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The X-Files: Provenance

Case: An undercover FBI agent wants to kill William

Destination: Alberta, Canada/Washington DC

Scully: “Those are questions I can’t answer.”

We are back to the X-File's mythology and I can't say that I'm pleased. An FBI agent who has gone deep under cover tries to cross the border from Canada to the US and ends up in a fiery mess. I wondered, if he is an FBI agent, couldn't he just break cover and walk across? Or call in or ... He is carrying a copy of symbols taken from an alien craft much like the ones Scully has in the X-Files. If they know that Scully knows about these symbols, you would think they would check out the files in the basement.

As with most mythology driven episodes in season nine, things don't add up. It's as if the writers just get lost in moving the story forward. Even the FBI pieces don't make a lot of sense. Skinner keeping information away from Scully is out of character even if it is the news that Mulder is dead. It's not like she's not going to figure it out herself, and by trying to protect her, Skinner actually makes things worse (that how it usually works in real life). Scully ends up having to shoot Comer the FBI agent to protect her son.

Doggett continues to grow on me. He isn't taking any of this nonsense and he just plows ahead doing what he thinks is right. I was surprised by how easily he got access to Skinner's office. Perhaps Skinner let him access it? I can't imagine that it would be that easy to break into an Assistant Director's office. Doggett is also having to face up to the reality of aliens. He talks about whacked UFO cults only to be confronted with rubbings from an actual alien ship.

Reyes is also growing on me and I enjoy the relationship that she and Scully are building. This episode might even pass the Bechtel test! She is willing to just show up for Scully, as they all are for each other. I particularly liked the look she gave to the Three Amigos when they left William in their care. It was a total "if you mess this up you are answering to me" look. Unfortunately, it looks like they are not up to the job but considering that the crazy UFO woman was willing to just run over Doggett, I'm not sure who would be up to the job except Scully.

Other Thoughts

If a small piece of that space ship can heal people, I wonder what a whole ship can do?

We do not call it Alberta Province up here in Canada. We call it the province of Alberta. Not sure about that annoying detail since there were a lot of Canadians working on this show.

Of course the Three Amigos have a Volkswagen van.


Doggett: "Dead man up and disappearing, happens every day right? At least it does on the X-Files."

Scully: “I need to know if it's really God I have to thank.”

Doggett: “Just tell me the boy’s okay.”

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