal with the ramifications of the past two episodes in a very heavy episode. Again, Lucifer, give my heart a break. Please?

Dan and Lucifer had always had a very antagonistic relationship. They're two very different people, with different views, priorities, morals. It makes sense that they would each want to try being the other. Sometimes you just need to get out of your own head, especially when you don't like who you are.

Boris the Human Lie Detector said that both Lucifer and Dan hate Lucifer Morningstar. It kind of makes sense for Dan. Everything that he said during the improv scene came from some nugget of truth. It can't be easy watching someone that you love — and Dan clearly still loves Chloe — become close with a handsome, rich, charming man who has made no secret of wanting to get into her pants.

But Lucifer hates himself too. That was just incredibly sad to me. It makes sense, given everything that's happened with Uriel and Linda, but still. Lucifer sees himself as someone who only brings pain and destruction to people, whether he wants to or not. After the debacle with Linda last episode, Lucifer wanted to stop hurting people. He wanted to be actually helpful to Chloe. But what he didn't see was that he was helpful, just the way that he was. His desire superpower and his playing "me's advocate" were what solved the case. The hug at the end between Lucifer and Chloe felt real, and it felt earned. The care and support that Chloe offered last episode was reciprocated here. I loved that Lucifer seemed to not really know what to do with his arms. You get the impression that he never really had a lot of comforting hugs.

I really enjoyed Lucifer and Dan's talk at the improv class. Not only was the scene beautifully shot, but it seems like we might have moved closer to a more professional, less hostile relationship between those two. Or at least an acknowledgement that they're not as perfect as the other thinks. I'm sure that they're going to be back to snarking at each other next episode, but I hope that the progress made here isn't completely forgotten.

This is making all of their scenes sound really dark and heavy, but they were actually pretty damn funny. They provided a much needed levity to this episode. This case went to some pretty dark places.

We knew that Chloe's dad died, but did we know that he was murdered? The investigation into Joe Field's death gave us a lot of insight into Chloe's character and motivations. I loved the flashback to her and Dan's first meeting. There's an obvious spark between them, and it clear to see why they got married in the first place. Another standout scene was when Joe Field's daughter threatened Chloe with the gun. It was a very tense scene with the knowledge that Trixie was there, just out of sight. I was very impressed that Chloe managed to handle the situation so well without Trixie figuring out that something really bad almost happened.

The other highlight of the episode was Maze and Linda. Lucifer's revelation of his true face had devastating consequences for that relationship. Linda was absolutely terrified of Maze. One of her friends turned out to be a demon. Linda had no idea how to handle that. Maze clearly wasn't expecting to be rejected, though. She was clearly hurt to have lost her only friend. (Except Linda isn't her only friend. Chloe made it clear that they were friends too.) But Maze still came back, all excited to share that she got a paycheck for the first time. I'll admit, I got a little teared up when Maze was just talking to the closed door, hoping desperately that it would open. I really love that relationship, and I'm glad that Linda decided to continue it.

(I'm not going to start shipping Maze and Linda. I'm not going to start shipping Maze and Linda. I'm not going to.... damn it.)

Random Thoughts

John Decker got the episode title.

I didn't realize that calling your child "Monkey" was a family thing. That's actually really sweet.

No Amenadiel or Charlotte.

We got an American accent from Lucifer and a British accent from Dan.

Was it just me, or was it very weird to see Lucifer in something other than a suit?

The short scene with Ella was very sweet.

Maze was just ridiculously pretty this episode.

And, I mean, we also got this:

Wow, Lucifer is on a roll!

9.5 out of 10.

~An Honest Fangirl

1 comment:

  1. Loved this episode! All the interactions. Linda and Maze on the mend! Yeah Maze was very pretty!


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