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Lucifer: The One with the Baby Carrot

Review by An Honest Fangirl

"So, tell me. What do you desire?"

I know that Lucifer says this almost every episode, but it means more this time around. A lot more.

Just who or what is the Sinnerman? A major crime boss? Some supernatural entity? Lt. Pierce? Either way, he's really moving into Lucifer's territory. From the very moment we were introduced to Lucifer back in the first episode, he has been making deals in order to provide people with their greatest desires. To have the Sinnerman encroach on this territory only further proves to Lucifer that someone is trying to forcibly change his identity.

And if we know anything by now, it's that trying to force Lucifer to do something is a sure fire way of making him do the exact opposite. I'm a little worried. If this keeps up, Lucifer is only going to do more and more outlandish things to prove that he's the Devil rather than an angel. It's only going to blow up in his face and, if Pierce is to be believed, in his friends' faces as well.

Do we believe Pierce? His story about facing off with the Sinnerman, losing, and then running to Los Angeles with his tail between his legs doesn't necessarily jive with the character that we've been presented with so far. I just don't trust him yet. Did he really lose a loved one to the Sinnerman? If so, my guess is a child. The reason why he didn't want Chloe to get involved was because she has Trixie. Also, can we please stop keeping secrets from Chloe. Seriously. Please. That's all I want. I swear, if she doesn't find out Lucifer's true identity by the mid season finale...

The other main plot in this episode dealt with Linda and Amenadiel. They're just such a great pairing. (Anyone with Linda is great.) I really like how they're dealing with Linda's traumatic experience. There were hints that she really wasn't alright at all, but she was channeling that in a healthy way. She's working, she's going out to drinks with friends, she's trying to help people. She isn't wallowing or being destructive. I know a few characters on this show who could take a lesson from her on that.

There must be something about being a divine being that means you continuously misinterpret Linda's advice. I'm not quite sure where Amenadiel's story is going this season. He's convinced that all of this is one big test set out by his father, but it almost feels like he's making excuses to himself. He's using this idea of a test to distract himself from the fact that he's still angry, still disappointed, still jealous. Lucifer repeatedly gets his wings back, the one thing that Amenadiel wants more than anything, and he treats them like trash. That has to hurt. I just want Amenadiel to be happy. He's been through a lot lately and deserves a break.

The case of the week was actually fairly strong. I didn't necessarily care about finding out who the killer was, but it led to some great scenes. Dan's attempt at stand up and Lucifer interrupting the television show were definitely the highlights. It was just so funny! Even though we're starting to go down a dark path with the Sinnerman plot, the humor keep the episode fairly fun. That's certainly a strength of Lucifer.

Random Thoughts

I forgot just how much I love the music on this show.

I didn't hear anyone say the episode title. Did I just miss it?

Still no Maze, although Lucifer was talking to her on the phone.

Amenadiel really does need a nickname.

The Sinnerman has some really good luck. He doesn't even have to do anything and people who rat on him still get killed.

Whatever happened to Linda getting her license suspended? I know that Maze... "talked" to the official. Is she just all good now?

Fun geeky trivia note: Lucifer was called "Doctor Who" when he interrupted the comedy show. Tom Ellis actually was on Doctor Who. He was the dashing Tom Milligan in "The Last of the Time Lords." You know, the person Martha should have ended up with as opposed to Mickey. Ooh... now I want crossover fanfic.


Linda: Lucifer, you didn't invent the idea of giving out favors... Right. I forgot who I was talking to.

*giant rooster statue rolls by*
Lucifer: That's the biggest cock I've ever seen.

Linda: Thanks for meeting me, Amenadiel. Is there a shorter version of that? Do people ever call you "Amen?" Probably not.

Lucifer: What is it you think I am?
Pierce: An idiot.

Another really, really good episode. And it looks like we get Maze back next week! Yay!
An Honest Fangirl loves superheroes, science fiction, fantasy, and really bad horror movies. 


  1. This one made me laugh out loud several times, which is always good. The baby carrot thing was one of the many, many micropenis jokes, I think. Loved the rooster statue. And I'm going to echo what you said about Chloe learning the truth. They're right on the cusp of putting it off too long.

    I was trying to think of a decent nickname for Amenadiel, and honestly, I don't think it can be done. "Diel," maybe? They're probably going to have to go for something completely unrelated to his name, like Ace, or Dutch, or Spanky. :)

  2. I think Luci said it to Dan, like "Maybe you're the one with the baby carrot?"

    I do agree that keeping Chloe out of the loop isn't smart. On the other hand, Pierce's reasoning is quite believable. He sounded like he was really concerned. As I said before, he looks more like a jerk with a heart of gold.

    Unless he has a third layer. I doubt that though. Not that kind of a movie. We'll see.

    Is it OK if I get all selfish and just demand Maze to get back? It's just not the same without her.

    BTW, I only realised the bad guy's name wasn't "Cinnamon" after reading your previous review.

  3. Actually, come to think of it... there seems to be only one person in this universe who can make Lucifer's wings reappear, his true face change, and manipulate people with that precision. And if they REALLY cast him as a bad guy, then... wow.

  4. And one more thing: I don't remember Ellis in "Doctor Who", but I remember a lot of fans stating he is going to be the 13th Doctor. That was before Jodie Whittaker was revealed, of course.

  5. They are really straddling that line now between Chloe knowing and not knowing...Its beginning to impact my enjoyment of the show. None of the characters can move until Chloe finds out..She is not the best character but she is the integral piece..
    I understand why they would want to hold off as long as possible but now its starting to feel like they are playing safe and afraid where the show could and would have to go once Chloe finds out.
    Lack of Maze and Trixie is not helping, although Ella is becoming more and more delightful.

  6. Add me to the chorus of people annoyed by the ongoing delay of revealing Lucifer to Chloe. It's got to the point that I'm wondering if they think it's a running joke and don't realize it's not actually funny. And it's feeling kind of arbitrary. If he really wants Chloe to know, why not keep the damn wings on long enough to show her. Besides, how can Lucifer not know what his own true form is? Surely whatever illusion he uses to appear human doesn't fool him. And it can't be a Chloe effect, because he's shown his devil face to people when she was very nearby.

    Not really loving the Sinnerman plot. I'm finding it difficult to get my head around a being that's not God or his instrument being more powerful than Lucifer or his mother, neither of whom could restore wings. And I find Pierce bland thus far.


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