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Lucifer: They're Back, Aren't They?

Review by An Honest Fangirl

Yes, Lucifer, they are back. Which is absolutely wonderful for people who watch TV.

I had a hard time trying to think of what to write for this review. This wasn't a bad episode by any means. It was cute, light hearted, and set up the Sinnerman as an interesting Big Bad. I enjoyed it. It's always lovely to have Lucifer back on my screen. But the whole thing felt just a little bit "been there, done that."

The theme this season is obviously "identity." Chloe was called Lucifer's partner multiple times. Technically speaking, it's true. She is his partner just like he's hers. But he is certainly... flamboyant. It's not surprising that he would get most of the attention, or that people would attribute their success to him. I did like that she did ultimately embrace it, though. Her speech to Pierce at the end was rather moving.

Lucifer's quest is the most obvious. He lost his Devil Face and gained a very persistent pair of gorgeous wings. Which is he? Devil? Angel? Something in between? I'm leaning towards the last one. The past two seasons have done more than enough to prove that Lucifer isn't the Devil that everyone knows. But he isn't quite an angel like Amenadiel either.

I'm curious to see what Amenadiel's arc will be this season. His faith in God has been renewed, even though his powers and wings are still gone. Maybe it'll involve some kind of romantic connection with Ella? Had they really not met before then? Amenadiel says that his ego will no longer get in the way of anything, but I'm not sure how long that'll last. Lucifer getting his wings back had to be a kick in the teeth, although if they're really from this mysterious Sinnerman, then maybe not.

I suppose the best question to ask is what exactly Sinnerman is. A demon? Angel? The newly arrived Lt. Pierce? He can't just be a random nobody. He was far too unfazed when their killer was whisked away by two very intimidating men in black suits. What was it that he said? "You can't save them all?" Did he know that they would find the poor bastard skewered underneath the pier?

How long will they prolong Lucifer revealing his true identity to Chloe? I just want her to know. We're quickly approaching a point where their relationship simply can't progress anywhere, and her constantly disbelieving Lucifer is starting to get tiresome.

I don't know, lovely readers. I really did enjoy this episode. The dialogue was snappy. It was funny. I still adore this show. Maybe it's just because this was the first episode, but I felt like everything just reset. I wanted some kind of forward momentum, some kind of change in the status quo. But I suppose I can wait a few more episodes for that.

Random Thoughts

Wait, changelings? We have changelings in this universe? What else? Are we going to have more supernatural creatures? Please?

How does someone even get into the fake kidnapping business?

Yes, that was the same robber from the Season 2 opener. I fully expect to see him again next season as well.

There was a sequel to Hot Tub High School?

Maze was off bounty hunting aka Lesley-Ann Brandt just had a child and is on maternity leave.

No Trixie, and sadly not a lot of Linda.

Tom Welling may be best known for his role as a certain superhero on Smallville.

Welcome back, Lucifer. I really have missed you.
An Honest Fangirl loves superheroes, science fiction, fantasy, and really bad horror movies. 


  1. Tricia Helfer was in credits. I thought we're done with her? She is a good actress, but... I just didn't like her last season. At all.

    I actually fast-forwarded that scene with Luci trying to reveal his true face to Chloe. It was painfully obvious that it won't work.

    In season 1 we also had something that should work, but didn't. Lucifer's invincibility. And, some time later, we discovered that, surprise, it only fails in Chloe's presence. Are we certain Lucifer's true face doesn't work like that as well? Maybe he becomes fully human when she is around?

    My guess is that Pierce would end up on the side of good. Arrogant and insensitive bastard, but ultimately good. And, since we already have one who fits that description, one of them has to die. I wonder, which one.

  2. I enjoyed it. I sort of hate Lucifer's devil face and I'd love it if it was permanently gone. The wings on the floor of the wardrobe actually made me go "awww" and I was surprised when they reappeared. So can't Lucifer simply show Chloe his wings this time? I absolutely agree that the way he keeps trying to tell her the truth and not succeeding is getting old.

    Tom Welling! I like Tom Welling. I reviewed Smallville for way, way too long. And I thought this new character was fun and I was also thinking, no, way too obvious that he's the big bad. Here's hoping he's a great big red herring with another unexpected subplot of his own.

    Good to hear why Maze was missing because I was worried for a moment that she was permanently gone.

    Was Ella always this crazy, or are they ramping it up?

  3. I missed this episode the first time it aired on french TV (I was watching Murdoch Mysteries on another channel XD). But when I finally watched it, after I had already watched the whole season 3, it appeared blindingly obvious that this episode sets up everything that doesn't work in this season 3. It is so disappointing, and even more disappointing as I had huge expectations about the gorgeous white wings seen at the end of season 2.
    Yesterday, I tried to finally rewatch season 3, the one I don't like. I was motivated, certain that this time I would manage to go all the way. So, obviously, I launched this episode first, and even laughed at the beginning with Mr Saidoutbitch...
    ...and I had to interrupt to yell after only 13 minutes. Less than the quarter of an hour. Within less than the quarter of an hour, I was already fed up with Pierce, his coldness and his gratuitous insults, Ella contentedly admiring him and kissing his ass, Chloe angry with Lucifer for no reason, and nobody believing Lucifer although he was saying the thruth and actually had been kidnapped. Not to mention the scene of an unbearable misogyny and vulgarity with Josh the guy who hired the kidnapping company.
    I calmed down, came back to viewing, and THEN came the icing on the cake: the scene where Lucifer wants to show Chloe his devil face and hasn't it anymore. It was going to be his bravest gesture, his opening to the woman he loves, and... NOTHING! The writers chose to hide the truth from Chloe!
    Chloe is de facto excluded from the plot, their relationship is ruined, and as if it was not enough, it is with an extra toilet joke ("oh my God, you're gassy?", I can't believe it...)
    And to add insult to injury, there is this sentence that Lucifer shouts at the end "I define who I am", ironical enough to puke when you know that he actually regained his wings and lost his face by himself because of how he feels, and on the other side Chloe's ridiculous babbling in front of Pierce when she tries to justify herself as if she had anything to prove and turns out to pour her heart out about her argument with Lucifer... FACEPALM!!!
    Both characters beginning to be ruined...
    Nothing works in this episode, it foils any single expectation the viewers could have had in a disconcerting way, and it is plain obvious that the foundations it lays for season 3 are dubious to say the less. I watched it, but now I don't want to watch the next ones anymore, and I'm after all NOT rewatching season 3.
    I still don't understand how the writers who wrote the awesome season 4 managed to screw season 3 that much...

  4. Given that Lucifer has wings at the beginning, why does he need a lift back to Los Angeles? Can't he just fly back? Or too weak?

  5. Victoria: probably a fear of drones.


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