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The Gifted: got your siX

Review by An Honest Fangirl

"You were chosen for a reason. The X-Men said a war was coming!"
"They didn't say we'd win."

I know that a few of you have The Gifted piling up on your DVRs. I really wish that I could give you a flag or a signal that it gets better and you should power through your stacked up episodes but... well, I got to be honest.

It's not even like The Gifted is bad per se. It's perfectly serviceable. I can't complain about the acting, or the effects, or even the main plot. It's just kind of boring and aimless, and it's being pulled down by some truly awful subplots.

I keep waiting for the main plot to kick into gear. I assume that it has something to do with Dr. Campbell, his obsession with mutant siblings, and whatever is being used to brainwash mutants. But we're more than halfway down with the season. I shouldn't have to assume that at this point. We're slowly inching towards some kind of explicit end goal, but it sure is a painful ride.

The Struckers started off as one of my favorite part of this show, but now I cringe whenever they come onscreen. Their plot this episode – parents can't adapt to the fact that their kids' lives have changed – is incredibly cliched, and they really didn't do anything new with it. Even Amy Acker, who I adore, seemed to be struggling a little with the material. Not to mention that it just feels redundant. Lauren and Andy have already been out in the field. They've already been fighting. Why is there sudden resistance now? Not to mention Reed wanting to talk about Andy's bullying problems just felt odd. After everything that's happened, that's really what you want to talk about? Really?

This family has largely been positioned as the protagonists, for lack of a better term. They're the audience's way into this world, and the fact that Lauren and Andy are sibling mutants is obviously going to be of earth shattering importance some time soon. But they need to move forward with them. They can't keep retreading the same ground that they've covered in previous episodes. Please. Embrace your new life! Become freedom fighters! Have saw blades hurled at your daughter's head! Just do something new!

The actual assault on the federal building and escape from the cops was fun, though. I like seeing the creative and inventive ways that the mutants use their powers. It's consistently a high point of the show, even if I'm never actually worried that they'll fail. I never thought that I would actually say this, but give me more plot and less character. None of the character stuff is really working. I want to see mutants face off against a corrupt and dangerous government, not fight over who loves who and how people can't be together because they're at war.

Random Thoughts

So, who wants to take bets on how many episodes it'll take for Clarice to come back? One? Two? (There's another character that I started off loving and am now tired of. Not a good pattern.)

It really shows how cynical I am that I immediately thought that Lauren's new beau, Wes, was going to be working for Sentinel Services.

The X-Men told Johnny to start the Mutant Underground. And Johnny is a veteran who served two tours.

Marcus' cartel leader girlfriend called and wants to cash in her favor. Maybe that'll be fun?

I will say that the diversity on this show is incredible. That's definitely something that shouldn't be minimized.


Caitlin: Nothing says "father-son bonding" like breaking into a federal building.

Dreamer: So, you never told me. How did your conversation with Clarice go?
Johnny: She left. So I'd say not well.

Marcus: How's the baby?
Lorna: Oh, what? You miss the kid already? I can send you a picture of my throwing up in the morning if you want.

I don't know, guys. My enthusiasm is waning quick. I'll send up a flare if things get better.
An Honest Fangirl loves superheroes, science fiction, fantasy, and really bad horror movies. 


  1. This show is getting Rave reviews (in other places) but its hardly better than Inhumans..Both have these amazing premises but are choosing the most boring stories possible to tell.
    I hope people can start to appreciate just how amazing Agents of Shield has been for 3 and half seaasons. (Then again there first 10 episodes were rocky too so what do i know).

  2. This review is spot on IMHO and I agree with anonymous. Agents of Shield has been AMAZING! I am so sad to see that Inhumans and Gifted or blowing it - the both have so much potential. It is so frustrating when the Raiders or whoever can’t seem to see what they’re doing wrong. It seems like it wouldn’t take a whole lot to get either show on a better track because they almost have it right, just not enough

  3. Yikes Siri made a few auto corrections. That should be writers not Raiders... but maybe she is right.


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