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Lucifer: Quid Pro Ho

Review by An Honest Fangirl

channels its inner Law & Order this episode. And it's inner Every Rom Com Ever. And it's inner Touched By An Angel. And it's inner... I don't know martial arts movies. But it channeled one of them!

If all of that sounds a little disjointed, that's because this episode kind of was all over the place. While most of the plot threads were held together by the trial of Warden Perry, some sequences felt like they belonged in completely separate episodes. Like the admittedly awesome scene where Maze, Lucifer, and Dan take on the Chinese Triad. I always love getting to see Maze kick some ass, and her constant sexual references to Dan were hilarious. That scene kind of typified the entire episode: great individual pieces that didn't quite gel together properly.

And let's be honest here. Everything that happened in the court room was a little absurd. Highly enjoyable, yes. Definitely. Lucifer reenacting his meeting with Boris was a highlight of the episode. But it tested my suspension of disbelief just a little bit. No sane lawyer should have put Lucifer anywhere near the stand, and they should have taken him off as soon as he said "So help me Dad." I'm willing to try and overlook it, though, because it did give us some great character moments.

The real meat of the drama in this episode was the conflict between Chloe wanting to put her father's killer away forever, and Charlotte wanting to prove to Lucifer beyond a shadow of a doubt that Chloe doesn't care about him in the same way that he cares about her. The whole bombing threat was cleared up very quickly by Amenadiel, who quite rightly pointed out that Lucifer would never forgive Charlotte for killing Chloe. So, Charlotte had to move onto more subtle means, and hence the conflict.

I wonder how long Chloe considered Charlotte's offer for, if at all. It had to be tempting. Chloe knows that Lucifer might be a little weird and quirky, but she's also pretty sure that he's human. Would it be so bad to say "No, of course he's not the actual Devil!" on the stand? But Chloe chose her partner over the case, and they both realized just how much that meant. It was enough to get Lucifer to man up and finally have his date with Chloe.

I know better than to expect next episode to start with a kiss, but you can't stop a fangirl from hoping. At the very least, their date at Lux is the definite start of something. Something that has been building since Lucifer first made a deal with God to secure Chloe's safety. This episode felt very much like the point of no return, and for more than just Chloe and Lucifer's growing romantic relationship.

I'm with Maze: I didn't think that Dan had it in him to sic the Russian mob on Perry. Well, he did shoot Malcolm in order to protect Chloe. I guess this was the same premise, except that Dan was also trying to correct the mistake that he made with Charlotte. But Dan! You were solidly on your path to redemption! Don't screw it up now with a Russian mob hit. I don't want a repeat story arc of Dan doing something incredibly illegal and trying to cover it up, only for it to all blow up in his face.

We also finally found out what it is that makes Chloe so special. God had Amenadiel bless her parents so that they could conceive. Chloe is literally a miracle placed on Earth in order to be in Lucifer's path. Remember when Father Frank said that God had a plan for Lucifer? It looks like we're beginning to see the shape of it. Of course, we still don't know what being a miracle means. It probably means that Chloe is fully human, but we have no idea what the wider consequences are going to be.

Especially now that Charlotte knows. She seemed utterly convinced that Chloe was the key to getting everyone back to Heaven. And I just can't help but feel like Charlotte's plans are going to be very bad for Chloe. At the very least, Chloe just turned into a pawn to be manipulated in some divine game of chess.

Random Thoughts

RIP Boris the Human Lie Detector.

I was right; Lucifer's reaction to Dan sleeping with Charlotte was golden.

Did Maze's license plate say anything fun? I couldn't decode it if it did.

Loved Amenadiel scrambling for the detonator when Charlotte tossed it away.

Penelope Decker was back in a far more serious, dramatic capacity than last time.

Does Amenadiel not know that Linda knows the truth?

Also, I loved Linda fishing for information on Lucifer and Chloe's date in the beginning.

We found out that Chloe is 34ish, give or take a few months.

More Amenadiel feeling like a pawn. They're being rather consistent with his character arc.

I didn't even touch on Maze and Amenadiel. I think that he's going to need a lot more flowers than that in order to apologize.

Does this make Trixie a half miracle?

The courtroom antics were a little hard for me to swallow, and the episode as a whole just never came together into one coherent piece. It's a testament to the characters and acting that I didn't really mind all that much.

8.5 out of 10

~An Honest Fangirl

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