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Supernatural: The Big Empty

"Let's go be the good guys."

Baby's first hunting trip. And it went well, didn't it?

Since Dean, Sam and Jack just lost their mother, an episode about grief counseling and catharsis was pretty much thematically perfect. I liked the idea of a ghost revenant shapeshifter fixated on using her abilities to help people, too, which supported what "Kelly" told Jack: that even monsters can do good in this world.

Unfortunately, this particular outing also revealed something less positive, since Jack told "Kelly" that when he hurt people, he pretended he felt bad about it but really didn't feel anything at all. I'm not sure I completely believe that, though. Jack used his powers to save Sam without even thinking about it, and then he genuinely smiled with pleasure when Dean praised him in the end for doing a good job. How can that be if Jack doesn't feel anything?

As in the previous episodes this season, Sam continued in his role as mediator between Jack and Dean, and I liked that Sam told Jack the truth about the interdimensional can opener situation and Mary being trapped in Mad Max world. (Note that Sam didn't tell Jack that Lucifer was trapped over there, too. How would Jack react to that?) I also really enjoyed the Winchester interaction, when Sam lost it in the cemetery, accusing Dean of being too much of a drill sergeant like John, and in Mia's office saying that Sam had never gotten the chances Dean did to spend time with Mary. I particularly liked that Sam asked Dean to give Jack a chance – for Sam's sake – and that Dean did exactly that.

Not to mention the conversation at the end of the episode, when Dean admitted that he couldn't help feeling that the worst had happened to Mary, but he needed Sam to stay positive. After all these seasons, this is why I still watch Supernatural: because it's still about Dean and Sam and their relationship. Hopefully, Dean will be feeling more positive soon, since Castiel just arrived back on earth after his sojourn in the Big Empty – at least, I assume it's on earth, since Hell, Purgatory and Mad Max world don't feature bright sunshine and berry bushes.

The Big Empty was pretty interesting for a place that was supposed to be a blank. Firstly, shiny black floor, which I assume was a design choice over a floor the audience couldn't see. Secondly, we got several totally enjoyable scenes with Misha Collins playing both Castiel and his "cosmic entity" doppelganger, who sounded an awful lot like Alastair.

I get why Castiel woke up in the first place. That was clearly caused by Jack saying his name out loud in the previous episode. But who was the cosmic entity? Was it just his job to wake up and deal with anyone who ever woke up in the Big Empty, even though no one had ever woken up before? Will Mr. Cosmic go back to sleep now that Castiel has been returned to earth? It seemed too easy, especially for Supernatural.

They did answer a big question, though, which is where angels and demons go when they die. Peaceful sleep forever. Could be worse. I'm also betting that this isn't the last time we see the Big Empty, and that next time, it won't be that easy to get out.

Bits and pieces:

— "The Big Empty" was beautifully descriptive of both the cosmic problem Castiel found himself in, as well as the depth of grief our characters were feeling after their losses.

— Big gold acting stars for Misha Collins, who did a great job acting with himself. I bet that was fun. And not at all easy.

— How did Dean lose a fight with evil Buddy the shapeshifter? Note how we didn't see that happen, that it was conveniently off screen. And of course, why didn't Buddy kill Dean when he was killing everyone else?

— Mia becoming the dead person that her patients lost was way too creepy. I'd think that would generate not closure, but way more trauma. Although maybe not for a supernatural creature like Jack. Maybe Mia should confine her practice to people who are aware of the supernatural.

— It's a little sad that Castiel thought Dean and Sam had made a bargain for him when they hadn't. To be fair, though, they had no idea Castiel still existed in any form.

— This week: Madison, Wisconsin. I don't know which aliases they used this time, but Jack was looking at IDs for Bonham, Seger and Anderson.

— In the first fed suit scene, Sam was wearing a red tie with figures and Dean was wearing one with diagonal stripes. Later, Dean was wearing a red tie with figures, and Sam a tie with dark stripes. I thought for a moment that the boys just switched ties on purpose, but no. Maybe it was a little inattention by wardrobe.

— Which again brings me to the eternal Supernatural question: where do they keep all these clothes? In an interdimensional closet?


Dean: "Are you ready to ditch Damien? What do you want to do, leave him in a ring of holy oil with some Netflix and a frozen pizza?"

Dean: "Hell, no. Adventures in babysitting the Antichrist? No, thank you."

Sam: "So you're saying you want to move on from Mom?"
Dean: "Right now, I want to kill some dead guy's dead wife."

Sam: "Hey. Clone Wars?"
Jack: "The computer said I'd like it. I do like Ahsoka. But I kinda hate Anakin."
Too funny.

Dean: "Shrinks. Snake oil for the mind."

Mia: "Do you have a journal?"
Sam: "Our dad did."
Mia: "Dean? Do you journal?"
Dean: "Ever since I was a little girl."

I liked this one. Three out of four berry bushes,

Billie Doux has been reviewing Supernatural for so long that Dean and Sam Winchester feel like old friends. Courageous, adventurous, gorgeous old friends.


  1. I have a feeling that the individual we saw in the field was not our beloved Castiel.
    Loving Jack and his interactions with the boys. Really liking this season so far.

  2. William Russell, what a horrible thought. Would they do that to us after giving us Castiel as Lucifer? Wow, they sure would.

  3. It would seem that Jack may being set up to be more powerful than God. The being from the "empty" said a few times that even God had no influence there but Jack sure did. I'm thinking that he's come to earth to find what power could enter his domain.

    Or I'm completely overthinking this and Cas is home.... maybe?

  4. I'm pretty sure we'll find out. Especially if the doppelganger still sounds like Alastair. :)

  5. Some thoughts:

    God brought Cas back twice. I'm presuming he has sufficient power in the Empty.

    Not sure how being half arch-angel and half human could make you more powerful than God, seeing how he created both.

    13 seasons later and the writers still go with the lazy route of the monsters tying up Sam and Dean and monologuing their evil plans. Sigh.

    Glad to find out what happens to angels and demons. Question though: do the monsters killed in purgatory go to the Empty?

  6. "Secondly, we got several totally enjoyable scenes with Misha Collins playing both Castiel and his 'cosmic entity' doppelganger, who sounded an awful lot like Alastair."

    Is that what he was doing? I thought maybe it was a Vincent Price impression.

    Either way it was hilarious.

  7. That Damian line is a Batman reference, to when Bruce Wayne's son (raised in the League of Assassins) first joined him and became Robin. Proved quite a handful and it took Dick Grayson to make Damian somewhat people friendly.

  8. I suspect the Damian line is a reference to the Omen, not Batman. Damian was the devil child in that film.

  9. Yeah if God has no power in the Empty then how did he resurrect Castiel at least once. :)

  10. Billie: Re: your comment, "Which again brings me to the eternal Supernatural question: where do they keep all these clothes? In an interdimensional closet?" Notwithstanding their flannels and Dad's jacket, ever we see them wear the same outfit twice? Why would they bother? Credit card scams must be a sweet business.


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