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Lucifer: Welcome Back, Charlotte Richards

Review by An Honest Fangirl

"Don't joke, man. Pudding Plus is my favorite, okay? Twice as much protein as all the other brands."
"Now with twice as much dead guy."

Love her or hate her, Charlotte Richards is back. But who exactly is she when she's not being possessed by the Goddess of all Creation?

I'll start by saying that I was very excited to see Tricia Helfer again. I thought that she did a very good job with Momlotte, even if she did have some uneven writing. So I was curious to see what she would do with a more human character.

Helfer was as good as expected, but I think that the uneven writing might have stuck around. I could definitely understand Charlotte wanting to be a better person after realizing that she went to Hell, but her holding her clients at gun point felt like a step or two too far.

Beyond that, I liked how they handled Charlotte waking up from her possession. She doesn't remember anything, she's divorced, she doesn't have visitation rights, and she now has thirty cases of Merlot. Momlotte really did a number on her life, and now she needs to try and rebuild. And hopefully that means rebuilding with Dan. I like them together. Well, I liked Momlotte and Dan together. The dynamic is obviously different, but I still think a relationship would work. Besides, both Dan and Charlotte could use something good and positive in their lives.

Especially now that Dan's love affair with pudding might be over. As far as Lucifer cases go, this one was pretty good. It was more a vehicle for reintroducing Charlotte than anything else, but there was also some mystery attached to it. I totally didn't predict that the food chemist had committed suicide. What an awful way to go.

I'm not quite sure what else to say about this episode. It was good. I enjoyed it. But it almost felt more like set up for future episodes. The episode's role was to reintroduce Charlotte Richards to the show and the characters within the show. Except for Linda and Amenadiel. Oh, that'll be fun when they find out that Charlotte is back. Actually, why weren't they in this episode? It feels like they should have been. Maybe there's just saving that for a future episode.

Random Thoughts

Dan and his pudding is the greatest love story that Lucifer will ever tell. So tragic. So beautiful.

I'm still not quite sure I understand the staged scuffle. I feel like what we saw on the video camera would be hard to act out by yourself.

I loved all of Trixie and Lucifer's interactions. Their relationship is so great. Honestly, Trixie's relationship with everyone is great.

Wait, Chloe still thinks that Charlotte is Lucifer's stepmom, right? Or was it ex-stepmom? Now I'm confused.

This is the second time this season where Chloe explicitly told Lucifer to use his superpower.

I miss Lucifer singing and playing piano. It hasn't happened yet this season. So I'm just going to leave this here.


Lucifer: You give your child money every time she swears? Oh, bravo, Detective.

Chloe: Grace Foley?
Grace: What? Why are your clothes still on?
Lucifer: I ask myself that all the time.

Dan: It's like she's a completely different person.
Lucifer: Very perceptive, Daniel. What worries me is why is she here? What's her angle?
Dan: Dude, I cannot deal with your weirdness right now.
An Honest Fangirl loves superheroes, science fiction, fantasy, and really bad horror movies.


  1. What happened to Charlotte after Mum left was a question, and they answered it. And Tricia Helfer is always good.

  2. And I meant to add: pudding death. Yech. Who would choose to die that way? And blech.

  3. Well, let me say this first: I liked Tricia Helfer here. I totally did not expect myself to, I didn't like her as Mom, but here she was surprisingly good. She was not overly sexually annoying, her interactions with Lucifer (even the failed sexual one), with Dan — that was all very well done. I'm still not sure I want to see more of her, but it might be interesting. Just... let Mom be wherever she is, don't return her. OK? Please?

    And the case, by the way, was interesting enough. I totally saw the "secret ingredient" of a pudding being something nasty, but I never even thought about suicide until they said it.

    On the other hand, there were some confusing moments. Like, did we already know pretty well Charlotte doesn't remember anything her body was doing after her (first) death? Moreover, didn't everybody on the show know that? It was strange that Dan would not understand that Charlotte really didn't remember him.

    But the biggest issue was with the lawyer being cosmically responsible for defending douchebags. I think this message is very, VERY wrong. If taken seriously, it would effectively stop lawyers from... working. I'm not saying there is no room for discussion on lawyer's responsibility for the client's actions, but... there was no discussion here. It was just stated. As one of those "arbitrary" rules.

    No Amenadiel or Linda this week. I guess they would have to meet Charlotte later. Can be fun.

    Ella was finishing solving the Rubik's cube. Given the speed of her motions, I would say she probably got it not so long ago and is still adjusting.

    Dan's obsession with pudding came from nowhere. It was sort of "informed passion". I don't think we ever saw him eating pudding, did we?

    I liked the commercial. Not that it was, quoting Lucifer, "art", but it was a good parody.

    It's totally a coincidence that I was eating ice cream while watching this. Or rather not, it can't be a coincidence, pudding and ice cream are very different things. No coincidence here. Seriously.

  4. Dan’s passion for pudding has been a running thing on the show. It’s actually one of my favorite jokes. I know that there was an episode last season where Dan attacked Lucifer because he stole his pudding. (There was a magical sword involved.)

  5. ... OK, then, somehow, I managed not to notice it before. It's a gift.

  6. Okay, this was a huge improvement over the previous episode.

    The on running pudding joke is awesome, too.

    Although there are still these weird gaps in the writing, like when Lucifer and Chloe are talking about the pudding being toxic in front of the guard...and it's like to writers forgot to include his reaction, even though we know he ate a lot of pudding *and* had trouble in the bathroom earlier in the episode. Maybe his mini-plot was edited out, I guess.


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