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The Gifted: eXtreme measures

Review by An Honest Fangirl

Oh, what to say? What to say? Each review for this show is getting harder and harder to write, I'm not going to lie.

Let's start with Wes and Lauren. Last episode, I said how my immediately thought was that he would turn out evil. I guess I was half right? I wasn't very enthralled with this storyline. It felt like manufactured tension that only served to steal valuable screen time away from people and stories that I care about more.

On an intellectual level, I can understand why Reed and Caitlin were so upset about Wes stealing jewelry and being a con man. But honestly? Who cares? He's a mutant. I doubt that he could have gotten a normal job. And it's not like he was violent. Of course, all of this drama and the inevitable forgiveness and acceptance of his past ended up being completely inconsequential. He left at the end of the episode, and maybe we'll see him again, but I doubt it. So why did we even spend two episodes getting to know this kid?

I was vaguely more interested in the Lorna/Marcus/Carmen drama. I always tend to like stories where a character wrestles with his darker, more violent impulses, and this hit those notes. I want a little more from Carmen's characters, but she has the potential to be an interesting wild card.

I am less excited about the romantic drama that it's causing. One of my favorite parts of the first half of this show was the relationship between Marcus and Lorna. I don't want to see that fractured, especially since Marcus is doing literally everything for Lorna and his unborn child.

Beyond this, we also have the reappearance of Clarice. That didn't take long at all. Despite me not understanding why she had to vanish in the first place, this was the most emotionally effective parts of the episode. Going to the foster home only to find pools of blood was very visually striking, and it highlighted again just how horrible Sentinel Services and the people involved with them are.

Man, Dr. Campbell really isn't pulling any punches, is he? What happened to him to make him willing to induce strokes in people who stand in his way? That's kinda taking it a step far. I am very curious to see how Agent Turner takes this development going forward. After everything that happened with his memory, he seemed to be solidly on Campbell's side. Is this what is going to flip him to the side of mutants? Or at least somewhere more in the middle?

Random Thoughts

I haven't mentioned Sage before, but she's very cool. And I like how a woman has the computer related abilities.

Judging by next episode's preview, the twins are finally going to start resembling their comic book counterparts more. Not going to lie, I'm very excited about that.

I somehow don't think that Caitlin's school is all that popular. Seriously, can we give Amy Acker something more to do?

Dr. Campbell's program is called the Hound Program. Did we know that already?


Andy: You guys get checked for herpes, right? I hear it's super contagious.
Lauren: Way to be a stalker, Andy.

Dr. Campbell: Don't think of them as spies. Think of them more as weapons. All we have to do is get them insides. The Hounds will take care of it from there.

So, yeah. No flare yet. Maybe next week.
An Honest Fangirl loves superheroes, science fiction, fantasy, and really bad horror movies. 

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